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Multi-National Corporate Greed and its influence on the government you pay for
By Mike Crane

Once again the polls show a large majority of American citizens are opposed to the current government immigration polices and proposed Senate immigration (amnesty) bill. 70% of the citizens are opposed, 69% of the Senate voted in favor.

This is an obvious disconnect between the citizens and their elected representatives in the US Senate.

Obviously the US Senate is not representing the citizens.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out where the push for "cheap labor" is coming from. Corporate greed is the main benefactor of this current Senate bill. The Bush Administration, at least 69 US Senators call the bill "comprehensive reform" to mislead the citizens. Many, including the author have called it amnesty, because it does pardon the breaking of federal law! But the best term to describe this bill is "cheap labor."

In fact the corporations who will benefit from the cheap labor will benefit even more by the creation and legalization of a virtually permanent "cheap labor segment" of our population. Virtually millions of legalized residents who will be locked into minimum wage (or less). So these Senators actually expect people working and living on minimum wage to save $5,000.00 to pay the required fee so that they become a citizen?

At minimum wage it would take almost a half year to earn the fee - even if the person had zero living expenses!

No, after spending trillions of dollars of your tax dollars to try and eliminate poverty in our country, the Multi-National Corporations and their cronies in the US Senate and White House are now proposing creating a virtually permanent poverty class of between 12 - 60 million legalized modern day serfs.

Not only have we spent trillions in an effort to eliminate poverty, but the Democrats are proposing legislation to provide benefits for the American citizens "wage insurance" to help them when laid-off from the jobs that Bush and cronies claim they will not do (See: Both Democrats and Republicans playing ostrich with citizens and pandering to corporate greed ). This just gets stupider every day!

Of course US Senators pushing this fiasco, such as Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss will say they are not influenced by the large corporations. But take a look at the contributors to his campaign accounts (See: Have you ever wondered why Senator Chambliss ignores the citizens? Page 1 of 5).

How do you spell hypocrisy"

 C - H - A - M - B - L - I - S - S!

You can't take that much money from folks and not be influenced!

This is a far more serious problem than just the immigration bill. At federal, State and local levels special interests are increasing their influence, while the citizens are ignored at an increasing rate.

This is one of the reasons that a majority of Americans no longer participate in the elective process (See: Voting Trend in Presidential Election Years). I don't blame them, at times the process is so sickening that I want to puke!

But dropping out is not the answer - if you have children or plan to have children. If you have grandchildren, like I do, you are old enough to have seen many dismal changes in our country. If we drop out and quit participating we are destroying our future generations birthright!

If you are concerned about not only the use of this immigration bill to provide "cheap labor" for corporations, but the growing disconnect between government and the citizens, consider helping us to open the door to some real political competition.

The current special interest money influence election process limits any real challenges to the Republican and Democratic parties. Special interests are so embedded in both of these parties - or they are so embedded with special interests - that you only get more of the same every election.

Shouldn't you the citizens have a real choice on election day? Is it right for the Republican and Democratic Parties working together to make the decision of who you will not have a chance to vote for - for you? Wouldn't you prefer to make that decision yourself?

Next year will be an election year. The battle on this terrible piece of cheap labor legislation will be won or lost before then. But the battle on the next version will possibly be won or lost on 2008 election day. Demand that you be given a choice other than the two parties who have just demonstrated for all to see - that they represent corporate greed more than the citizens.

In any event Georgia Republican Senator Saxby "Cheap Labor" Chambliss should be retired in 2008!

Poll: Public Wants Illegal to Go Home
Public Prefers Enforcement, Not Senate Legalization Approach


WASHINGTON - New polling shows a strong preference for enforcing U.S. Immigration laws that cause illegal aliens to go home. Advocacy groups and even some media outlets have released surveys showing support for legalizing illegals. However, those polls often gave voters a very limited choice between large-scale deportations or "earned legalization," or simply asked about conditional legalization without any alternative. When given the across-the-board enforcement option, with the goal of causing illegals to go home, the public strongly favors the enforcement approach over legalization with conditions.

Contrary to the new Senate bill, most Americans want less and not more immigration. When told the number of immigrants here and the number coming, 70 percent of voters said the level is too high, 19 percent said it is about right, and 5 percent said too low.

  • 75% of Republicans said immigration is too high, 5% said too low.
  • 69% of Democrats said immigration is too high, 6% said too low.
  • 71% of self described moderates said immigration is too high, 4% said too low.

Public prefers that illegals go home, rather than be legalized. 58 percent of voters said they wanted illegals to go home, compared to 30 percent who favored legalization. The public still overwhelmingly supported enforcement over legalization even when many conditions are imposed on illegals like paying a fine, learning English and undergoing a background check.

Americans support enforcement to make illegals go home. When presented by itself, 79 percent of the public said they supported reducing the illegal immigrant population by increasing border enforcement, penalizing employers, and increasing cooperation with local law enforcement, while 15 percent were opposed. No other proposal had near this level of support.

"Many polls give only the false choice of legalization or mass deportations. Some even give legalization as an option in isolation without other alternatives. But when given across-the-board enforcement that causes illegals to go home as an option, the public overwhelmingly supports it rather than legalization with conditions," said Jessica Echard, Executive Director of Eagle Forum. "This poll shows why Senators who support the Kennedy-Kyl amnesty are facing such a firestorm of opposition from constituents."

This National Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC on May 15, 2007. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Pulse Opinion Research, LLC is an independent public opinion research firm using automated polling methodology and procedures licensed from Rasmussen Reports, LLC.

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The Republicans and Democrats spend close to a Billion dollars a year destroying Our Founding Principles. We hope to spend $10,000.00 this year working to Restore Our Founding Principles - all help is appreciated. You can send a contribution to my campaign (Committee to Elect Mike Crane) at the same address.

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Nothing will change until - you - the citizens - make a change.


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