Defending Southern Heritage

Defending Southern Heritage 


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-------- Original Message --------
Date:     Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:48:24 -0400
From:     Chad 
Newburg state: Pa. zip: 17240

Comment: Hello. My family and I live in a small town in south-central Pa. I have just been informed by my daughter Brittany, who is a 16 year old junior at Shippensburg Area Senior High School, that if she drives her car to school and parks it in the school parking lot and it has any type of confederate flag insignia on it, that she will be fined for the first offense and suspension of driving privileges for the second offense. I find this absolutely ridiculous! Apparently our school officials have not been properly educated on the true meaning of the confederate flag. My father was born in Fayetteville, N.C. and proudly flies the confederate flag in his front yard directly underneath Old Glory. If there is any information you might be able to give on issues such as this to take to the next school board meeting, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time.


Subject:     Banning of Confederate Symbols
Date:     September 20, 2005 9:24:11 AM EDT

1. Please go to:
This links tells you what you can do to educate the school administrators regarding our Southern heritage and steps that you can take to fight this injustice.

2. I will forward your email to Kirk Lyons at the Southern Legal Resource Center. This group will provide legal assistance and advice at no cost to you. Please send a follow up email to Kirk Lyons at:
Go to:    This group specializes in helping students who have been denied heir freedom of expression especially when it involves their Southern heritage.

3. I will forward your email (without your contact information) but complete with your school administrators contact information to two email newsletter groups. The readers of these newsletter groups will write letters and take individual actions as they see fit to support your right to wear symbols of your Southern heritage.

4. You should also contact your local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp for help or go to:
and email Chief of heritage defense Paul Gramling.

5. Go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) web site at:

Look on the bottom left for the nearest ACLU office near you and contact them about your problem

Go to:              
and read about your free speech rights

Go to:         
and read about some First Amendment victories by the ACLU

Go to:    
   and learn about your student First Amendment rights

6. It can be done. Following is a recent email and some links that show 
it can be done:

-------- Original Message --------
Date:     Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:30:55 -0400
From:     McDonald Hartley Lucas <>   
city: Gallatin state: TN

Comment: I am an attorney and also own Bonnie Blue Ltd, purveyor of 
Southern-oriented stationery and other goods. Thank you for providing an effective and efficient way to access defense tools for those under attack for wearing the Flag, etc. My daughter faced a heritage challenge at her school in Florida, and won.  She wrote a letter to the editor of the paper, as well. I have long believed it is necessary to fight the heritage battle on the principles of Freedom of First Amendment rights; otherwise, we just  keep trying to change the minds and rhetoric of those who are entrenched in the "South = Slavery" propaganda.  We can't change them and they darn sure ain't gonna change us!  Fighting as a First Amendment issue takes all that useless verbiage out of the picture.

Please stay in touch and let us here at Dixie Outfitters know how the fight to protect your Constitutional rights is going. Thanks for your email, your support of Dixie Outfitters and your willingness to fight for your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS and your SOUTHERN HERITAGE.

Best Regards,
Dewey Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters

School Info:
Principal : Fred
Superintendent: Jackie

Freedom for students!

-------- Original Message --------
Flag ban reversed
From:  Shannon Jefferies
Starting this school year, the Metcalfe County High School in Edmonton, KY banned the wearing of any Confederate flags.  I was contacted by several students since I am a reenactor.  I knew that this was illegal in KY and contacted the SCV.  After the school officials received information from them the ban was reversed.  Although the school wouldn't tell the students about this, the word got out and now the Dixie flag waves proudly again at my old high school.  I want to thank all the students for standing up for what was right and thanks to Don Shelton and Fred Wilhite, of the SCV.  I couldn't of done it without them.
Your humble servant,
Shannon L. Jefferies, 1st Corporal, 8th Ky Infantry, CSA
3rd great grandson of
Benjamin McCray
William Sexton
Matthew Combs
13th Ky Cavarly, CSA


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