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Breaking News: Eminent Domain Court Victory in Stockbridge

Just received the following good news. Private Property Rights in Georgia won a major court case in Stockbridge. More details to follow as they are available:

Henry County Superior Court Judge Arch McGarity has dismissed the  condemnation of the property owned by Mark and Regina Meeks. Meeks said,  This a courageous decision by Judge McGarity. We consider this  to be a victory for private property rights for Georgians and we want  to thank everybody that s supported us."

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DVD Available on Eminent Domain 

The Southern Party of Georgia was honored to be invited to a Forum on Eminent Domain and Private Property Rights. The Georgia League of the South issued invitations to the Georgia Republican, Democratic, Southern, Libertarian and Constitution Parties to participate.eminent domain dvd

All but the Republican Party sent a representative to provide educational information for the citizens of Georgia on this very important issue. The Republican Party did not even acknowledge receipt of the written invitations. The Southern Party was represented by our State Senate Candidate, Mike Crane.

The 1 hour DVD provides very useful information and insight into the issue here in Georgia and for the most part would be of interest in other States also. Information on how to order your copy of the DVD follows and you can order either from the Southern Party or from The Committee to Elect Mike Crane:

  • 1 Hour Eminent Domain DVD and
  • One year subscription to the Southern Party A Real Choice newspaper
  • $20.00 including postage.

Not only will the DVD provide educational material - the newspaper will keep you posted on Legislative action and considerable information on the upcoming elections. Protect your property rights by making an informed decision at the polls this year!

Make checks payable to:

Southern Party of Georgia  or Committee to Elect Mike Crane (select one)
Eminent Domain DVD
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

For direct credit card orders call 877-903-0996.

There is much work to be done! In 2005 HR 87 was introduced in the Georgia House which would have offered the citizens of Georgia the opportunity to close the loop holes for eminent domain abuse in the Georgia Constitution. It would have placed this on the 2006 November ballot as a referendum.

As the last few days of the 2006 Legislature wind down this bill has yet to even have public hearings in committee. Your property rights will remain at risk until the loop holes are closed. You as citizens should not settle for lip service - you should only settle for protection of your property!

Please pass this on to others who are concerned with our private property rights.



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Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton Georgia 30560

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There are currently 20 citizens logged into the Southern Party of Georgia web site. Help spread the word and there will be more. Political correctness run amok will not end until we stop it.

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