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The following article by Jeff Davis of the Georgia Heritage Council points out some of the effects of the unholy influence of the Chamber types on our government. This unholy influence does impact the laws padded by your government, which then impacts your life.

Like Mr. Davis we support the free enterprise system, but only when it is free of corruption and influence peddling. Today - our government and especially the elected officials that comprise it - represent special interests MORE than they represent the citizens they are sworn to represent.

We see this trend increasing at federal, State and local levels of government.

We urge you - the citizens to give this some thought in this years election. This is your government, you foot the bills along with your children and grandchildren who will have to pay back the growing debt.

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Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis is a retired radio-TV journalist living in Gainesville, GA. Active in civic and political affairs, he is past president of the Georgia Jaycees, former vice president of the US and the world Jaycees, former campaign chairman of the Georgia Republican party. He voluntarily serves as chairman of the Georgia Heritage Council. He is a collateral descendant of President Jefferson Davis and a member of SCV Camp 1418 in Cleveland, GA.

Liberty Lost The Past, Present and Future Miscalculations, Misinformation and Misleading Road to Destruction of The Republic. (Part 3) by J. A. Davis

"The principal for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form." ---Jefferson Davis

"Though written constitutions may be violated in moments of passion or delusion, yet they furnish a text to which those who are watchful may again rally and recall the people. They fix, too, for the people the principles of their political creed." ---Thomas Jefferson

If I could sound an alarm that would resonate in every one of Georgia's 159 counties, I would.

Not having any such facility I have to rely on my meager efforts at regular columns appearing on the Georgia Heritage Council website and the dozens of websites around our state and nation that graciously link my thoughts to their readers.

What alarm you ask? What has me so concerned?

Those who have followed some of my Liberty Lost warnings of the past know that I am seeing a drastic change in government taking place and very few seem to know or even care about it.

For those who haven't followed my previous commentaries about Commutarian Law, I'm including the latest column by Niki Raapana who does a far better job of defining the subject than anyone I know. Just reading her work and examples taking place right under our noses is enough for me to hit the alarm.

We actually have committees of a very few people in virtually every area of Georgia making law for all of us. Gone from primary consideration is the most precious of all liberty, individual rights, which are now trumped by community rights.

If you will look behind the curtain in your local community, you will see it happening. It might be called Vision 2020 or some such progressive sounding community enterprise.

Commutarianism has been very much a part of the unannounced agenda of some of the legislative leaders in the majority party in Georgia. Unfortunately, some of their legislation has been signed into law by a governor who has shown less than a genuine interest in liberty in the form of individual rights.

We have seen a valiant effort by Senator Jeff Chapman to put some real teeth in Eminent Domain legislation only to be pushed aside by the governor himself. His legislation, thoroughly scrubbed and polished by business interests to look and sound good, actually spells the steps which make it possible for "the community" to allow private land to be taken by private interests for what is described as the common good and an enhanced tax base.

Then I cite for you the work of diligent senators to bring about real reform in illegal immigration. Their governor and leadership retreated from a solid program to place serious restrictions and penalties on the businesses that have made an industry of illegals in Georgia.

They'll tell you the legislation goes after businesses profiting from the use of illegal immigrants. Check it out. Where are the fines significant enough to curtail it? Where are the sentences for flagrant trafficking?

Then we have the commutarian thought process that maintains that it's all right to commit upwards of one hundred million dollars in tax payer money from all of Georgia for community projects in Metro Atlanta.

No one can tell you exactly how much has been offered in such ill fated projects as a Super Bowl bid or a NASCAR Hall of Fame.

These project budgets were kept secret from the people who were proposed to pay for them. Even in losing the bids, money was spent. We have no idea of whose money and how much.

One thing is evident. A certain few elites in the name of community interests can meet in secret, develop a community interest in secret, and commit your tax dollars for their community in secret. The Secrecy Forecast is rather gloomy.

Now let me be clear. I'm not anti-business, nor do I oppose community development. As a matter of fact I served on the board of directors of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. I also was chamber member of the year in one of the largest local chambers in the nation. I fervently believe in free enterprise.

Without being redundant, here I go again. It's time for a change.

Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air for Georgia to have a new governor who is not beholden to special interests?

Wouldn't we all feel better about our state government if we let the sunshine in on all the back-room secret deals?

Wouldn't it be more wholesome if we had a governor who allowed bright and sincere legislators to work their ideas and will through the legislative process?

Wouldn't it be productive to have a governor who has experience working on the local level in real constitutionally authorized committees who respect individual rights as well as community development?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a governor who is the citizen next door and doesn't care a whit about perpetuation in office or catering to the professional power brokers?

Wouldn't it be a neat improvement to see a chief executive who we can believe when he tells us something.

Wouldn't it be heartening to have a governor dedicated to the principles of our Founders which is where the real conservatives dwell.

There is such a man. The next step is to encourage him to run.

We'll keep you informed on the progress.

It's time for a change.

Jeff Davis is a retired radio-TV journalist living in Gainesville, GA. Active in civic and political affairs, he is past president of the Georgia Jaycees, former vice president of the US and the world Jaycees, former campaign chairman of the Georgia Republican party. He voluntarily serves as chairman of the Georgia Heritage Council. He is a collateral descendant of President Jefferson Davis.

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