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For those who are considering either supporting or running for office as a Southern Party or other independent party we have secured a great resource that may be useful. Many are aware of the resources provided by Joe Garecht on Mr. Garecht has graciously agreed to let us use extracts of his articles.

Using his very educational material we will add commentary based upon the experience we have gained from our four grass roots campaigns as a independent candidates in Georgia. The principles are very well explained by Mr. Garecht's articles. The differences are that as independent candidates you will have additional obstacles to overcome. We hope that by sharing our experience and what we have learned that more citizens will consider supporting and/or running for office.

For those who are strongly considering either you should take a look at Mr. Garecht's web site, use it as a resource and probably purchase his very reasonably priced books. He offers an electronic newsletter which we recommend that you sign up for.

With that introduction lets start with the first in this series:

The Two Most Frequently Asked Questions About Grassroots Politics
by Joe Garecht

This article appeared in the May 15, 2002 issue of the Local Victory Newsletter

Local Victory receives over 300 e-mails per month asking questions on winning local elections.  The majority of these questions deal with grassroots politics � organizing a district, conducting canvasses, etc. 

In this article, we�re taking a look at the two most frequently asked questions we receive: 

1.  How early should I start campaigning?

This is one of the most common questions for first-time candidates and campaign managers.  The short answer is: it�s never too early to

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start.  There are always activities you can carry-out to help your campaign or future campaign.  Even if the election is four years away, you can be out meeting people, talking with leaders and activists, building an organization and writing your campaign plan.

Of course, you don�t want to announce your candidacy or run advertisements too far in advance of the campaign.  While the best time to start these activities varies by place, election and strategy, they generally should never take place before the last election before yours is complete (November of the year before the your election) and in all but the biggest and/or best funded races should not take place before January of the year of your election.

When deciding when to start running advertisements, remember to wait until people are paying attention to the campaign or ready to start paying attention � if you run ads and no one cares, you are wasting your campaign�s precious fundraising dollars.


Our Commentary:

The statement, " ... its never too early to start." is more true for independent candidates than for candidates of either major party. You are basically starting without the standing organizations, campaign tools, built-in partisan vote and additional obstacles.

In Georgia unless you are planning on running for a statewide candidate as a Libertarian Party candidate you face some of the hardest ballot access laws in the country. In fact depending on the turnout in the previous election in Illinois - you are facing either the hardest or second hardest access laws. Passed in 1943 the ballot access laws in Georgia become more prohibitive every election.

So an early start and being fully prepared to initiate your petition drive to get on the ballot is your most important and first obstacle to overcome. Petition efforts start in January of the election year and you are given 180 days to obtain the required number of signatures that will pass the verification process. Probably 30% will be rejected for both valid and invalid reasons during validation and to be safe you need to plan on 40-50% over the required number.

For those in other States, your first step if not already done is to find out what your ballot access requirements are. Our commentary will be based upon Georgia, so you should adjust our comments to apply to your State requirements.

So right now - you need to start developing a plan to meet this requirement so that on day one of the petitioning period you are ready to go.

So between now and around this coming November, you need to develop your campaign plan. To answer the question, "When should I start campaigning?" for an independent candidate the answer is now. It is never too early to start and you have additional steps and obstacles to overcome in your march to election day. The early planning for your campaign is just as important as the later stages and may determine if you even get on the ballot.

Next we will look at the steps of building a campaign plan.

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