Southern Party of Georgia 2004 Voter Guide.
A grass roots effort to restore Good Government for the People of Georgia

Results of  2004 Republican Primary Runoff Tuesday, August 10

We have no recommendations for  Democratic Primary Runoff

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What we consider positive Results are in red, negative results are in blue.

Brief Commentary

The overall turnout was low for the State. Although actual numbers have not been published yet, our estimate is that it was at or below 10%. Many of these races (and the Primary of July 20) do not have opposition in November. This means that a significant portion of our State Legislature will be chosen by either very small portions of the State citizens or had no opposition at all. In all, over half of the State House and over 1/3 of the State Senate are unopposed in November.

Overall our list of recommendations fared very well in this runoff. A preliminary look at our voter guide distribution shows an increase of about 50% over 2002. This would place the margin of several races within the range of influence. This is a positive sign for the future of our grassroots effort.

More detailed election analysis and gearing up for November will follow. Click here to be notified when additional information is posted.

Congressional Offices 
District 6: TurnCoat Tom Price won with 54%. But at least TurnCoat Clay was retired (for now) in the Primary. There is no opponent in November, so Tom Price is elected.
District 8: Lynn Westmoreland  won with 55.5%. Lynn Westmoreland will now face Democrat Silvia Delamar  in November. (more information)(additional information)
Georgia Court of Appeals
  Mike Sheffield (Georgia Supreme Court has postponed the election for this race)
State Senate 
District 3: Jeff Chapman win with 52.0%. Jeff Chapman will now face Democrat Vincent T. Williams in November.
District 16:
Ronnie Chance won with 52.2%. Ronnie Chane is unopposed in November so has been elected.
District 31:
Bill Heath won with 50.7%. Bill Heath will now face Democrat Lester Tate  in November.
District 32:
Judson Hill (54.0%) defeated Mitchell Kaye (46%). Judson Hill will now face Akhtar Sadiq  in November.
District 40:
Dan Weber (53.7%) defeated TurnCoat Bart Ladd (47.3%). We will not miss you TurnCoat Ladd! Dan Weber will now face Democrat Rick Garnitz  in November.
District 50:
Nancy Schaefer won with (53.6%). Nancy Schaefer will now face Democrat Bob Stowe  in November. (more information)
State House
District 68:
Tim Bearden won with 50.5%. There will probably be a recount in this race. There is no opposition in November so Tim Bearden is elected.
District 95:
Robert Mumford won with 53.7%. There is no opposition in November so Robert Mumford is elected.
District 98:
Bobby Reece won with 56.6%. There is no opposition in November so Bobby Reece is elected.
We did not issue a recommendation on the race but certainly celebrate the defeat of TurnCoat John Noel who lost with 46.8% - Goodbye TurnCoat Noel!

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Updated August 8, 2004

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