Defending Southern Heritage

Defending Southern Heritage 


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Fox News December 24, 2013: Too cold for shepherds in December

The Real Lincoln - Despot

Is the Constitution Really Inimical To States Rights? - Part Fourteen

MYTH: Too cold for shepherds to Tend Flocks in December - Part 2

Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday

74th Anniversary of 'Gone with the Wind' premiere

The First Thanksgiving Day - flyer

The Death of Jefferson Davis - December 6 1889

Marietta Daily Journal - on The First Thanksgiving

Demonstration against Lindsey Graham & Southern demographic displacement

The Dukes of Heritage vs. The Dorks of Hotlanta 

B.S. in the secret Chamber backroom ...

About The Dukes of Heritage vs. The Dorks of Hotlanta
Stay tuned for a regular series of episodes and adventures with
The Dukes of Heritage in their struggle to preserve our heritage of liberty....
and of course, the series will include the enemy of our Heritage, The Dorks of Hotlanta.

Upcoming episodes will introduce you to our cast of characters, such as:
Uncle Mike Crane
Uncle Jeffy Davis
World Famous Car, "The General Lee"
Boss Sonny "B.S." Perdue
Roscoe Richardson
Enos Johnson
The Counterfeit B.S./Metro Chamber Car, "The Major Lie"
and many others...

Dukes of Heritage produced by Georgia Heritage Council at:

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The Dukes of Heritage vs. Dorks of Hotlanta series

Uncle Mike's Dream

B.S. plots to defuel The General Lee...

B.S. in the secret Chamber backroom, Part 1 ...

B.S. in the secret Chamber backroom, Part 2 ...

B.S. Perdue meets Chamber officials ...

B.S. Perdue - Put my schemes in motion ...

CONTROL Agent 86 works B.S. Perdue's Damage Control Team

The Dorks of Hotlanta is located at:

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