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Alabama - Is Your Property Safe Rally - Saturday May 20

Alabama has no property rights protection, no rights of Eminent Domain protection since the bad ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our Governor and Lt. Governor provide "Silent Leadership" on Eminent Domain legislation, and therefore nothing happened in the Alabama Legislature this year. The Alabama Legislature failed to pass any legislation this year to protect property oweners of abuseive powers of government. The state has the ability to restore the original protection of property as written by the framers of the U.S. Constitution. We saw a handful of legislators trying to pass meaningful legislation, while the special interests who control our legislature saw to it that nothing was passed. Meanwhile, our Governor and Lt. Governor were silently sitting on the sidelines. They did not speak up, provide leadership, or encourage or support any good legislation. It is thought that some big donations from property developers and real estate groups brought their silence or their quite support. The Birmingham News publish documented reports of big dollar donations from these special interest groups to Governor Riley. For previous article on this subject see:

Is Your Property Safe Rally - Cullman, Al - Saturday May 20 10:00 AM. Four examples of eminent domain/property rights abuse are currently active in the Cullman area. The victims of the abuse will speak and flyers explaining their status will be passed out. SEE INFO BELOW FOR DETAILS OF THE RALLY. Y'ALL COME.

Is Your Property Safe Rally - Ya'll come!

Cullman, Al - Saturday May 20 10:00 AM.

The Alliance for Citizens Rights is sponsoring an "eminent domain" press conference/rally Saturday May 20th on the Cullman County Court House steps at 10:00 a.m. We have invited or are in the process of inviting the candidates for the senate seat - Harold Sachs and his opponent, the incumbent Zeb Little, Supreme Court Candidate Col. Hank Fowler and his opponent, the incumbent Tom Woodall. The candidates have been asked to speak to the issue of eminent domain for economic benefit.

Four examples of eminent domain/property rights abuse are currently active in the Cullman area. The victims of the abuse will speak and flyers explaining their status will be passed out.

The press conference/rally is intended to highlight the failure of the State legislature to pass a proposed State Constitutional amendment that would secure the right to own personal property in Alabama. Until the voters of Alabama pass the amendment, property rights in Alabama are under the threat of lawful transfer from the current owner to another individual or entity designated by local governments (cities/counties) and all other entities in the State vested with the power of eminent domain - housing authorities, airports, public utilities, etc.

Addressing this issue of condemnation of private property in the name of economic development will be Ed Barton, third generation owner of Tuscaloosa Furniture. Mr. Barton owns three buildings in downtown Tuscaloosa, the city with a 100 Million dollar grant from the Federal Government had determined to condemn his property, and 16 blocks of downtown for redevelopment - all in the name of revitalization. Mr. Barton would not under the plan be allowed to redevelop his own property to fit in the City's renewal project.

A March 9th, 2006 press conference/rally sponsored by the Alliance for Citizens Rights/Eagle Forum with other local groups and interested parties publicized the plight of the property owners in the 16-block area. The event resulted in the city reversing its decision to condemn property for economic development.

Cullman County has passed a resolution condemning the transfer of property ownership for economic development. Join us on May 20th on the Cullman County Court House Steps and ask why the City of Cullman has not followed the County's lead and passed a similar resolution?

Your presence at the rally is extremely important.

For more info, go to:

A previous abuse of power was seen earlier this year, when the city of Tuscaloosa announced it was taking over private property for development. A rally sponsored by Alliance for Citizens Rights, with Judge Roy Moore as the featured speaker was held. With the publicity and pressure, and the presence of Judge Moore, the city of Tuscaloosa, backed down and cancelled their plans. Of if we only had a Governor or Attorney General who would stand up for the people. Read article on the subject at:


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