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Example of Special Interest influence on your Republican State Legislature

Despite telling several people who took the time to go to the Capitol that he would give the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote a FAIR hearing - in the end, Austin Scott has sided with the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

A majority of Georgians clearly indicated that they believe there is something American about letting the people vote. The Metro Atlanta Chamber has publicly bragged that they have enough influence on the Sonny Perdue Administration to prevent the People from voting.

So we had a classic example of grass roots vs. the unholy influence of special interests in the 2005 - 2006 Session of the Georgia Legislature.

Would the Legislature listen to the people or pander to special interests?

This was the first Legislature since Reconstruction that was controlled by the Republican Party. They controlled the State House, State Senate and Governor�s Office. Representative Austin Scott was chosen by Republican Speaker Glenn Richardson to be the chairman of the committee that he assigned to the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote Act - HB-15.

The response from our new Republican controlled State Government was not impressive!

  • The 79% of Georgians that the Mason Dixon Poll showed want a Fair Vote were ignored!

  • The Metro Atlanta Chamber that stated preventing the People from getting a FAIR Vote was their most critical issue - AND - they had influenced the Perdue Administration to not allow the People to Vote was NOT ignored.

Can�t blame this one on the Democrats! The Republicans are running the show.

When he refused to let the FAIR Vote bill come up for a Vote or even public hearings - who was Representative Austin Scott representing - you or the special interests? If you are not sure, just listen to his own party�s statements from Washington! They speak very poorly of officials who do not support a FAIR Up or Down Vote.

Both Austin Scott and Governor Sonny Perdue deserve to be retired from public service. Let them go work for their good buddies at the Metro Atlanta Chamber! The first round will be in the July 18 Republican Primary � mark your calendars and vote for Ray McBerry against Sonny Perdue.

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