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More American jobs sent to India and other foreign countries
by Mike Crane

Another example of the failed Bush economic policies that are supported by the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties. This story is even worse if you take the time to read more of the plans and current operations of Ingram Micro.

It seems that they moving to also replace American made products with products made in India, China, etc. So not only are Americans being laid off, but jobs that Americans used to have making products purchased by Ingram Micro have either already disappeared or will soon.

While factories in India and the other foreign countries are busy building high tech products for Ingram Micro and call centers are busy handling business transactions for Ingram Micro their counter parts here in our country will slowly empty and close.

According to President Bush - when our factories and call centers are empty they will produce more and employ more Americans than when they were full. According to the prevailing attitude of the leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties sending jobs to foreign countries is good for us.

Here in Georgia, our tax dollars are even used to send jobs to India. Our Current Governor, Sonny Perdue supports outsourcing to India using your tax dollars.

The problem is growing and it is up to you - the American citizens how long it will get worse.

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Ingram Micro To Offshore Operations, Lay Off 550 In North America
By Scott Campbell CRN
11:05 AM EDT Mon. Apr. 11, 2005

Ingram Micro plans to lay off 550 employees in North America as part of a restructuring plan in which the company will offshore customer service, finance and other operations.

The Santa Ana, Calif.-based distributor is in final negotiations with two outsourcing service providers and expects to select one by the end of the month, said Keith Bradley, president of Ingram Micro North America. The layoffs will occur over several months and include customer service, finance, vendor management, technical support and some inside sales positions. Field sales and management will not be affected, Bradley said.

"We realize this is a difficult decision to make. But we have to make it to increase our value to shareholders, vendor partners and customers. When we are through this transition, it will lend itself to us becoming a more flexible structure," Bradley said. "By the time we're finished, we'll end up with a more cost-effective business structure. We regard ourselves more as the leader in the value-added area, and this is about how we can be as productive as possible and get the most bang for our buck."

About half of the layoffs will occur at Ingram Micro's Santa Ana headquarters. The rest are split between Canada and Williamsville, N.Y., with about 5 percent of the total cuts coming from other locations.

Ingram Micro intends to have service-level agreements in place to ensure that customer satisfaction isn't affected, according to Bradley.

"We are fully committed to make sure our customer and vendors experience the same service level and same day-to-day satisfaction. We have a corporate governance model to make sure we manage the transition aggressively," Bradley said. "We don't just ramp up tomorrow. We will have associates from the partner on-site in our location to learn the way we do things and to make sure they know our culture. Also, a number of our associates may go overseas to help in the process. We will have teams on-site for an extended, parallel time. We will only sever the cord once we are satisfied service levels will not be impacted definitely."

Bradley recently visited the potential partners' facilities in Asia and said he witnessed outsourced operations for some of its vendor partners handling calls for orders from Ingram Micro.

"These are the same people that our vendor manufacturers and customers are already taking advantage of. We went through a training class where they go through dialect assimilation and where they learn American culture," Bradley said.

With the restructuring, Ingram Micro said it plans to save about $10 million this year and about $25 million on an annualized basis by the first quarter of 2006. The moves will cost about $18 million after taxes, including about $5.5 million in the first quarter of 2005.

The reorganization is slated to be completed by the end of the year. Ingram Micro expects to save enough money to pay off the restructuring costs in less than 18 months, Bradley said.

 Source: http://www.crn.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=160700356&flatPage=true



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