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Information on American Liberty, Constitution and States Rights


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Our Founding Fathers established Freedom of the Press under the theory that a free and independent press was a key to keeping the citizens informed. But has this founding principle become just another casualty in the continuing loss of our founding principles?

The current governor's race in Georgia may shed some insight. In fact more specifically the Republican Primary for the Republican nomination for governor.

Strangely the Atlanta Journal Constitution also has a list of candidates for governor on their web site at:

Campaign sites

Republican: Sonny Perdue
Democrat: Cathy Cox
Democrat: Mark Taylor
Libertarian: Garrett Michael Hayes
Independent: John Dashler

Strange that both the Republican Party of Georgia web site and the Atlanta Journal Constitution web site are both failing to disclose a full list of candidates that will be on the July 18 ballot.

Statewide Candidates


Candidate: Sonny Perdue
Address: P.O. Box 12369
Atlanta, GA 30355
Phone: (770) 220-0210

Lieutenant Governor

Who would have thought that the the Georgia Republican Party and the Atlanta Journal Constitution would both concurrently distort something as fundamental as a list of qualified candidates?

Today, the picture cleared up a bit. On the front page of the AJC web site there is an interesting new feature. An interesting link is shown:

And when you click on the link:


This is obviously a paid service, which is fine. But has this transfer of money distorted the AJC "news coverage?" Has the AJC allowed the transfer of political campaign funds, mostly derived from Sonny's wide spread support from special interests (AJC is a member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber) to join in an effort to remove a candidate from a list of qualified candidates?

The citizens of Georgia are rapidly losing our State government to the unholy influence of special interests. Even such a fundamental and basic principle as listing of qualified candidates is being abused by the Georgia Republican Party and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The AJC is just one of the special interests that comprise both the liberal media and the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Such behavior is almost expected from such a paper.

Republicans in Georgia need to decide if this is what their Party stands for?

Has the leadership of the Republican Party of Georgia stooped to the level of open and well known bias as the Atlanta Journal Constitution? Your silence only condones the deliberate mis-representation to not only your own party members, but to the citizens of Georgia.

Perhaps the leadership of the Republican Party and the Atlanta Journal Constitution are leaving his name off the list because he is not embedded with special interests.

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