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Georgia loses another 180 jobs to foreign countries - Earthlink this time and the lost jobs are in Atlanta
by Mike Crane

The latest outsourcing to foreign countries by Earthlink brings their total up to just under 3,000 lost American jobs in the last two years or so. 1,300 in 2003, 1,300 in 2004 and now another 180 in 2005. It is unknown how many of the previous 2,600 jobs sent to foreign countries affected Georgia or specifically Atlanta.

Now some of our elected officials will tell you that these empty call centers are good for us. We suggest that you offer to take these officials and sit in the parking lot of these empty facilities and count the gainfully employed American working there. Oops, guess you will have to take the elected official to the local unemployment office for him (or her) to see these Americans. Would be interesting for this official to explain to these now unemployed Americans how this is good for them!

Look at the example our elected officials are setting. While they give you lip service on how they value Family Values and stand up for working Americans, they stab the same citizens in the back with their own actions and abuse of your tax dollars.

Look at our own State government in Georgia. Your tax dollars are used to send American jobs to India, and soon Red China. Sadly for the Republicans reading this article, this is supported by the Republican governor, Sonny Perdue. Specifically:

See: Your Tax Dollars At Work...Offshore for more information.

Section I Georgia Department of Revenue

Georgia Department of Revenue
HCL Technologies; $638,000

In May 2003 HCL Technologies was awarded a $638,000 contract to "obtain an integrated solution to the development of a web-based statewide case tracking system to assist in suspected fraud investigations." State officials say they don't where the work is being performed.

Note the date. May, 2003. This was on the watch of Sonny Perdue. Of even more interest to Georgians should be the status of SB-12. Introduced last year to simply prohibit "future" State of Georgia tax paid call centers from being sent to India or other foreign countries, it has languished in committee without public hearings. In other words in the Republican controlled State Senate it just been killed in committee (See: Legislative Agenda - SB12 Prohibit tax paid outsourcing ).

It should come as no surprise to any one that American Companies such as Earthlink are sending American jobs to foreign countries at an ever increasing rate. They are just doing the same thing that our elected officials are doing.

But this more than a State problem, and once again Republicans reading this will not be happy. But facts are facts!

Immediately following the 2004 elections the press in India was very excited. They reported on the ten million (10,000,000) plus phone calls they made for the Republican National Committee and Bush Campaigns. One article even pointed out how they were "laughing" at Americans (See: India claims big election victory and laughs at Americans ). For the doubting Thomases the following are excepts from the India Times immediately following the 2004 election:

"Indian techies and software honchos were seen laughing all the way to the vote banks they so assiduously helped to create for George W Bush Jr�s win. Desperate to preserve and enhance the P/Es of their off-shore outfits, they knew just what would happen if democracy triumphed in the US in the form of the Democrats: ... "

And ...

He retained the services of Noida-based HCL eServe (the BPO arm of India-based HCL Technologies.) Its operators thereafter spent quality time, calling up American citizens to support GWB Jr for President and to also contribute to the Republicans. "

And ..

"That is how more than 10 million registered Republican voters were contacted, and well in excess of $10 million raised: all thanks to Noida and Gurgaon!"

But the most import nugget of information from the India times follows:

"So it is also clear that the new Bush Administration will be pro-active on the issue of visas. As Vivek Paul, Wipro VC, said after the Presidential poll, "The elections are over and so is the rhetoric; it will be easier for American corporations to step out with their outsourcing plans."

Well there are two sides to every issue. On this one there is the multi-national corporate side focused on greed and on the other side are the citizens trying to provide home for their families and raise their children. Elected officials can represent one or the other, but not both. The final responsibility falls to the citizens, it is you - the citizens who elect the officials. You get what you vote for - which may or may not be what you expected.

If you are concerned about this issue please consider signing up with one of the methods to let us keep you informed. For the elections next year we will be polling every Statewide and State Legislature candidate on their position on outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries. Their support, opposition or refusal to respond will be posted for your consideration.

We suggest that someone in every State do the same, if you need help let us know. Then it is up to the people.

How To Stay Informed

[About the author - Mike Crane is the 3rd vice chairman of the Southern Party of Georgia and an advocate of restoring the Principles upon which our country was founded. He ran for public office in 2002 and 2004 elections and is a potential 2006 candidate. He can be contacted by email: mikecrane@tds.net  web-site: http://electmikecrane.com or by phone: 706-374-4643.]


EarthLink to cut 180 customer service workers
Work to be outsourced overseas

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/26/05

About 180 EarthLink employees in Atlanta will lose their jobs as the Internet provider completes a move to outsource customer service and technical support telephone lines.

EarthLink cut 1,300 call center employees in 2003 and another 1,300 in 2004 as it began farming out the work to call centers in India and the Philippines.

The latest cuts eliminate the use of EarthLink employees to handle customer calls, said spokesman Dan Greenfield.

The job cuts will take place between August and September. Greenfield said EarthLink would provide severance pay based on seniority as well as assistance in finding new jobs.

EarthLink will be left with 1,020 employees in Atlanta and 1,800 nationally.

Using overseas call centers instead of American employees saves money, the company said.

When the plan to use outside vendors was first announced, Garry Betty, EarthLink's chief executive, said the company was "making hard decisions that are necessary to ensure the ongoing viability of our company."

On Monday, Greenfield said that the latest cuts were needed "to allow us to compete in a very dynamic marketplace."

The overseas call centers handle both customer service and technical support questions

Source: http://www.ajc.com/business/content/business/0705/26bizearthlink.html


Final Comment:

It is interesting that HCL Technologies is the company in India for both the above example of tax payer dollars in Georgia AND the company selected by the Republican National Committee and President Bush Campaign. If you find this interesting check:

Who supports using your tax dollars to send American jobs to India ...you will know in November 2006

There has been no response to the first position letter request.

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