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MYTH: Easter is derived from false pagan goddess

So claims that Easter has pagan origins are false, Easter has always been a day to celebrate and remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ which offers all of us the glorious hope of salvation. If you do not have this hope today, every Sunday service is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. Come visit one of His churches.

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What Is A Christian Nation

That every religion imposes its own law on society holds true even for religions that claim they are not actually religions, like the fiercely anti-Christian secularism that presently rules the United States. So determined is this secularism to impose its law upon all and sundry, it is offended and will suppress any attempt even to pray in its presence or in any public venue anywhere. The god of secularism commands, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." He proclaims neutrality, but he practices warfare.

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Biblical References in Give Me Liberty Speech by Patrick Henry

Many today deny that this country was founded as a Christian Nation that would practice religious tolerance. Even more are not aware of the influence that a Christian man, Patrick Henry had on the creation of American liberty.

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HISTORICAL RECORD: Winter Months Grazing for Sheep in Bethlehem area

The following is from Bible Study notes and Biblical commentaries by Dr Tim Bulkeley Tekoa was in the vicinity of Bethlehem and would have not only had the same flock grazing methods but would have shared some pasturage with the shepherds headquartered in Bethlehem. This is from material about the prophet Amos.

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Fox News December 24, 2013: Too cold for shepherds in December

Many have scoffed and ridiculed this series of articles as unneeded and so forth. But on December 24, 2013 Fox News was broadcasting a documentary [sic] called The Nativity. I caught a bit of this program after returning home from our church service.

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The Real Lincoln - Despot

If any are scandalized or startled at seeing Lincoln called usurper or despot, they are invited to observe that he was denounced as both by many great Republican leaders of his own day. The words in which Fremont, Wendell Phillips, Fred Douglass, and Horace Greeley, all stanchest of Republicans and Abolitionists, issued their call for the convention of Republicans that met at Cleveland, Ohio, May 31, 1864, for the sole purpose of defeating Mr. Lincoln's second election, were as follows: "The public liberty was in danger"; that its object was to arouse the people "and bring them to realize that while we are saturating Southern soil with the best blood of the country in the name of liberty, we have really parted with it at home."(1)

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Is the Constitution Really Inimical To States Rights? - Part Fourteen

In the preface of this work it was stated that: "Congress has lately caused to be published the journal of the former proceedings of the federal convention; but, if we are allowed to repeat what has previously been observed on the subject, in the proposals circulated for publishing the present collection, that official journal has left history in the dark as to the views of the legislators and the principles on which they acted; and it is in reality nothing but a diplomatic skeleton, deprived of its vital parts." In other words, they told us the part of the story they wanted us to know and kept back the part they'd just as soon we had no knowledge of. So what else is new?  Most of us realize the same thing goes on today, but, as you can see, this is not a phenomena of our day with no previous history.

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MYTH: Too cold for shepherds to Tend Flocks in December - Part 2

Anyone who has ever been around Lake City, Florida can tell you. December winters in the area are rather mild, while there may be a few nights with a freeze or frost, they are NOT severe. Certainly the hardy people of the Biblical times would have been capable of facing this rather mild climate! Jacob certainly was.

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Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday

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74th Anniversary of 'Gone with the Wind' premiere

Gone with the Wind had its grand premiere during the Christmas Season of 1939, just 74 years after the end of the "War Between the States" and Sunday December 15, 2013 marks the 74th anniversary of that wonderful-classic movie that opens with:

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The First Thanksgiving Day - flyer

The flyer explains that the first Thanksgiving was held in Virginia two years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts. It also explains when and why the fictitious story of the Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving was fabricated, and relates well-known facts about the Puritans that are always ignored when the origin of Thanksgiving is taught in schools.

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The Death of Jefferson Davis - December 6 1889

The Christmas Season of 1889, was a time of sadness in Dixie. Hundreds of thousands of people came to remember and pay their last respects to Jefferson Davis in the crescent city of New Orleans.

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Marietta Daily Journal - on The First Thanksgiving

We would like to congratulate the Marietta Daily Journal for not only printing some true history, but for recognizing the existence of "anti-Southern bias" in much of our increasingly politically correct history.

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Demonstration against Lindsey Graham & Southern demographic displacement

Few US politicians have been as vocal in their support of bringing in Third World immigrants and displacing the Southern people in their own land as has Senator Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina Republican has worked with New York Democrat Chuck Schumer to push amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants currently in the United States. He has accepted an award from the National Council of La Raza, a radical Hispanic organisation which promotes an anti-White agenda.

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MYTH: Too Cold For Shepherds in December

This is a step the politically correct and those who desire to cast doubt on Jesus overlook. They of course have a goal or desire to cast doubt on the Scripture. There is an interesting passage in Genesis 31:38-40 that is very relevant to this issue:

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December 4 was First Thanksgiving, in Virginia, not Plymouth

But this day of Thanksgiving is a day set aside, not the historical anniversary of the First Thanksgiving as many espouse. We have been taught that the First Thanksgiving was in Plymouth in 1621 and observed by the Pilgrims. This was a very commendable act by the Pilgrims, but it was not the first in our country.

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Next League Demonstrations Against Southern Demographic Displacement

Building on the success of our recent Uvalda/Vidalia demonstrations, positive news coverage, outrage of anti-Southern activists, and our growing organisation strength, the League of the South and SNN are pleased to announce our next major public event. It's coming up soon so we urge supporters to begin to prepare now to make this another successful event as we build on our momentum!

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Federal Government Propaganda Machine

Now this sounds scary doesn't it. The elite useless people in Washington will only have $30 Billion Dollars and expenses can be as high as $60 Billion a day. Aside from the fact that this shows spending by the federal idiots is irresponsible and out of control, it is even worse!

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What is wrong with Thumping the Bible?

So now even the superstar of Fox News is joining those who want to relegate God's Word - The Bible - to the script writers for a more up to date version. Between Piers Morgan, Megyn Kelley and Bill O'Reilly I am sure that a suitable substitute can be composed.

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Drones for our protection. For those who will believe anything!

One of the more recent events from the always amazing government in Washington. Somewhere around 30,000 drones are going to placed over our heads. Now comes the punch line:

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