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Eminent Domain Abuse and your Vote on July 18

Many Georgians are concerned about abuse of the power of Eminent Domain. Many Georgians also have been led to believe that the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot for November will protect their property rights.

However, the Amendment contains a loophole that can threaten your property rights in the future.

For more detailed information see: Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment in November� Lip Service Only!

To briefly summarize:

The Legislature and your Governor added two "special interests" loopholes. They believe that the citizens of Georgia will buy their rhetoric, vote for them because they stood up for your property rights and then still be able to pocket the campaign contributions of developers and other special interests.

Loophole Number 1:

One innocent looking phrase in the proposed Constitutional Amendment is the special interest "perk!" The wording (from HB-1306) follows:

" � The power of eminent domain shall not be used for redevelopment purposes by any entity, except for public use, as defined by general law.

This simple phrase, " � as defined by general law" means that any future Legislature can "redefine" what constitutes "public use!" In other words, with a simple majority vote of the Legislature, a developer�s pet project can be classified as "public use" and your property can be seized against your will and transferred to a developer for profits and campaign contributions. HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Only two State Senators voted against this abomination of Our Founding Principles. Zero State Representatives voted against this clever stunt.

We all know what will happen, lobbyists will descend upon the Legislature like a swarm of locusts to get their pet projects declared "public use."

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Eminent Domain


Thomas Jefferson's famous quotation from the Declaration of Independence was taken directly from John Locke's


"right to life, liberty, and property" because the right to own one's property is a fundamental building block of liberty.  A man who cannot own his own property is NOT a free man; he is, at best, a vassal or serf on the land of another."


Eminent domain has and IS being abused in Georgia to seize individuals' land for those who have wealth and power.  The current Constitutional Amendment leaves a loophole for abuse and will not protect the property rights of our citizens . As governor of Georgia, I will support a state constitutional amendment which restricts the use of eminent domain to only those infrastructure needs traditionally associated with the use of eminent domain. 


Abuses of eminent domain, such as "revitalization of blighted areas" or "increased tax values" are no different than the unconstitutional practice of judicial activism used frequently by the federal supreme court and amount to little more than thinly-veiled practices of "land redistribution" � which, to most Georgians, is just a fancy way to say "communism." 


The protection of private property rights is essential to the restoration of true liberty for the people of Georgia; and I will be dedicated to greater protection of those rights.


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