Georgia 2004 elections and chicken little perdue

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Georgia 2006 elections and chicken little perdue

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Land grab bill coming back, again

Do you agree with people like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who treat the Second Amendment as if it were written only to protect your ability to go hunting and target shooting? Or do you agree with Gun Owners of America, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who believe that the Second Amendment protects a pre-existing fundamental right that is essential to the preservation of liberty?

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Senate Repeals D.C. Gun Ban By Large Vote

By a resounding vote of 62 to 36 last week, the U.S. Senate has approved an amendment, offered by Senator John Ensign of Nevada, to repeal the D.C. gun ban.

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Southern National Congress Denounces False Stimulus Bill

Rome, GA; February 10, 2009.  On behalf of the fourteen State Delegations to the Southern National Congress (SNC), the SNC Board of Governors announced today its strong opposition to the stimulus-and-bailout bills now making their way through the U.S. Congress. 

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Anti-gun Land Bill On The Move

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Eric Holder Nominated 75 - 21, Georgia Senators vote with the liberals!

Our Georgia US Senators voted the same as the proponents of every piece of anti-Second Amendment legislation that has crawled out of Congress over the last few decades. During the last election we stated that Saxby Chambliss wasn't worth giving the finger on our fancy electronic voting machines. Oh how the Republicans wailed. Well - enjoy your new Attorney General and knowing that your man voted for him.

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Trade Deficit: August - 2008 - Current financial crisis is tip of iceberg

"Foreign interests have more control over the US economy than Americans, leaving the country in a state that is financially imprudent. More and more of our debt is held by foreign countries � some of which are our allies and some are not. The huge holdings of American government debt by countries such as China and Saudi Arabia could leave a powerful financial weapon in the hands of countries that may be hostile to US corporate and diplomatic interests."

The September, 2008 Trade statistics were released in November and remained at a very high and unacceptable level.  This article is of course a couple months later than usual. But with the ' financial market crisis " and "massive bailouts" getting 24 hour news coverage, it was obvious few cared about the trade deficit. The media, the talking heads and elected officials are just absorbed with other things. But now that the roughly trillion dollar "stupid plan aka bailout plan" has shown to be inadequate, these articles will resume.

In January this year - we started tracking our trade with our NAFTA partners [sic].  In just January through September we have a trade deficit over $114,278,000,000.00 or 114.2 Billion USD.

Note that NAFTA was passed by a very narrow margin in 1992 and supported by both Democratic President Bill Clinton, and the 1996 Republican Presidential nominee - then Senator Bob Dole. So NAFTA was brought to us by both the Republicans and Democrats.

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Time To Hit Your Senators One Last Time

Unfortunately, there are very few Senators right now who are willing to stand up to Obama's anti-gun nomination. Another conservative firebrand who opposes the Holder nomination is Senator James DeMint (R-SC). In addition to Vitter and Barrasso, DeMint is one of the few voices crying out in the wilderness of a "country club" Senate.

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Southern National Congress Issues Remonstrances and Petitions for Redress of Grievances

Rome, GA; January 14, 2009 � Today the Southern National Congress (SNC) released seven resolutions called Remonstrances and Petitions for a Redress of Grievances, passed by the Congress during its historic first session December 5-7, 2008 in Hendersonville, NC.  100 Delegates from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia met to take up matters of great concern to the Southern People.  After a spirited and well-informed debate, the SNC passed the remonstrances dealing with these vital issues:

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Gun Owners of America Opposes Attorney General Nominee

Holder, who served as Deputy Attorney General from 1997-2001, supports a 3-day waiting period for handgun purchases, one-gun-a-month rationing, licensing and registration of all gun owners, mandatory so-called smart gun technology, a lifetime gun ban for certain juvenile offenses and regulating gun shows out of existence.

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John McCain Is A Liberal Gun Grabber

The last thing we need is another liberal neocon in the White House. If the Presidency of George W. Bush proved anything, it proved the hazard of electing phony Republican conservatives. At least one is able to clearly see a liberal for what he or she is when they have a "D" behind their name. But put an "R" behind the name and suddenly their liberal, Big-Government, anti-freedom agenda is barely recognized, which makes a liberal Republican much more dangerous than a liberal Democrat.

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