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By Andy Rice
Candidate for Georgia Senate District 37


" No man�s life, liberty, or property is safe when the legislature is in session," Mark Twain.

            I am a candidate for Georgia Senate District 37.  My wife, Taffy Rice, is a candidate for Georgia House District 36.  Our opponents, Incumbents John Wiles (S37) and Earl Ehrhart (H36) are controlled by big business, big lobbyists, the legal "profession," and the Chamber of Commerce.

            Earl Ehrhart was elected national Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), in 2005.  John Wiles is a past state Chairman of ALEC.  For those of you not familiar with this organization, lend me your ear.  ALEC is a pawn of ExxonMobil.  Between 1991 and 2005, ExxonMobil "gave" over $1.2 Million to ALEC so the "Oil Mammoth" could control legislation around the country.  (   An article in the AJC last year reported ALEC provides "cookie cutter" legislation to its legislative members from every state in an effort to control the direction of new laws.  While we pay almost three times as much for gasoline as we did a couple of years ago, Exxon is recording record profits.  Personally, I don�t want ExxonMobil writing laws for me, how about you?

            In 2003, Forbes published an article entitled "Buying Justice:",

which exposed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce�s attempts to "buy" judgeships around the country, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy elections.  According to Forbes, this idea was the brainchild of Atlanta�s own Bernie Marcus, of Home Depot fame.  Recently, we have seen how John, Earl, and Sonny have threatened to control the Georgia Supreme Court for their own political gains.  Bill Shipp�s article  , June 18, 2006       ,, exposed the Georgia Chamber of Commerce�s current plan to hijack and control the Georgia Supreme Court.

            Our opponents,   Wiles and Ehrhart  , are Chamber of Commerce pawns.  The Georgia Chamber of Commerce�s web site shows you which incumbents vote with the Chamber, almost all the time.  Except for a few votes John an Earl missed   altogether  , John voted with the Chamber�s position 100% of the time, in 2005 and 2006.  And Earl voted with the Chamber in every bill except one :

            Why do these Incumbents vote with the Chamber and not with you, the average citizen?  Take a look at their campaign disclosures to see who pays their way, and then you will see why they vote the way they do.  Visit:

to look up their reports, which show most of their campaign funding comes from big banks, insurance companies, oil companies, utilities companies, law firms, political action committees, and generous lobbyists. 

            John Wiles derives most of his personal income from legal representation of big developers, particularly the developers who are inundating our formerly green county side, in Cobb County, with shopping center after shopping center.  I have fond memories of Dallas Highway when it had no Giant Cancer Sticks (aka GTC power lines), only one or two small strip malls with a grocery store and a few other local businesses.  Now it saddens me to drive down Dallas Highway and see the few remaining houses sporting for sale signs, touting the label "potential commercial."  You can thank the Incumbents for this new view of our formerly beautiful land.  John brags on his law firm web site,, " 95% of Practice Devoted to Litigation ."

            As for the power lines, what did Earl and John do to help the good citizens whose property was directly affected by them?    NOTHING!    View the campaign disclosures, mentioned above, and add up all the money this Chamber tag team gets from executives of power companies.    In fact, view the Chamber web site to see Atlanta Gas Light executives at a recent luncheon:

    Now    Wiles and Ehrhart  want to implement so-called "Improvement Districts."  Earl voted for HB 1323 last session, and John co-sponsored SB 414 (the Senate version of the same legislation).  If you have the time to read this 43 page bill, go to:

SB 414 is temporarily tabled, but it will be back if these boys get reelected.  This terrible legislation would allow John�s developer buddies to levy property taxes on private homeowners.  Read that sentence again.  It doesn�t say the elected Tax Commissioner can levy taxes.  It says private developers can issue bonds and then levy new and higher property taxes on homeowners to pay back the bonds.  This would be the epitome of Taxation Without Representation .  And John says he wants to protect private property and reduce taxes.  We need to say "Goodbye Earl  ,  " and we need to "Evict Wiles."

            Mark Twain�s words were never truer than now!  It�s time for a change.

            If you want true conservative representation by candidates who will always strive to protect YOU from increased taxes, new taxes, intrusive government,   and big oil companies and developers,  please cast your vote on July 18, 2006 for TAFFY RICE (House 36) and ANDY RICE (Senate 37).  Thank you.


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