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Drones for our protection. For those who will believe anything!

Drones for our protection. For those who will believe anything!
by Mike Crane

One of the more recent events from the always amazing government in Washington. Somewhere around 30,000 drones are going to placed over our heads. Now comes the punch line:

For our protection.

Is it possible that anyone in the entire country believes this? If any of our elected officials actually believe it - a serious question should be asked:

Do they have enough intelligence to even put their pants on in the morning?

You know the answer to that question. Of course they dont believe that 30,000 drones are required for our protection. So why do they tell the citizens that is the purpose? Think about that question a bit ... There are no good answers!

But only a few of the 30,000 drones have military attachments. Oh I feel so much better now -- dont you?

Just another example of why it is time to Get Off The USS Titanic.

Not now? Then when?

When the same government spends a few billion dollars to build a super communications center to record and analyze every electronic (read: telephone, cell phone, email, text, etc) communication in the country to select the targets for the drones to monitor and eliminate to protect you?

Well the communications center is about ready to open. Stay tuned for next article.

In the meantime read the following response from the League of The South. For more information: http://dixienet.org.



7 February 2013

Statement on Enemies of the State

For immediate release

A recently uncovered White Paper from the Obama administration reveals that the White If you believe these drones are for our protection we have some good ocean front property in Arizona for sale.House Office of Legal Counsel has instructed the President that he is within the law to kill American citizens, either here or abroad, if they are in any way associated with "terrorism." In effect, this legal memo allows the President—or others in his regime--to be judge, jury, and executioner. And it can all be done in complete secrecy because of "national security" concerns. And the President gets to decide the criteria that make one a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism.

When a citizen can be deprived of life, liberty, and property at the mere whim of the President, in secret and without due process, then that citizen has been declared an enemy of the State. Not a citizen, not even a subject, but an outright enemy of State.

League President, Dr. Michael Hill, said:

"We have seen our fundamental legal protections of liberty and property disappear one by one during the last half century as the Constitution and Bill of Rights have simply been pushed aside as a mere piece of parchment. We have borne such abuses too patiently, hoping vainly that we could somehow continue to live as free men in peace. But the latest revelation that even our very lives can be forfeit if the regime should deem it right and proper rips the mask completely off the monster. There is no doubt whatsoever that those who control the government think it their prerogative to literally destroy any and all who oppose them. Now do you understand why they want to deprive you of your guns and ammunition?"

Hill continued:

"Therefore, we in The League of the South caution our fellow Southerners to prepare to be treated as enemy combatants on an ever changing and elastic 'battlefield.' Any dissent, no matter how innocent or justified, may serve to bring the hammer down at the time and place of the regime's choosing. And you will have no 'right' to oppose their actions. You have been declared, ipso facto, a 'domestic terrorist,' one who is beyond the Pale. You should act as if your life is in danger . . . because it is."

The League urges all Southerners and others of goodwill to appeal to their State governments to call secession conventions as soon as practically possible in order to preserve our ancient rights to life, liberty, and property.

To contact The League of the South, e-mail us at jmichhill@cs.com or see our website at League of The South. We can be reached by phone at (800) 888-3163.




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