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The Southern Party: A Plan for 2006 Election Cycle
Statement from Executive Committee � as we start our 5th year & 3rd election cycle

In Part 1 (See: Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?" ), we provided a brief explanation of the reasons the Southern Party exists. In Part 2 (See: The Southern Party: Strengths and Weaknesses ), we provided a summary of our strengths and weaknesses after two election cycles. In this article, Part 3 we present our plan for the 2006 elections, our third election cycle.

Let�s start by restating both our short and long term goals:

Short term: To begin establishing our Founding Principles as a viable subject in today�s political debate.

Long term: To Restore the Principles upon which our country was founded.

The Southern Party has been in existence for two election cycles as outlined in Part 2. During our third election cycle, our plan (if we receive your support) is twofold:

        Move this grass roots effort to the point where we can offer competitive candidates in selected election districts

        Build this organization so we can support and provide success in these selected districts.

Since both major Parties (Republican and Democratic) are abandoning the Principles upon which our country was founded, the average citizen is not given a voice on these matters. In most elections the citizens are either provided one choice only (roughly half of elections in Georgia only have one candidate in November elections) or two candidates who only disagree on how quickly our Founding Principles will be lost.

The public deserves a Real Choice and the opportunity to make this decision, our Founding Principles should NOT be lost just because the citizens do not have a choice. We believe the only way to provide this choice is to be in a position to offer serious candidates in competitive campaigns for public office. This means serious work, selected candidates and districts and overcoming some major obstacles:

         The political environment has been dominated by the two major parties for so long, other choices lack credibility. This means we have to go to extra lengths to present our message. Then it is up to the public to decide if that message has credibility

         As a new party we face great disadvantages in organization, campaign tools, fundraising and volunteer effort. This means we have to focus on these areas in order to be able to present a competitive campaign. We believe that there is something very American about overcoming tremendous odds by work, effort and commitment. We believe that our fellow citizens will have respect for that style of classic American effort and give our message a fair hearing.

Over the past few months we have developed a plan that offers the promise of accomplishing our goal and facing the above obstacles head on. Success is dependent upon acceptance by three groups � if you are reading this we hope and pray that you are in one of these three groups:

1.        Supporters: To provide a Real Choice to the People of Georgia we need to establish an operating budget to execute the plan below. To date our supporters have very generously supported both our Party and our initial candidates. But our competition has budgets in the millions., To make our effort competitive, we need a budget at least in the thousands. We will need modest financial support to execute this plan.

2.        Volunteers: Of equal importance will be citizens willing to help. This can be as simple as attending and spreading the word about a local meeting to volunteering time and effort for petitioning or campaign activities.

3.        Voters: If you too are concerned about our steady loss of the Principles upon which our country was founded, we need your honest evaluation of our platform and position. If you agree with it, we need your vote to support making these Principles part of today�s political debate.

In support of our Short Term Goal:

We have established 4 districts and at most 6 candidates as our goal for 2006. While this may not sound like a lot to some, if we are successful at being able to deliver four competitive campaigns in our third election cycle, it will be a major step in providing a Real Choice.

For any hope of success it is imperative that we address our disadvantages in credibility, name recognition, politically correct opposition to Southern Heritage and organization. To accomplish this major task our plan is based upon delivering our message direct to every registered household, by precinct, in our targeted election districts.

The key to public acceptance of this effort is the quality of the material we will deliver. All of you have received numerous political brochures. We have delivered thousands and for the most part they have been just as useless in swaying public opinion as those by Republican and Democratic candidates. It is our plan to deliver material of real substance, a 16 or 20 page newspaper. Something that allows the presentation of the Truth in an interesting and educational format.

In our first two election cycles we have developed the required. Utilizing our own online registered voter database and very cost effective direct mail capability, with your support we will do the work.

Each mailing will announce a scheduled "meet the candidates" and organizational meetings in the selected precinct.

Each precinct meeting will feature speakers, the candidates and offer an opportunity to ask any questions. We have found that both our platform and candidates are well received by the public. There is great concern about the loss of our Founding Principles that are unanswered by the major parties. We expect these meetings to become the basis for beginning the hardest task of a successful political effort � building local support and organization.

With your help, your support, by election day 2006 we will have conducted 21 precinct mailings consisting of over 200,000 pages of information about our candidates and platform. We will have conducted 21 area organizational meetings to introduce our platform and candidates to the public.

For the first time in recent history, real steps will have been taken to give Georgians A Real Choice.

Long Term Goal:

As a step toward our long term goal we have initiated a statewide petition effort to obtain qualified ballot access. Georgia of course has the hardest ballot access in our country. But as long as the Southern Party of Georgia exists we will be working to overcome this obstacle.

Even if we fail to achieve the close to 50,000 required signatures for the 2006 elections, we will be ready to start again for the 2008 elections. We will not restore our Founding Principles by wishful thinking and just complaining. If you live in Georgia and want a grassroots effort to continue working to make these Principles part of today�s political debate, there is no better way than helping us obtain ballot access.

Other Improvements for this Election Cycle.

Communication: We have been lacking in communicating with our supporters. Every member and supporter will also receive the mailings so that you will be kept abreast of our progress, see your support being put to good use and show our appreciation.

Website: We expect our website to continue to be the highest rated political website in the entire Southeast. We are continuing to expand the members only area as well as the guest area. We have signed up for new eLobby and eCampaign features. Our candidates will greatly benefit from their ability to utilize our website.

Ballot Access: We will continue to work toward ballot access reform in Georgia. We were instrumental in the creation and filing of HB 927, the Ballot Access Reform Act of 2005. The Southern Party of Georgia has taken the lead in this Legislative effort.

Legislation: In 2005 we had coverage in the Capitol on about 25% of the days the Legislature was in Session. For 2006 we hope to increase that to at least 50% and to use the eLobby web site features to make our Legislative efforts more effective. Look for more Southern Party Legislation filed and some Legislative successes in 2006 and beyond. This is part of re-establishing our Founding Principles as part of today�s political debate.


We wanted to share our 2006 election plan. But to make these goals a reality and turn them into success, we need your help. We are a grass roots effort and are totally dependent upon your support to achieve our short and long term goals. The precinct plan is an aggressive, but hopefully effective way to put the theory of a Southern Party to the ultimate test.

Will Our Founding Principles just fade away or will the citizens be given an opportunity to speak up and say "NO!" At this point in time we are the only known voice that places Principle over Party, and are willing to do the work to take our message to the public for their verdict. We believe that we have started down the path of providing a Real Choice and are asking you to give us the support to carry this effort through the next election cycle.

In the 4th and final part of this series we will list what you � the citizens � can do to help. One thing we are looking for is a commitment to start the precinct plan. We need at least 50 citizens who are willing to pledge $100.00 for each of the two years of this election cycle; either $100.00 per year or $25.00 per quarter.

If we get your support, we will do the work and we can evaluate the results in December, 2006. Please reread Part 1 ( Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?" ) and Part 2 ( The Southern Party: Strengths and Weaknesses ) while you give this some consideration.

If you have already decided, click here to make a contribution or you can mail checks payable to:

Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

All contributions require name, address, occupation and employer. Contributions or a combination of contributions of $101.00 or more on an annual basis are reported as line items on campaign reports. Contributions are not tax deductable.

Part 1 Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?"

Part 2 The Southern Party: Strengths and Weaknesses

Part 4 The Southern Party: We need your help!

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Southern Party of Georgia
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Morganton Georgia 30560

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