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Expect a rash of bills associated with eminent domain powers during this Legislative Session and be wary of them. There are four clauses in the Georgia Constitution that provide the wording that allows seizure of your property for "private use" and any bill that does not close one or more of these loopholes is just "lip service."

Either private property can be or can not be seized by your government for "private developer use." The only solution that protects YOUR property is one that provides a Constitutional Amendment to close the loopholes! Such a bill has been filed and it is HR - 87.

SB-414 is being passed off as a Rural Georgia Development Act, but it has the potential of becoming a gated community benefits act and should be rejected by the General Assembly.

Some points in the bill that you need to consider are:

1) It creates a new form of local government, that has its own taxing and eminent domain powers. But for a fairly lengthy period election of officials is by one vote per acre. So now consider who owns title to a development.

(2) At such meeting, each landowner shall be entitled to cast one vote per acre of land owned by him or her located within the district for each person to be elected.

2) Elected officials from this dubious election method do not have to live in the "district." They just have to have friends who own enough acres to elect them. Image your local "mayor" living in Atlanta.

The members of the board must be residents of the state and citizens of the United States.

3) These new "districts" can exercise the power of eminent domain.

(7) To hold, control, and acquire by donation, purchase, or condemnation, or dispose of, any public easements, dedications to public use, platted reservations for public purposes, or any reservations for those purposes authorized by this chapter and to make use of such easements, dedications, or reservations for any of the purposes authorized by this chapter; When real property in the district is owned by a governmental entity and subject to a ground lease as described in paragraph (12) of Code Section 36-76-2, to collect ground rent from landowners pursuant to a contract with such governmental entity;

This is not economic development that will benefit rural Georgia. This is a gated community and developer effort to take choice land and set up elite communities and it increases eminent domain problems.

Instead of closing one of the four loopholes on abuse of eminent domain, it will create a 5th!

This bill should NOT be passed.

The bill text is located at:

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