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Letter to CCE Board of Directors, please review

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. is the primary Coke bottling company for North America. As you will see in following articles they also participate in various Political Action Committees. It is time that they are officially notified that the efforts of Coke and its associated companies should get out of politics and quit trying force their politically correct agenda on the American public.

A draft letter is presented below. This is your effort and your comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome. Standing together we can preserve our birthright for our future generations and put a crimp in political correctness run amok in our country. This letter with any modifications will be sent next Monday, October 11.

In the meantime, please help spread the word and get additional signatures on the online petition:

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics Petition

The following link provides an easy to use form to help spread the word, pass this on to five of your friends and family.

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Just remember the latest example of the actions of the chamber types like the Coke companies. The removal of a Flag from a Memorial in Augusta. The Augusta Chamber has admitted that they wanted the Flag removed, Coke is a member of the Augusta Chamber of Commerce.


John R. Alm
President & Chief Executive Officer
Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
2500 Windy Ridge Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

October 11, 2004

Dear Mr. Alm:

For some time Coca-Cola has been using corporate funds to influence our State government to pass anti-Southern legislation. Coca-Cola was directly involved, for example in the creation of The Georgia Business PAC for the purpose of rewarding legislators who supported "stealing" the Georgia State Flag.

This unholy influence and the blatant discrimination against those of Southern Heritage have angered many consumers. A steadily increasing number of consumers are joining the Boycott Coke effort to demonstrate their dis-satisfaction.

As the primary bottler of Coca-Cola products the boycott is having an impact on your business. The attached correspondence should provide additional information needed.

Despite our efforts to bring this matter to the attention of the Coca-Cola Company, its corporate officers and designated company representative the only responses have been denial or a statement that we are too disorganized to even be considered.

The denial was deceitful as the campaign finance reports of The Georgia Business PAC are public record and the Atlanta Journal has even reported the purpose of that PAC. The casual and insulting disregarding of communication as being not organized enough to be considered has only resulted in increased loss of business. It also does not speak very highly of their corporate ethics.

Should you wish to discuss this matter please contact our spokesman, Rev. William Swann.

In the meantime we remain your former customers.



Mike Crane
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

Encl: Verified electronic petition signatures ( The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics petition, online at: The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out of Politics Petition (closed) )

November 18, 2003 - Letter to Warren Buffett, member Coke Board of Directors

November 18, 2003 - Letter to Douglas Daft , Board of Directors

March 1, 2004 Letter to Douglas Daft, Board of Directors and registered agent (Georgia).

September 27, 2004 - Letter to E. "Neville" Isdell, Board of Directors


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