Defending Southern Heritage

Defending Southern Heritage 

The Atlanta Chamber publicly bragged about their influence on Sonny
wonder if the following had anything to do with their success?

AAA Concrete Products, Inc. General $5,000.00 Thomas L. Abernathy Primary $5,000.00 Thomas L. Abernathy General $5,000.00 ACS State & Local Solution Primary $5,000.00 AFLAC, Inc. Primary $5,000.00 AFLAC, Inc. General $5,000.00 American Management Systems, Inc. General $5,000.00 American Natural Resources General $5,000.00 Daniel P. Amos General $5,000.00 Ashland GA-PAC Primary $5,000.00 Kenneth Daniel Primary $5,000.00 Rod   Aycox Primary $5,000.00 David A. Ball Primary $5,000.00 Bank of America Political Action Committee Primary $4,000.00 Bank Of Gray Primary $5,000.00   Barton Brands of GA Primary $5,000.00 Better Brands General $5,000.00 Robert   Bilbrough Primary $5,000.00 Bill Heard Enterprises, Inc. General $5,000.00 James A. Bishop General $5,000.00 James H. Blanchard General $5,000.00 James H. Blanchard General $5,000.00 James H. Blanchard Primary $5,000.00 BlueCross BlueShield of GA General $5,000.00 Thomas M. Boller General $5,000.00 Dorothy   Boring Primary $5,000.00 Dorothy   Boring General $5,000.00 R. Millard Bowen General $5,000.00 K. C. Bowen General $5,000.00 K. C. Bowen Primary $5,000.00 BPAC Primary $5,000.00 Branch Banking and Trust Co. of Georgia General $4,000.00 Brickton Commercial Partners LLC Primary $5,000.00 Brickton Commercial Partners LLC General $5,000.00 Stacey Britt Primary $5,000.00 Stacey Britt General $5,000.00 Gary Brock Primary $5,000.00 Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation General $5,000.00 Maxine H. Burton Primary $5,000.00 Robert Burton General $5,000.00 Robert Burton Primary $5,000.00 Stephen T. Butler General $5,000.00   C&W Properties Primary $5,000.00 C.A.R.D. of Georgia Primary $5,000.00 C.W. Matthews Contracting General $5,000.00 C.W. Matthews Contracting Primary $5,000.00 Casey Cagle Campaign Primary $4,000.00 CH2MHill General $5,000.00 Richard B. Chandler Primary $5,000.00 Chokee Enterprises, Llc Primary $5,000.00 Chokee Enterprises, Llc General $5,000.00 CitiFinancial Management Corporation General $5,000.00 Claxton Poultry Farms General $5,000.00 Coggins Land Company General $5,000.00 Stanley   Coley Primary $5,000.00 Colonial Pipeline Company General $5,000.00     Community Bank Employees for Better Gov PAC Primary $4,000.00 T. J. Connolly Primary $5,000.00 T. J. Connolly General $5,000.00 Lovick P. Corn General $5,000.00 Corrections Corporation of America Primary $5,000.00 Corrections Corporation of America General $5,000.00 Cotter Moss LLC Primary $5,000.00 Cotter Moss LLC General $5,000.00 Cousins Properties Inc. General $5,000.00 Daniel B. Cowart General $5,000.00 Jim Cowart General $5,000.00 Delta Fire & Casualty Insurance Company General $5,000.00 Delta-PAC General $5,000.00   Diageo North America, Inc. Primary $5,000.00 Eagle Rock Primary $4,000.00 ECKPAC Eckerd Corporation Primary $4,000.00 Earl D. Ehrhart General $5,000.00 Equifax, Inc. General $5,000.00   Express Scripts, Inc. Primary $5,000.00 Facility Management Group, Inc. General $5,000.00 Fairfield Financial Services General $5,000.00 Leon Farmer General $5,000.00 Roy H. Fickling General $5,000.00   Fieldale Farms Corporation Primary $5,000.00 First Franklin Financial General $5,000.00 Flag Financial General $5,000.00 H. Allen Franklin Primary $5,000.00   GA Assoc. of Educators Primary $5,000.00 GA Dental PAC Primary $5,000.00 GAMPAC-STATE Primary $5,000.00 Gateway Development Services, Inc. General $5,000.00 Genentech Primary $5,000.00 Genuine Parts Company General $5,000.00 Genuine Parts Company General $5,000.00 Genuine Parts Company Primary $5,000.00 Georgia ACRE Primary $5,000.00 Georgia Association of Realtors General $5,000.00 Georgia Bankers Association General $5,000.00 Georgia Bankers Association Primary $5,000.00 Georgia Better Government Fund General $5,000.00 Georgia Mining Association Primary $4,000.00   Georgia Oilmen's Association Primary $5,000.00 Georgia Wholesalers For Better Government General $5,000.00 R. Kirby Godsey Primary $4,175.00 Claude Graham Primary $5,000.00 Ted Graham Primary $5,000.00 Gray Television, Inc. General $5,000.00 Gresham, Smith, & Partners General $5,000.00 Samuel Guest General $5,000.00 H.J. Russell & Company General $5,000.00 Scott   Hartney Primary $5,000.00 Scott   Hartney General $5,000.00 Samuel Delafield Haskell Primary $5,000.00 Robert F. Hatcher General $5,000.00 HDR Engineering, Inc. General $5,000.00 Hobbs And Associates, Inc. General $5,000.00   HOS PAC Primary $5,000.00 Hilton H. Howell General $5,000.00 Julie   Hunt Primary $5,000.00 Independent Insurance Agents of GA Primary $5,000.00 Infiltrator Systems Primary $5,000.00 IP / PAC Primary $5,000.00 J.L. Morgan Co. Inc. General $5,000.00     James W. Buckley & Assoc. Architects Primary $5,000.00 Jay Automotive Group Primary $5,000.00 George W. Jeter Primary $5,000.00 Joe Tanner & Associates Primary $5,000.00 Joe Tanner & Associates General $5,000.00 John D. Stephens, Inc. Primary $5,000.00 John D. Stephens, Inc. General $5,000.00 John Oxendine Better Georgia Committee Primary $5,000.00 William B. Johnson Primary $5,000.00 William B. Johnson General $5,000.00 Charlie Jones Primary $5,000.00 Charlie Jones General $5,000.00 Billy R. Jones General $5,000.00 Billy R. Jones Primary $5,000.00 Billy R. Jones General $5,000.00 Edward W. Klein Primary $5,000.00 George   Lane Primary $5,000.00 Lasseter Tractor Company General $5,000.00 Donald M. Leebern Primary $5,000.00 Linger Longer Development Co. General $5,000.00   Lockheed Martin Primary $5,000.00   Lockheed Martin General $5,000.00 Logisticare Solutions, LLC General $5,000.00 Joey Loudermilk General $5,000.00 T. M. Lowe Primary $5,000.00 T. M. Lowe Campaign Fund Primary $5,000.00 MAG Mutual Insurance Company General $5,000.00 Bernard Marcus General $5,000.00 Bernard Marcus Primary $5,000.00 Bernard Marcus General $5,000.00 Mayhaw Associates General $5,000.00 McKenna Long & Aldridge General $5,000.00   MHR International, Inc. Primary $5,000.00   Microsoft Primary $5,000.00   Mirant Services Primary $5,000.00   Mirant Services Primary $5,000.00 Bartow Morgan General $5,000.00 Bartow Morgan Primary $5,000.00 Bartow Morgan General $5,000.00 Emory L. Morseberger General $5,000.00 Emory L. Morseberger Primary $5,000.00 Cheryl Moultrie Primary $4,000.00 Robert L. Moultrie Primary $5,000.00 McKee Nunnally General $5,000.00 McKee Nunnally Primary $5,000.00 Omni Resource Group Inc. General $5,000.00 PBS&J General $5,000.00 PBS&J Primary $5,000.00 Donald G. Perry Primary $5,000.00 John D. Pezold Primary $5,000.00 Benjamin Porter Primary $5,000.00     Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy PAC Primary $4,500.00 Robert S. Prather Primary $5,000.00 Precision Planning, Inc. Primary $5,000.00 Maxie Price Primary $5,000.00 Progress Energy General $5,000.00 Neil L. Pruitt Primary $5,000.00 Neil L. Pruitt General $5,000.00 Pruitt Corporation Primary $5,000.00 Pruitt Corporation General $5,000.00 David M. Ratcliffe Primary $5,000.00 Regions Financial Corporation General $5,000.00 RL Brown & Associates General $5,000.00 Pete Robinson Primary $5,000.00 Pete Robinson General $5,000.00 J. Mack Robinson General $5,000.00 Pete Robinson General $5,000.00 William E. Russell Primary $5,000.00 Mark   Sanders Primary $5,000.00 Sea Island Company Primary $5,000.00 Sea Island Company General $5,000.00 Sea Island Company General $5,000.00 Security Bank of Bibb County General $5,000.00 Security Bank of Houston County Primary $5,000.00 Service Corporation International Primary $5,000.00 Russell   Sewell Primary $5,000.00 Kelly   Shipley Primary $5,000.00 Kelly   Shipley General $5,000.00 Frank Sinkwich Primary $5,000.00 William Douglas Skelton Primary $5,000.00 Southstar Funding Primary $5,000.00 Southtrust Corp. Committee for Good Gov't. General $5,000.00 St. Andrews Partners LLC General $5,000.00 St. Andrews Partners LLC Primary $5,000.00 St. Andrews Partners LLC General $5,000.00 James E. Stephenson General $5,000.00 Roddy S. Sturdivant Primary $5,000.00 Roddy S. Sturdivant General $5,000.00 Roddy S. Sturdivant General $5,000.00     SunTrust Good Government Group General $5,000.00     SunTrust Good Government Group Primary $5,000.00 Synovus Financial Corp. General $5,000.00   Systems & Methods, Inc. Primary $5,000.00 Ben   Tarbutton General $5,000.00 Ben   Tarbutton Primary $5,000.00 Ben   Tarbutton General $5,000.00   Temple-Inland PAC Primary $5,000.00 Tenet Health Systems General $5,000.00 The Carpet & Rug Institute, Inc. General $5,000.00 The Carpet & Rug Institute, Inc. Primary $5,000.00   The Coca-Cola Company Primary $5,000.00   The Concrete Company Primary $5,000.00   The GlaxoSmithKline PAC Primary $5,000.00   Troutman Sanders PAC Primary $5,000.00 William B. Turner General $5,000.00 David R. Tyndall Primary $5,000.00 Tyson Foods, Inc. General $5,000.00 United Community Banks Primary $5,000.00 United Community Banks General $5,000.00 Richard Ussery Primary $5,000.00 Russell M. Wallace Primary $5,000.00   Walters Acceptance Corp. Primary $5,000.00   Walters Acceptance Corp. General $5,000.00 Washington Group International General $5,000.00 Washington Group International Primary $5,000.00 Doyle Weltzbarker Primary $5,000.00 Thomas W. Wheeler Primary $5,000.00 Thomas W. Wheeler General $5,000.00 Charles S. Wilder Primary $5,000.00 Winmark Homes Inc. General $5,000.00 Winmark Homes Inc. Primary $5,000.00 Robert Wright Primary $5,000.00 Jimmy Yancey Primary $5,000.00 Yancey Brothers Co. General $5,000.00 Yancey Brothers Co. Primary $5,000.00 Yancey Brothers Co. General $5,000.00 E. Howard Young Primary $5,000.00

Source: Public Record Campaign reports

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There is something American about letting people vote

The Atlanta Chamber has stated that preventing the People of Georgia voting on the State Flag was their most critical issue. Now think about that a minute, shouldn't the Atlanta Chamber be more concerned about other things? But they were not and still are not. In their own words:

The Metro Atlanta Chamber won about three-fourths of its agenda, most critically the flag. Given a new Governor and new legislative leadership, this was a great achievement.

Of course a majority of Georgians, regardless of what Flag they support, also know that there is something American about letting the People Vote. Last January a professional Mason Dixon Poll showed 79% of Georgians wasn't a FAIR up and down vote. But the Chamber still says, "NO VOTE."

When your elected officials to to State and State Legislature are elected, they are elected to represent the People. It should be obvious to all that they can not represent the Chamber and the People and this issue is certainly a struggle between the special interests and the People.

One of our Founding Fathers summed this struggle up very well, Thomas Jefferson, a Southern man.

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."

- Thomas Jefferson

Yes this is the same issue that Thomas Jefferson wrote about many years ago. The special interests, especially the Atlanta Chamber are an elite group that have made fortunes from the People. They have an agenda and will and are using their fortunes to force it upon the People.

Some Georgians are not content to let our officials pander to special interests and continue to demonstrate when the governor holds these meetings across the State. Inside these meetings you have the politicians and and the special interests they have pandered to. Outside you have citizens, taking time off work, to remind our politicians that there is something American about letting the people vote.

Where do you think Thomas Jefferson would be? Inside with the "elite" or outside with the People? Read the Chamber's own words again if you have any doubts:

The Metro Atlanta Chamber won about three-fourths of its agenda, most critically the flag. Given a new Governor and new legislative leadership, this was a great achievement.

I think I know where Thomas Jefferson would be.

Help spread the word and email this page to others. It is time that our government be returned to the People and end the reign of special interests in Georgia. But that is up to you - the citizens. You get what you elect.

Down here in Georgia, we will NOT let lying politicians rest.  There are three golden opportunities coming up this week in the Atlanta metro area to flag the biggest liar of them all, Sonny "The Liar" Perdue.  If you are interested in becoming a part of a concerned group of Georgians who are changing the face of politics in the Peach State, then email me at for the details of these flaggings.  The Georgia Flaggers want YOU to join us in this historic effort.
Steve Monk
A Concerned Georgia Citizen
Member of the Georgia Flaggers
"Bringing better government to the people of Georgia"


Michele and Others,

I will plan to join this flaggin' of Perdue the Liar this Tuesday at the location below.   Let's meet at the Perimeter Mall Lot, and leave there at 6:30 sharp.   Everyone who can, join us.

Contact Elijah Coleman for more information at



The first Legislative Questionnaire for the 2006 Legislative Session was mailed last week. As promised the Southern Party of Georgia will be polling our elected officials, and candidates for office next year on key issues. The results will be posted on this web site, including those that believe in more government secrecy and do not respond. We offer several free methods for you to receive notification, click here for options.

We would greatly appreciate any contributions to help fund the effort to provide you - the citizens - with the information to make informed decisions in next years elections. No contribution is too small, we do not get any from special interests. Click here to help or call 877-903-0996 for direct credit card.


Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton Georgia 30560

How To Stay Informed


  More Information On Defending Southern Heritage.

There are currently 19 citizens logged into the Southern Party of Georgia web site. Help spread the word and there will be more. Political correctness run amok will not end until we stop it.

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