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Is the Constitution Really Inimical To States Rights? Part 6

By Al Benson Jr.

Al Cronkrite, a freelance Reformed Christian writer living in Florida, has written several articles dealing with the Constitution and why it is not really what we have been taught to believe it is. In an article in The Covenant News in July of 2009 Mr. Cronkrite noted that most today view our Founders as mostly Christian men "...who produced documents that, if they were not expressly Christian, contained Christian principles. Others find it strange that Christian men would fail to encode the name of the Savior or refer to His dominion." That thought brings a different dimension to the question--one that Gary North referred to earlier.

Mr. Cronkrite, along with others, has also observed that: "The Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in the Summer of 1787, was a secret gathering convened for the purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation. It was an elite group that Jefferson described as 'demigods'. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and probably President George Washington had no intention of abiding by the instructions from congress to revise the Articles. Their intention was to form a new federal government which they believed the states would accept in order to solve the problems they were having in conducting their inter-state affairs. They were conspiratorial and dishonest in their actions but right in their political assessment...Patrick Henry of Virginia claimed he 'smelled a rat' and refused to attend."

It has been noted by Mr. Cronkrite that almost nothing has been written about Christian opposition to the final results of the Constitutional Convention. He said: "The shift from a reformation to a substitution was successful and in the exuberant pride that characterized the birth of a new nation the still small voice of the Creator was drowned out and a grave error was made. Several prominent clergymen expressed their dissatisfaction. Rev. John Mason of New York wrote, 'Should the citizens of America be as irreligious as her Constitution, we will have reason to tremble, lest the Governor of the universe, who will not be treated with indignity, by a people anymore than by individuals, overturn from its foundations the fabric we have been rearing, and crush us to atoms in the wreck.'

"Rev. Samuel Austin said, the Constitution 'is entirely disconnected from Christianity. It is not founded on the Christian religion.' Rev. Samuel Taggart lamented the lack of Christian reference to be 'a national evil of great magnitude.' It is a great sin to have forgotten God in such an important national instrument and not have acknowledged Him in that which forms the very nerves and sinews of the political body,' lamented Rev. George Duffield. Rev. Jedediah Morse thought that the secular Constitution meant that America like ancient Israel was doomed; Rev. James Wilson considered its creation 'a degree of ingratitude, perhaps without parallel'."

Folks, reflect back for a minute. How much of this Christian opposition to the Constitution have you ever read about in your history books? I'll wager that all you ever read about was just what I read about--that almost no one was against it but Patrick Henry and a mere handful of people who must surely all have had charter memberships in the Flat Earth Society. These folks were, supposedly, anachronisms that couldn't see the pressing need for national consolidation. Henry and his dwindling number of friends were a bit shortsighted, and so it's a good thing no one listed to them, and that's about what you get. Their arguments against ratification are seldom, if ever, mentioned--and the ones I have read about I have agreed with.

Mr. Cronkrite has informed his readers that one of the big selling points for the new Constitution was that old, mythical "separation of church and state" story--that so-called government "neutrality" in regard to religion. In our day we have seen now really well that has worked out. Anything remotely Christian is almost constantly under attack now, while all other pagan faiths seem to get a pass--and this is not by accident.

Cronkrite has observed: "But as Dr. R. J. Rushdoony dutifully explained, there is no such thing as a religious void. Otto Scott wrote, 'There was equally little doubt that they (the people) did not fully realize that a land with no religious center is a land where religion is what anyone chose to claim." Dr. Rushdoony was correct--there is no such thing as a religious void--something will fill that void--if not Christianity, then something ultimately much less desirable--which is where we are today, in the midst of an anti-Christian generation, where apostasy has been growing by leaps and bounds at least since the early 1800s.

Some of Mr. Cronkrite's columns on the Constitution can be found at

To be continued ...

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