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Congress should read the Constitution - Virginia Tech/HR.2640 (and audio)
By Mike Crane

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On December 19, just six days before Christmas, the US Congress put a lump of coal in the stocking of every citizen who believes they have a God Given right of self-defense. On December 19, the US Senate passed House Resolution 2640.

But before discussing what this terrible piece of legislation does to you let�s look at what they used to justify this action.

As we all remember there was a tragedy at Virginia Tech when a deranged man went on a shooting spree. By the time it was over 32 people were dead and many others were injured. Sadly, the Virginia Legislature had denied Virginia citizens the right of self defense at college campuses.

In January 2006, prior to the tragedy, and effort was made in the Virginia Legislature to correct this problem and restore the right of self defense. HB 1572 was introduced and the gun control fanatics killed the bill in committee.  

The Virginia Tech Administration was part of the effort to kill this bill. The Virginia Tech spokesman had this to say: 

"I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus."

But were the parents, students, faculty and visitors safe on the Virginia Tech campus? The 32 who died and the others who were injured were not safe! But where was the Virginia Tech spokesman who helped deny their right of self defense? Was he there to defend the now unarmed individuals? No � he was locked away in a secure Administration building. Was the Virginia Legislature there to defend then? No � they were not. In fact the gun control advocates are never there when you or your family is faced with bodily harm!

Now back to Congress. Just like the Virginia Legislature, by passing House Resolution 2640 they are denying countless citizens their God Given right of self defense. Veterans that have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome will be barred for life from obtaining a firearm. Kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD will be denied for life. The list goes on and on.

When these citizens or their families are faced with bodily harm will Congress be there to defend them? Of course not!

Even the way this terrible legislation was passed is despicable. On June 13, 2007 the US House passed it by voice vote, not one single Republican or Democrat would stand up and demand a recorded vote. On December 19 the US Senate passed it by unanimous consent. Not one single Republican or Democrat would stand up for your God Given right of self defense. None, Zero.

Here is my question.

If every member of the US House failed you, failed the Constitution and has placed countless Americans at risk of death or bodily harm � are you going to send them back so they can squander more of your God Given rights?

If the 1/3 of the US Senate that up for election in 2008 failed you, failed the Constitution and placed countless Americans at risk are you going to send them back for more?

Your rights are like a cookie. No matter how big the cookie, and how small the bites, eventually you run out of cookie. Is that what you are waiting for?

Think about it.

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Would you like a Real Choice in 2008? Help us give one to Georgia.

If you have been following either the actions of your government at all levels or the current political environment there is a fair chance that you are not satisfied. Unless you are a Party over Principle Republican or Democrat it is fairly obvious to most Georgians and Americans that we are losing our Founding Principles.

One reason is that the "two party" system has become embedded with special interests. Whether you want to call them special interests or just "Big Money" or prefer some other term, it doesn't change the current situation. The "two party" system is failing America, it is failing you and your family and it is failing your children and grandchildren.

In fact it doesn't matter whether you tend to be conservative or liberal in outlook, unless you have the same outlook as the big money of special interests you have less true representation than possibly at any time in our country's history.

As an example, in last years Georgia Legislature elections 70% of Georgian had one choice on their ballot in November. That made it a tough decision, were you going to vote for "more of the same" or "more of the same."

In every other facet of American society we tout competition as the cornerstone of world leading products and services. In the political arena two "companies" so to speak have used their combined control of the Legislative process to " eliminate " competition!

So if you believe in the free enterprise system then you should already be aware that-  limited competition and common control of the two "companies" by a common board - i.e.. special interest money - is not a formula for success.

If you want to see increased political competition, increased choices when you go to the ballot box then you need to help make such a change.

One step that the Southern Party of Georgia is trying to take in 2008 is to co-sponsor a TV issues show. Not only will the show be on current issues, we will get a TV ad at least twice a day. For the first time Georgians will see a televised message about a political party in Georgia that places Principle over Party and has read the Constitution! In fact has read both the Constitution of these united States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia.

We need your help to pull this off. We need 50 people to pledge $10.00 a month for the first six months of 2008 for the initial contract. 20 people to pledge $25.00 a month for the same six months or any combination of pledges that reach $500.00 a month for six months.

Don't send the money yet, just let us know if you will make the commitment. If we reach the goal and sign the contract we will let you know so that you can send the money.

Can you help us reach this goal and take another toward building a Real Choice for the People of Georgia? If we can count on you please email your pledge to or just give us a call at: 706-374-4643.

If you believe that it is time to start working toward more political competition, please give this your prompt attention. Our window of opportunity is very short.

Update: December 30: We need $50.00 per month to reach our goal. Can you help us?


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