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Grassroots:3 - Looking at the concept of targeting

In the previous article on this subject (See: Grassroots:1 - How early should I start campaigning? ) we mentioned that as a non Republican/Democrat candidate your campaign or your candidate will face additional ballot access obstacles. In the second article (See: Grassroots:2 - Ballot Access defined and first step on developing campaign plan) these were explained and initial steps of information required to incorporate a solution into your campaign plan were presented.

But before beginning the campaign plan, a couple other concepts need to be understood. One is targeting and once again we offer an excerpt from Joe Garecht's (below) as background material.

Importance of Targeting for independents

A candidate running for public office in a partisan election as a Republican or Democrat starts out with a base vote. Most election districts are skewed in most elections by 10% or less of the average vote. So in most districts with equal candidates running 80% of the time the difference is no worse than 60 - 40% of the average vote. So even the underdog in such elections have a base vote of somewhere around 40%.

When running as an independent candidate, with opposition from both major parties you probably start with at most 2-3% of the average vote.

Now at this point many will just throw up their hands and say - its impossible - and quit. But it is not impossible. These numbers are the result of many factors and some can not only be overcome, but can be turned into advantages for your campaign.

Your ability to do so will depend much on recognizing that you will not be getting the majority of your votes from the dedicated Republicans and Democrats and those of strong Republican and Democratic persuasion. Most campaign tools and strategies currently in use target these voters heavily and it is easy to get caught up in this mindset.

The author probably lost his first election for this very reason. I executed my campaign plan down to the number of newspaper and radio ads to the tee - but it was the wrong campaign plan. I spent a lot of time, effort and precious funds soliciting the votes of citizens who had made up their minds before the campaign even started.

In Mr. Garecht's article he states:

Campaigns operate with limited resources � limited amounts of time, money and manpower.  These resources must be used wisely if the campaign is to be successful.  The way to make sure that these resources are used the best way they can be is to target � pick which voters you need to concentrate on delivering your message to and use your resources to do it.

As you will see in the following articles, this is even more important for independent candidates. By building this concept into your campaign plan from the very beginning you will not only have better results on election day, but you will be able to begin establishing a base vote higher than the typical 2-3% mentioned above.

In the next article we will present some background information needed for you to begin identifying your higher potential target groups and then follow up with how to build this into your campaign plan.

An Action for the concerned citizen

Now for an action item for citizens who would like to see their choices improved in future elections. If people reading this article are honest with themselves this would include all but the most partisan citizens. Having Real Choices is very American and should be a goal of all citizens who are not beholden to special interests. Citizens that care about good government need to be more proactive, not just waiting until the day before an election to decide and then complaining that the limited choice is less than desirable. If you are such a citizen and know someone who would be a good candidate, forward these articles to them.

There are enough good citizens in our country to restore good government, but many just feel like they do not have a chance. Encourage them, unless you are totally satisfied with today's government. Your encouragement may be all the additional support that your potential candidate was waiting for. 

One thing you can take to the bank, doing nothing - does not change much!

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The following is the subject from Local Victory Newsletter being discussed. We recommend all potential candidates subscribe to this free newsletter.

The Two Most Frequently Asked Questions About Grassroots Politics
by Joe Garecht

This article appeared in the May 15, 2002 issue of the Local Victory Newsletter

Local Victory receives over 300 e-mails per month asking questions on winning local elections.  The majority of these questions deal with grassroots politics � organizing a district, conducting canvasses, etc. 

In this article, we take a look at the second most frequently asked question we receive: 

2) Shouldn�t I just stand outside grocery stores and factory gates shaking hands and seeking people to vote for me?

If there�s one concept that is overlooked by most campaigns, it is targeting.  Campaigns operate with limited resources � limited amounts of time, money and manpower.  These resources must be used wisely if the campaign is to be successful.  The way to make sure that these resources are used the best way they can be is to target � pick which voters you need to concentrate on delivering your message to and use your resources to do it.

Standing outside stores and factories shaking hands is a risky proposition � not only do you not know if the people you meet there are registered to vote or if they even live in the district, but if they are mostly supporters of your opponent, campaigning there may wake sleeping dogs and propel your opponent�s campaign to action in that area.

Simply put, don�t conduct these activities unless they are targeted and targeted well.  Only campaign at malls, factories and stores when you know that most of the people there are from the district and open to voting for your candidate.  Most times, you won�t be able to be sure of this, and thus shouldn�t campaign in these places unless you have so many volunteers that it is either let them campaign at the mall or send them home because you have no work left for them.


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