Defending Southern Heritage

Defending Southern Heritage 


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April is Confederate History and Heritage Month, the 26th is Confederate Memorial Day

A partial list of Confederate History and Heritage Month Proclamations follows.

Confederate History Month Proclamations Issued in 2005

 Alabama State Board of Education.
 Proclamations signed by every city in St. Clair County, Alabama
Ashville, Alabama
Baldwin, Alabama
Cleburne County, Alabama.
 Cook Springs, Alabama.
 Cropwell, Alabama.
Dallas County, Alabama
Elmore County, Alabama
 Margaret, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama,
County of Mobile, Alabama
 Moody, Alabama.
 Odenville, Alabama.
 Pell City, Alabama.
 Ragland, Alabama.
 Riverside, Alabama.
 Springville, Alabama.
 Steele, Alabama.
 Wattsville, Alabama.
State of Alabama

County Judge Union County, Arkansas
Mayor of El Dorado, Arkansas
Garland County, Arkansas
City of Smackover, Arkansas
City of Long Beach, California

Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida
Holmes County, Florida
City of Bonifay, Florida.

 Governor of Georgia
City of Albany, Georgia
City of Americus, Georgia
City of Bainbridge, Georgia
City of Bowersville, Georgia
City of Bowman, Georgia
 City of Bremen, Georgia
City of Buchannan, Georgia
City of Canon, Georgia
City of Carrollton, Georgia
County of Carroll County, Georgia
 County of Cobb County, Georgia
Coffee County, Georgia
Columbia County, Georgia
Coweta County, Georgia
City of Cumming, Georgia
City of Dewy Rose, Georgia
City of Douglas, Georgia
City of Eastman, Georgia
County Board of Commissioners- Elbert Co., Georgia
City of Elberton, Georgia
Fayette County, Georgia
City of Fayetteville, Georgia
Fitzgerald, Georgia
County Board of Commissioners-Franklin Co., Georgia
Gainesville, Georgia
 Haralson County, Georgia
County Board of Commissioners-Hart County, Georgia
City of Hartwell, Georgia
City of Lavonia, Georgia
City of Marietta, Georgia
City of Mount Zion, Georgia
Newnan, Georgia
Ocilla, Georgia
Rockdale, County, Georgia
City of Royston, Georgia
Sumter County, Georgia
City of Tallapoosa, Georgia
City of Temple, Georgia
City of Tyrone, Georgia. 
Union County, Georgia
Wayne County, Georgia
City of Whitesburg, Georgia.
City of Jesup, Georgia
Dodge County, Georgia

 State of Louisiana
Leesville, Lousiana
City of Shreveport, Louisiana
City of Bossier City, Louisiana
City of Natchitoches, Louisiana
The Parish of Saint Bernard, Louisiana
Burke County, North Carolina
State of Ohio
City of Columbia, Tennessee
Putnam County, Tennessee

 City of College Station, Texas
City of Fort Worth, Texas

 County of Orange, Texas
State Senate, Texas
State of Texas since 1999.
Bedford County, Virginia
Carroll County, Virginia
City of Hillsville, Virginia
Iron Gate, Virginia
Prince George, Virginia

Suffolk, Virginia

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