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The Southern Party: We need your help
Statement from Executive Committee � as we start our 5th year & 3rd election cycle

In Part 1 (See: Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?" ), we provided a brief explanation of the reasons the Southern Party exists. In Part 2 (See: The Southern Party: Strengths and Weaknesses ), we provided a summary of our strengths and weaknesses after two election cycles. In Part 3 (See: The Southern Party: A Plan for 2006 Election Cycle ) we outlined our plan for the 2006 election cycle. In Part 4, we ask for your help, for you to join with us to put the plan in action.

If you have followed the Southern Party of Georgia - or - if you have read the three preceding articles in this series, you know what this part is about. We are asking for your support; we are a grass roots effort and our success is in your hands  We have worked very diligently to use your gracious support in the past and are now asking for your commitment to put this Party to the test.

If you agree that we should work to field competitive candidates next year as described in Part 3, then please consider the following:


To launch the precinct organization plan we need a minimum of 50 citizens who will pledge to contribute (as long as you believe we are doing the work) $100.00 per year (or $25.00 per quarter) dedicated to this part of the plan. We have already received a portion of these pledges. Once we reach the goal, the plan will be launched and we believe that you will like the results.

Of course funding is limited to neither the $100.00 nor is a contribution in this amount required. Any combination that reaches this goal will launch the plan. Please give this your utmost consideration, and if you are inclined to help, please do so. You can contribute online by clicking here and checks can be sent by mail to:

Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

Georgia campaign reporting requires we request name, address, employer and occupation on all contributions, which are not tax deductible.


We now have qualified for a petition effort to obtain Statewide office ballot access. We need Georgia supporters who will be willing to obtain signatures. It does not matter how many you can get: 5 - 10 - 15, they all count. If you are willing to get signatures, please email or call 877-903-0996 and we will send forms and instructions.

As part of this effort, you can attempt to register like-minded citizens who have dropped out of elective politics because they do not believe that they have a Choice. This is almost half of the age eligible population in most elections and together we can give them a Real Choice.

Local Organization and/or Candidates:

When the plan is launched for the first time, the Southern Party of Georgia will have the capability to support local parties and candidates. If you are interested in organizing a local county party, qualifying as a SP candidate or just volunteering when these come to your area, email or call 877-903-0996.

Spread the Word:

Help us spread the word. Your personal recommendation is the best advertising possible. Print these articles (pdf formats coming soon) and distribute. Refer information on our web site to others. Join the new eLobby features which will provide improved local information. There are many ways to help spread the word and your help is our greatest asset.

Stay in Touch:

To get maximum use of every dollar, we urge everyone to signup for the member or guest login Notification updates and/or the new eLobby features. Utilizing the free communications capability of the Internet is part of being a good steward of your contributions. We have worked hard to provide advanced capabilities and by using the features provided on our web site you will find that they match even those provided by political parties with budgets in the millions.

Georgia deserves a Real Choice and with your help - our combined effort will provide that Choice. A true New Day in Georgia where the Principles upon which our country was founded returns to the political debate.

With your support, we will do the work and together - we can evaluate the results in December, 2006. If you have any questions, please email or give us a call.

Part 1 Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?"

Part 2 The Southern Party: Strengths and Weaknesses

Part 3 The Southern Party: A Plan for 2006 Election Cycle

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Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton Georgia 30560

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There are currently 16 citizens logged into the Southern Party of Georgia web site. Help spread the word and there will be more. Political correctness run amok will not end until we stop it.

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