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Dixie Index - a rating system for corporations

It is hoped that the Dixie Index by Dixie Rising can supplement the Boycott Coke, Boycott Atlanta and anti-Southern efforts supported by the Southern Party of Georgia. It is time that these multi-national corporations that have become anti-American quit getting a free ride.

We encourage you to check out the Dixie Index at

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The Dixie Index

The Dixie Index is a rating system for corporations, for your consideration not only on purchases, but for investment purposes also. The idea of and maintained by Kirk Gruenewald and hosted by Dixie Rising. We hope that with your participation and support The Dixie Index can become an ongoing and major tool in the Preservation of Southern Heritage.

As the Dixie Index is developed you will have a valuable resource that you can use to assist in making purchase and investment decisions. You can participate in a new facet of the effort to Defend Southern Heritage and as our numbers grow we will see a response. Once it becomes an economic hardship many of these Politically Correct companies will begin to change their attitude. They worship the almighty dollar more than anything and it is also hard to explain to angry stockholders why they are hurting the company to push political correctness.

It will take time to build the numbers and to carefully build this list, your active participation is solicited, this is an effort to defend Southern Heritage. This is your effort too.

Watch List of Corporate Terrorists

This will be list of corporations that use your money, from either purchases or investment - to further politically correct attacks on Southern Heritage.

These corporations should be shunned and avoided. When your investment dollars are moved or placed elsewhere you should let financial institutions know that your dollars went elsewhere due to the corporations listing on the Watch List of Corporate Terrorists.

Stock and Investment Index

This will be a list of corporations that we encourage you to support with both purchases and investment. The criteria for listing are:

1: Must be Public Traded or the ability to obtain shares.

2: Must be Pro Southern

3:  Preferably be based within the borders of the Confederacy (Yes, this means also the border states and Arizona/New Mexico since they wanted to be part and were part of the Confederacy under Governor Jim Baylor. ).

4: If not Pro Southern then at least non hostile to Southern Culture and symbols.

Recommended Southern Friendly Companies

Companies will be rated on their company location, products and position on Southern Heritage. Companies achieving a high ranking will be listed with the recommendation that when ever possible you patronize their products and services.

Click here to see the initial entries on:

Watch List of Corporate Terrorists
Stock and Investment Index

The Dixie Index Update List:

Your participation is the key to success. We will produce an electronic newsletter starting at once a month. Additional updates will be provided as corporations are suggested, investigated and added to either of the two lists.

To signup for the newsletter and general updates, please click here. You can unsubscribe at any time as each message has a unsubscribe link. But we encourage you to participate to in this effort.

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Boycott Coke

Boycott Atlanta

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There are currently 18 citizens logged into the Southern Party of Georgia web site. Help spread the word and there will be more. Political correctness run amok will not end until we stop it.

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