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Regional Differences as a factor in War for Southern Indpendence video
from the
Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans


The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has created several one minute videos. This video is on the Regional Differences that were a major factor resulting in War.

Update: The History Channel has BANNED this video as paid advertisement! For more information on this latest example of political correctness run amok: Politically Correct History at History Channel or

Regional Differences as a factor in the War of Southern Independence

Video Script:

Regional Differences

One of the biggest reasons leading to the American War Between the States was the huge difference in culture and way of life between North and South. In the North, particularly New England, manufacturing and industry provided the main source of income and jobs, and most people lived in cities. In the South, however, most people still lived in rural settings and farmed for a living.

Northerners had also become much more secular in their outlook on life and readily accepted even religions which questioned the authority of the Bible and orthodox Christianity. Southerners, however, continued to have a deep love and abiding respect for the Word of God.

Northern cities were crowded with people from every country of Europe and even beyond, while the Southern states continued to be made up almost entirely of people from the British Isles, with a large majority of them originating from Ireland and Scotland. These people in the South had a much stronger tradition of ties to the land and to family clans.

Northern city-dwellers tended to believe in bigger, stronger civil government, while most Southerners felt that there should be less government in their day-to-day lives.


Georgia Division Sesquicentennial Videos

Robert Toombs Speech

Northern and Southern states had joined together to form the voluntary Union after the War for Independence, although both realized there were many differences between North and South. But the differences grew over the next 70 years. When the big government candidate Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860 without receiving a majority of the vote, Georgia Governor Brown called for a convention on November 13, 1860 at the state capitol in Milledgeville to consider secession.

The Truth of Slavery in America

One of the myths of history is,the South was responsible for slavery in America. The Northern colonies of Massachusetts and Connecticut were the first to legalize slavery. North Carolina and Georgia were the last.

Northern and foreign merchants were responsible for the brutal importation of African slaves to this country, they made millions. Not one Southern vessel imported slaves.

South Carolina Secedes video

The union is dissolved! Was the headline in Charleston newspapers on December 20th,1860 after South Carolina was the first to exercise her sovereign right to peacefully secede from these united States. The right to secede was a right that was understood by all of the states prior to the War for Southern Independence. This view is affirmed by the constitution and in the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. Most Southerners believed that Self-government is one of the primary rights of Man.

John Brown's Raid video

ohn Brown was a violent man who had led the Pottawatamie Massacre of five innocent men in Kansas in 1856. He and his sons had hacked their five prisoners to death with swords because they did not agree with his abolitionist views. By 1859, he had convinced wealthy supporters that the best way to end slavery was by creating a violent revolt among the slaves in the South. Using weapons provided by his backers, John Brown and 20 men attacked the arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia to seize weapons for arming slaves from nearby plantations.

Lincoln's Election video

The election of 1860 revealed just how divided America was. On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election by collecting only 39 percent of the popular vote. He carried every Northern State except for New Jersey and none of the border or Southern States. Lincoln was the first president to be elected by a purely sectional party.

Corwin Amendment video

This amendment was approved by 2/3s of both Houses of Congress by March 3, 1861. Due to lobbying efforts of Lincoln. The amendment reads: "No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State"

Lincoln publicly endorsed this amendment and the States of Ohio, Maryland and Illinois were the only States that ratified this amendment. This Constitutional amendment is officially pending today.

Regional Differences video

One of the biggest reasons leading to the American War Between the States was the huge difference in culture and way of life between North and South. In the North, particularly New England, manufacturing and industry provided the main source of income and jobs, and most people lived in cities. In the South, however, most people still lived in rural settings and farmed for a living.

Religious Differences video

By the outbreak of war between the North and South, there were many differences between the regions... but none more obvious than the religious ones. The North, led by New England , had long been the home of those who wanted religion supported by the state. As a result, Christianity had given way to a much more secular view of religion there and had spawned new sects, such as the Unitarian church. This new religion attacked the inspiration of the Bible and even the deity of Christ and led to humanism, socialism, and a belief in big government in the North.

Morrill Tariff video

Another major cause of the War Between the States of which you ve probably never heard was the Morrill Tariff Act passed in 1859 which increased tariffs on the South from 15 percent to nearly 50 percent. Lincoln s first inaugural address stated his resolve in collecting these taxes no matter what.

Economic Reasons for War video

By 1860, the South was responsible for paying more than 87 percent of taxes KNOWN AS THE MORRILL TARIFF going to Washington, D.C.... even though the South totaled only about 25 percent of America s citizens. These taxes were largely due to import tariffs on goods shipped into America through Southern ports. Northern businesses did not want Americans purchasing lower-priced goods from other places, so they used their majority in Congress to pass tariffs that went as high as 50 percent in the Tariff of Abominations.

Political Differences video

Political differences between North and South played a large role in leading up to the War Between the States. Northerners tended to favour a strong federal government, after the tradition of Alexander Hamilton. Southerners, on the other hand, tended to believe like Thomas Jefferson that power should reside in the states, not the federal government.



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