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by Mike Crane

This legislative summary on the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote bill - HB-15 is not a pleasant one. In addition to not being a pleasant one it should give all Georgians some cause for alarm. On the surface the politically correct, their cronies in the Legislature, the Chamber and the media have tried to make this a "racial" issue.

But in fact it is not, it is an issue of the balance of power between the People of Georgia and Special Interests.

Now do not get us wrong, we are not saying that this issue is the only example, there are several. Many have been reported in our Legislature Watch section and more such reports are coming as the results of this Legislative Session are analyzed.

But lets review some of the facts on the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote issue. The bill its self was a very simple bill, it simply stated that there would be a FAIR vote on the State Flag.

To put this in perspective, one must look at the origins of the wording for HB-15. The wording came from Speaker of the House, Representative Glenn Richardson in the 2003 session of the Legislature(HB-380). Representative Glenn Richardson created the wording of HB-15 as a committee substitute with the express purpose of implementing the campaign promise of newly elected Governor Perdue.

HB-15 was merely the same wording created by Representative Glenn Richardson with new dates!

One would expect that a bill that was in effect written by the new Speaker of the House to implement the campaign promise of the current Governor would have an easy time making it through the now Republican controlled House, Senate and easily gain the Governor's signature.

Then why in the world would Speaker Glenn Richardson's wording - NOT even rate a single committee hearing in either 2004, 2005 or 2006?

Obviously something happened. Something happened that changed Speaker Richardson's and Governor Sonny Perdue's position.

  • Sonny Perdue's campaign promise did not change! That is recorded for eternity. Everybody in Georgia knows that he campaigned against Roy Barnes by promising to give the People a FAIR Vote!

  • Representative Richardson's statements on how a FAIR Vote was good for Georgia when submitting his bill have not changed - they are part of our history now.

But something has changed, for in both the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Legislative Sessions, they have opposed passage of their own FAIR Vote. They now work against the very bill they proposed in the early parts of the 2003 Legislative Session.

It is obvious that something changed and now they want you to believe that they did not say what they said. In fact they claim that they did not say what they said.

The only thing that we can find that explains the sudden memory loss of both - now speaker Glenn Richardson and current Governor Sonny Perdue  - is the subject of this article and it is not a pleasant subject. In fact it borders on the edge, or in some people's opinion over the edge - of corruption in government. The following is the only explanation that we can find:

From the Atlanta Chamber, in their own words:

The Metro Atlanta Chamber won about three-fourths of its agenda, most critically the flag. Given a new Governor and new legislative leadership, this was a great achievement. 

The above statement was immediately displayed on the Metro Atlanta Chamber web site after the FAIR vote was removed from HB-380 in 2003. Once this statement was publicized the sheer arrogance of the statement must have been quickly recognized and it was replaced with a somewhat more carefully worded statement.

But it is a statement of fact that this claim was made by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, and it is one that shows the ongoing conflict in a struggle between the People of Georgia and special interests. This struggle covers many issues.

This is the first in a series of articles that document to the best of our ability not only how special interests have prevailed in denying the very American concept of letting the People Vote, but on other issues that have a direct effect on your family and future generations well being.

We will close this first article with a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."

- Thomas Jefferson

In our opinion this is precisely the issue we face in Georgia today and many may be surprised at the extent of special interest influence.

Since the major media will not present information of this nature -  if you find this interesting  - help us spread the word by forwarding this page and the following series articles to others.

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Wording on Metro Atlanta Chamber web site immediately following the removal of a FAIR Vote in 2003:

The Metro Atlanta Chamber won about three-fourths of its agenda, most critically the flag. Given a new Governor and new legislative leadership, this was a great achievement. 

Current wording still on Metro Atlanta Chamber web site, note they have removed the reference to gaining influence as a great achievement and stating that that HB-380 ("the flag") was the most critical.

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce 2003 Legislative Wrap Up

In a long and final day spent at the Capitol on Friday, the General Assembly completed the 2003 session by adopting several important pieces of legislation and sending them to Gov. Perdue for his signature or veto. We are very pleased close to 3/4 of our agenda passed.

The State Flag

One of the most important actions this session was legislation creating a new state flag, HB 380. Our position opposing the controversial Confederate battle flag won out. This means that in a March, 2004 referendum, Georgians can choose between the current flag or a new design � the so-called "stars and bars" version of the pre-�56 flag. Gov. Perdue has indicated he will sign HB 380 into law.

We congratulate our legislative leaders for reaching this compromise and appreciate the hard work of our members. Special thanks go to Arthur Blank, John Rice, Allen Franklin, Mike Eskew, Duane Ackerman and David Ratcliffe, as well as Georgia Power, Turner Broadcasting and GE Power Systems for loaning their lobbyists. We can all be proud of this effort. You all helped play a key role.





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