Information about the Effects of Immigration on Georgia

Information about the Effects of Immigration on Georgia


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Doing the jobs that elected politicians will not do ... The MinuteMan Project
by Mike Crane

During his recent party with Mexican President Fox at his Crawford, Aztlan Ranch, Presidente Bush labeled the participants in the MinuteMan Project - vigilantes! He clearly implied that he not only did NOT support their effort and contribution - but was opposed to their even being on the border.

Now considering that we have virtually an open border, we find his comments somewhat unsettling. But he chose to say this on national TV, it was not some quiet whispered remark that was leaked to the press. Here was the President of our country going on national TV to call the American citizens participating in The MinuteMan Project - vigilantes!

President Bush says we need more illegal immigrants to do the jobs American will not do. Now some have bought this hook line and sinker. But there are some basic problems with the statement.

  • Back before 1965 changed the immigration laws, it seems that Americans were able to fill the required jobs. In fact our country ran a positive Trade Balance. Since we entered the gilded age of excessive immigration, both legal and illegal, our international trade position has deteriorated from the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor nation. Maybe we were better off when Americans did these jobs!
  • Even in agriculture, having multiple millions of legal and illegal immigrants does not seem to be working for our country. This year we have our first Trade Deficit in agriculture products in over 50 years!

Face it, despite the rhetoric given to you by President Bush we do not get multiple million illegal immigrants a year because American will not do the jobs! That is just not the Truth, and if it is not the Truth you know what it is.

We get multiple million illegal immigrants for many reasons, and most of the reasons are not good for you or our country:

  • Because if they have child here, you the tax payers will pay for it and it becomes a citizen at birth.
  • Because of the many benefits that you the American taxpayer pay for and the Mexican tax payers will not!
  • To recreate Aztlan.

Now most can understand the first two, but many may not be aware of the third. I can just hear what in the world is Aztlan thoughts rattling around in people's head. You will not hear President Bush mention any of the three and certainly will not hear him mention the third.

Aztlan is the recovery of the American Southwest by creating a new country which has been dubbed Aztlan (See: Just filling jobs Americans do not want - you are being lied to ... ). Bush failed immigration policy This has absolutely nothing to do with filling jobs that Americans will not do, it has to do with an external threat and plot to remove the south west and form a new country. As the millions of immigrants continue to swarm across the border increasing areas will have an immigrant majority population and political base.

So while greedy corporations are being given their cheap labor by President Bush - they are making profits and our country is gaining future liabilities.

Of course there are always doubting Thomases when we make statements on this issue. But for those doubting Thomases we have an audio recording of a LaRaza Rally. LaRaza is a term used by those who are working for the creation of Aztlan - it means "the Race." In symbolic terms it means "All for The Race." Wonder why you never hear President Bush discuss this problem:

Click here for streaming audio
Click here to download mp3

President Bush is right about one thing, it is hard to find to Americans who qualify for the job of returning the American Southwest back to Mexico, so Bush supports millions of illegal immigrants every year to get the job done! Do you?

Well give that some thought. You may not live in what may become Aztlan (President Bush does!) - but such efforts are spreading across the country. In fact the current Attorney General of our country is a member of LaRaza. Before moving to mount Washington to become Attorney General he also lived in what is planned to become Aztlan.

Now back to the President Bush's vigilantes! So far they seem to be nothing more than responsible and concerned American citizens. Bush seems to be disrespectful, less than honest and in the hip pocket of corporate interests looking for cheap labor.

For those who would like to learn more about these American citizens that Presidente Bush called vigilantes, we have some info and links to their web site below.

Do not let the corporations tell you what to think, check the MinuteMan Project out yourself. Then you can decide ...


The MinuteMan Project is actively monitoring our border!

Stay tuned to this website for current information, photos, and media information. Due to the success of our project, we are swamped with media calls - one every few minutes. It is important that we respond to these queries - we are making every attempt to respond to all media requests. We are also updating the website with limited internet access. Therefore, updates will be somewhat terse. We apologize for this, but we are doing the best we can.

April 4th. Border monitoring officially began. Hundreds of volunteers are now monitoring the border. A number of illegal aliens already have been reported to the Border Patrol. A group of 18 were encountered and reported to the border patrol. Earlier this weekend, an illegal alien from Guatemala stumbled into the bible camp where the MMP is operating. He inadvertently wandered into the hornets' nest, but it turned out to be his lucky day. He was tired and dehydrated and MMP volunteers gave him medical attention, food and drink before the Border Patrol was able to arrive.

April 2nd and 3rd. Massive rallys were held at the Naco and Douglas Border Patrol stations, Arizona, in support of our Border Patrol agents. Hundreds and hundreds showed up at these rallys to support our hard working Border Patrol agents and to show extreme dissatisfaction with our government's open borders policy. Practically every state in the Union was represented by activists who travelled thousands of miles to participate in the rallys and MinuteMan Project. View photos of the rallys.

April 1, 2005. Volunteer orientation and a major news conference were held in Tombstone, Arizona. Introductory remarks were given by Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrest (MMP organizer), Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO, Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus), Bay Buchanan (TeamAmerica PAC), Frosty Wooldridge (author), and Mark Edwards (KDWN-AM 720, Las Vegas, NV).

The hall was filled to capacity - several orientation sessions had to be held to accommodate all of the volunteers, which continued to arrive throughout the day. The news conference was attended by a large number of the media. You can view photos of the day's events, and listen to an mp3 audio recording of Congressman Tom Tancredo's hard-hitting and moving keynote speech.

"If the politicians can't read the polls, maybe they can read our lips: SECURE OUR BORDERS NOW!"
-- Congressman Tom Tancredo.




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