Defending Southern Heritage

Defending Southern Heritage 


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Attention all Georgia Heritage Supporters!

In mid-January, 2006, only five months from now, the current Georgia Legislative Assembly will meet for a session that will last for about three months.

Some of the subjects that session will act on will be those subjects the voters have told them are important to them.  We have only five more months in which to impress upon the next session of this Legislative Assembly that we want a referendum held that includes the 1956 state flag (the Veterans´┐Ż Memorial Flag).

It is important that every supporter of Georgia Heritage and clean government contact the representative and senator for his or her districts and tell them you all want this done.

It is also important that each of you all understand it is very, very important that every able bodied Georgia Heritage supporter join with other Georgia Heritage supporters to flag Gov. Perdue every time an opportunity happens.

If you will e-mail your name, e-mail address, and the name of your town or county to Elijah Coleman, at he will then send it to the key flagger in your part of the state.  You will then be notified when flaggings are called. 

Each of use should be willing to give up a few hours on a computer chat room, or some other leisure activity to help to impress upon Gov. Perdue how serious we are.  We will not allow him to be re-elected after he lied to us and promised us a referendum that included our flag---and then signed a bill that removed our flag from the referendum.  If he understand this, he will act to save his hide.  Legislators will also act to pressure him, so as to prevent a backlash against Perdue from causing them to lose their re-election bids.

We have no money for advertising, but flagging costs no money.  It is a voluntary activity that shows our heritage is important to us.  It also bonds like-minded Georgians together to support their heritage.  In addition, it happens to be a lot of fun and a great release for frustrations we feel about the secret-deal legislation, state money for Atlanta infrastructure, and control of the legislature by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to the detriment of the rest of Georgia, which Perdue and this legislature are guilty of.

The next few months are the final ones in which we can influence this legislature.  Please join the activists to help get our flag back and stop the type of government this governor and legislature have given us.

Norman Black
Press Relations Director
Georgia Heritage Council
770 242-9137



Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton Georgia 30560

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