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Coca-Cola Enterprises is doing so well they are planning layoffs

The recent Business headlines have been glowing reviews of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE). Of course just like Coke( See: Coke 2nd Quarter Results confirm impact of Boycott) - hidden in their voluminous financial report is the simple fact, sales in North America are not doing well. Of course they aren't - Coke has abandoned their core customer base to follow the personal agendas of their "management" Team. Political correctness is their top priority and as the word spreads it does not sell well.

CCE is looking for ways to increase efficiency at a time when growing sales in North America and CCE�s European markets is becoming difficult,

Just like Coke, with CCE we live not in the United States, but in a portion of North America. But even with their globalist terminology the basic fact of Marketing 101 remains true.

Current customers buy more products than "former" customers. Duh!

When thousands of your strongest and most loyal customers get fed up with a company's deliberate insults and perverted agenda and quit buying buying your products, it hurts sales. You do not even have to eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize to understand that simple fact.

The "mis-management" team at CCE know that, but continuing to force political correctness upon the public is considered more important. But they are now doing that without using any of my hard earned money. You can give them all of yours that you want to, they will not get another cent of mine until they get out of politics and make amends for their anti-Southern actions.

Just look at their hypocrisy. First they claim that the 2nd quarter results are very good, then under their breath they whisper and make plans to begin lay-offs because sales are becoming difficult.

Lets tale a look at how their stock has performed:

This is a graph of CCE and the DOW. Very similar to the same graph of Coke stock. Before our boycott started, they were performing above the DOW. Then a period of mixed results and then falling well below DOW and staying there.

Coke is spending millions in marketing to gain new customers, but they are losing customers as fast as they get them. Millions wasted for political correctness. CCE is going to restructure and layoff about 1% of their 60,000 employees, for political correctness.

It would be a lot easier to get out of politics and make amends for their own actions. But the decision will ultimately be up to the Coke and CCE stockholders. Did they buy stock to force political correctness on the public or did they buy stock for business purposes. There are also some financial institutions and brokers that are failing to disclose to their clients the basic fact that Coke (and CCE) has a serious problem with what used to be their core customers.

Keep on getting petition signatures:

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics Petition

And pass the word on to others:

Coke has their day of retribution coming for their anti-Southern actions including calling you just a bunch of "unorganized rednecks!"

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US: CCE restructure to lead to layoffs � report

29 Jul 2005
Source: editorial team


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) intends to restructure its North American division, according to press reports. The Atlanta Journal Constitution said today (29 July) that the move could mean layoffs of up to 1% of the company�s 60,000 employees in the region.

CCE is looking for ways to increase efficiency at a time when growing sales in North America and CCE�s European markets is becoming difficult, the Journal said. The streamlined structure will reduce the layers of management in CCE from five to four, the paper added.

In a conference call with analysts, CCE chairman Lowry Kline said that the new North American structure will make the company "flatter and much more responsive to our customers, both nationally and locally."




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