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Special Interest and Updates

Grassroots:1 - How early should I start campaigning?

Grassroots:2 - Ballot Access defined and first step on developing campaign plan

Let Georgia Vote - HB15

Boycott Atlanta


Must Reads

Special Interests vs. The People - case #Nov-2006, court of public opinion - Part 1.

Special Interests vs. The People - case #Nov-2006, court of public opinion - Part 2.

There is something American about letting people vote

Another School Problem - leaving another Southern Child behind

Many ask "why a Southern Party?"

Saint Andrews Cross is a Christian symbol ...

Dukes Of Heritage & Dorks of Hotlanta

Uncle Mike's Dream

B.S. plots to defuel The General Lee...

B.S. in the secret Chamber backroom, Part 1 ...

B.S. in the secret Chamber backroom, Part 2 ...

B.S. Perdue meets Chamber officials ...

B.S. Perdue - Put my schemes in motion ...

CONTROL Agent 86 works B.S. Perdue's Damage Control Team

B.S. Perdue - Capitol Conversation (Part 1)

B.S. Perdue - Capitol Conversation (Part 2)

B.S. Perdue brags about the Major Lie

Dorks of Hotlanta honor Confederate Colonel at Aquarium 

B.S. & Walmart bring the Third World closer to home

Other Issues

Congress Watch

Legislature Watch

Taxes , Economy and Government Spending

Defending Southern Heritage

Christian Issues

Restoring Amrican Liberty

2nd Amendment

Defending Christian Heritage

Immigration and Outsourcing

Anti-Southern Corporations

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Georgia Flag Referendum

A grass roots effort to restore Good Government for the People of Georgia

Southern Party of Georgia 
News Updates on Anti-Southern Corporations

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