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Institute on The Constitution

Presented by

  The Georgia League of the South

 In association with

  The Southern Party of Georgia


Ask yourself this .   If asked by your children or grandchildren, would you have difficulty explaining the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Are you concerned about the future of the United States and life here in Georgia?

We feel that by exploring the fundamental principles of government upon which our Constitutional Republic was founded, and by studying the original intent of the Founders, we can begin to recover the lost freedoms that require knowledge and vigilance to defend. Today, many Americans are surprised to learn that we were founded as a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States, with a central government of purposely limited powers based on Biblical principles. The recovery of these principles is necessary to restore Constitutional government; as well as, preserving our unique culture as Southerners and Georgians.

Institute on the Constitution begins with a basic course of study consisting of 12 video lectures featuring Dr. John Eidsmoe, Professor Emeritus at the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law at Faulkner University, along with other selected materials.

The Middle Georgia Chapter of the League of the South along with The Southerner Party of Georgia will be hosting the Institute at the Holiday Hotel Conference Center this spring starting April 5 and running through June 14.

For student applications or more information, please contact:
Benjamin Davis

Phone � 478-396-8160


 $30 per Individual       $50 per Couple            $80 per Family

  Educators and members of the Clergy are admitted free.



All sessions will be held at the Holiday Hotel Conference Center in Macon, off of I-75 exit 169.


5 April 2008

 10:00 am � Session 1:  A Biblical View of History, Law, and Government

  1:00 pm � Session 2:  The Discovery, Settlement, and Evangelization of America

  19 April 2008

  10:00 am � Session 3:  The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers

  1:00 pm � Session 4:  The Founding Fathers' Five Fold Formula

  3 May 2008

 10:00 am � Session 5:  1776-1789 From Independence to the Constitution

  1:00 pm � Session 6:  An Overview of the Constitution:  Preamble, Article I

  17 May 2008

 10:00 am � Session 7:  An Overview f the Constitution:  Articles II and III

   1:00pm  - Session 8:  An Overview f the Constitution:  Articles IV and VII

  31 May 2008

 10:00 am � Session 9:  An Overview f the Constitution:  The Bill of Rights, 1st Amendment

   1:00pm  - Session 10 :  An Overview f the Constitution:  Amendments II through XXVII

  14 June 2008

 10:00 am � Session 11:  From Biblical Absolutes to Evolutionary Humanism

  1:00 pm � Session 12:  A Victory Plan for Restoring Our Constitutional Heritage

  3:00 pm � Graduation and closing remarks

  4:00pm � Picnic for Graduates and Families

Download Flyer and Registration form.

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Institute on the Constitution

Presented by

  The Georgia League of the South & The Southern Party of Georgia

  Student Registration:

  Name: _________________________________________________ 

 Address:  ________________________________________________


 Phone #:  _________________________

 E-Mail:  __________________________

 Signature:  _____________________________________

 Tuition Rates (Please check level):

__ $30 Individual

__ $50 Couple

__ $80 Family

__ Free Clergy/Educator (Please list Church/School below)



Please make checks payable to:

 Georgia League of the South
c/o  Benjamin Davis
115 Spring Valley Drive
Byron, Georgia  31008



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Southern Party of Georgia
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Morganton Georgia 30560

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