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More American jobs to India - Microsoft, Pfizer and Omnicell this time ...
by Mike Crane

A weeks worth of announcements from the India Daily online version. In addition the articles below cover outsourcing announcements that affect the North American employment of two foreign corporations; Aventis and Novartis.

Note these outsourcing arrangements are not for call centers, they are for development capabilities in IT, Advanced Technology and Medical fields. Now when our government, including President Bush and our Governor Sonny Perdue tell us this is good for us, where are our benefits?

It is certainly good for the multi-national corporations. They benefit and the tax payers get to pick up the social costs of the unemployed, that is not good for the tax payers. The tax payers' grandchildren get to face the massive debts our government is building up. That is not good for them. Meanwhile the multi-national corporations make a larger profit so they can make more investments in foreign countries.

The downward effect on salaries has an obvious effect on those who do not lose their job. That is certainly not good for those people. Those that do not get a job, because there is a shortage of jobs caused by moving them to foreign countries, certainly have lower income. That is not good for them.

So it seems that the only benefits are to multi-national corporations.

So why does our government encourage the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries? Apparently many in our government care more about multi-national corporations than the citizens of our country. If you do not think that encouraging outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries is a good idea - then most of your elected officials are ignoring you!

Where the current policies are headed:

The so-called rocket scientists called economists will defend your government's actions an tell you this is the free market at work. Well look at what they call the perfect solution:

Economist theory: Market forces will eventually solve the problem. Rising incomes in foreign countries will stabilize the situation.

What that means to you: Average American income will fall dramatically.

Explanation:  Using some round representative numbers:

US population 300 Million, Average per capita income - $17,000 per year. India population 1 Billion, average per capita income - $4,000.00 per year.

Your American average per capita income will have to fall to $7,000.00 per year - for the per capita income in India and the US to equalize.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is what you are leaving your children and grandchildren if globalization continues unabated. Except it is actually worse than the above example indicates. That example only considers the population of India, gobalization carried out would include not 1 Billion people as in the example, but would include somewhere around 5 Billion.

This is the side that you are not told. That is the future stabilization that economists and our current elected officials think is such a great thing. Do you?

Now if you support the steady decline in the standard of living of the average American household for the next few generations - then you should be in hog heaven with the current government policies and direction. You should be very happy with the Republican and Democratic Parties that have both brought you these policies for the last 30 - 40 years or longer.

We still have the opportunity to reverse these trends by changing our government policies. Every year that such a reversal is delayed will take multiple years to recover.

Our recommendations on what to do:

The first step in reversing the failed policies is to begin building enough informed and involved citizens to make a change. If you are concerned and consider this article informative, send it to others, don't wait for them to find it after the next election.

Email This page or

Second, if you are not already, get involved. If not for yourself how about your grandchildren. Many of you were born in the world's largest creditor nation. Your grandchildren are being born in the world's largest debtor nation. Get involved in the elective political process in the manner which suits you the best. If by chance you are interested in the Southern Party, check the following:

Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?"

Third, do not take our word for any of this. Start doing your own research. Look at the status of our international trade position over the past few decades. Look at statistics on family income adjusted for inflation for the past few decades. Look into the percentage of manufacturing jobs in our country for the past few decades. Become knowledgeable on what exactly your government policies are doing to our country and its citizens. As your knowledge grows, evaluate your involvement in the political process, change it if justified.

Fourth, if you find our information useful, be sure that you are signed up for one of our free update services:

How To Stay Informed

Our recommendation on what NOT to do:

The one thing not to do is - nothing. Doing nothing means that the policies leading to globalization continue unabated.

Microsoft expanding fast in India outsourcing� to double employees in India by 2006
Babu Ghanta
Sep. 26, 2005

Microsoft plans to augment its outsourcing operations from India.

The world�s largest software company plans to double its staff strength at its Indian centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore by March 2006, a top company official said late on Saturday.

"We aim to ramp up the strength at the India Development Centre (in Hyderabad) by another 1,000 professionals," Tess Field, Microsoft's head of human resources in India, said on the sidelines of a management convention.

The Hyderabad campus in Andhra Pradesh is the software maker's largest campus outside the United States and provides product development and support services.

The 28-acre (11 hectare) campus, which opened last November, also houses a global delivery centre and is part of a three-year, $400 million investment plan for India announced in 2002.

Microsoft also plans to double the headcount to around 1,000 staff members at its technology centre in premier software hub of Bangalore, Field said.

India's $17.2-billion software services industry employs about 1 million people. Exports of software and business services are forecast to grow 30 to 32 per cent in the year to March 2006, powered by the country's low-cost, IT-savvy and English-speaking workforce.

Source: http://indiadaily.com/editorial/4740.asp

Biotech and Clinical trials will dwarf IT and BPO boom in outsourcing � golden days of India is coming in full force
Harish Baliga
Sep. 24, 2005

India is emerging as a major hub for global clinical trials and this new sector is poised to generate more revenue than the Information Technology industry by 2010, an industry leader has forecast.

"India is going to be one of the major hubs for clinical trials in the next five to seven years," Dr Krishna M Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech International, one of India's largest biotech firms, said.

The `Biotech CEO Summit'''', the first of its kind to bring together the various stakeholders of the biotech industry in India, will be held here on September 23 to discuss a strategy to achieve a US$5 billion revenue target by 2010. The summit will discuss various topics, including leverging India's BioPharma strengths through global partnerships and making India the hub of global clinial research and Biotech laboratory of the world, senior assistant editor of BioSpectrum - the organisers - Ch Srinivas Rao said here on Wednesday. Over 50 CEOs and heads of top biotech research centres and policymakers are expected to attend the summit, to be inaugurated by the Union Minister of State Science and Technology Kapil Sibal, BioSpectrum, a cyber Media (India) Ltd Publication, said.

"I believe that by 2010, the revenue of clinical trials may surpass even software industry of India," Ella, who is heading a FICCI biotech delegation to China, said. Multinational companies like Aventis, Pfizer and Novartis have already moved the clinical trials to India, he said.

One of the reasons for the growth of clinical trial sector is the availability of large number of private hospitals in India, he said.

"Almost 70 per cent of the hospitals in India are privately owned and most of the doctors are trained in the United States and United Kingdom. Since they have English-language capability, they can understand the protocol and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) issues.

This is a very significant factor for the clinical trials," Ella said.

Source: http://indiadaily.com/editorial/4710.asp

India�s outsourcing bandwagon in full throttle - Omnicell opening of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Bangalore, for research, development and quality assurance
Harish Baliga

India�s outsourcing bandwagon is in full throttle for now!

According to media sources, the NASDAQ-listed Omnicell, Inc. has announced the opening of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Bangalore, which will operate as a research and development and quality assurance operation here.

"The India subsidiary complements our US operations", Omnicell's Executive Vice-President, Operations, Chris Drew, said in a company statement.

"We decided to establish a direct presence in India to tap the talented, highly educated workforce available there and to take advantage of the attractive economics. We have made a long-term commitment to operating in India, and we expect Omnicell India to significantly enhance our development capabilities", he added.

New Omnicell India General Manager, Rich Arnold said: "We have a great working relationship with our team in India and believe the new operation will be a positive step forward in expanding Omnicell's global reach".

According to the statement, Omnicell is a leading provider of patient safety solutions which are used in throughout the healthcare facility - in the pharmacy, nursing units, surgical services, and "all the way to the patient's bedside".

Source: http://indiadaily.com/editorial/4355.asp

For more information on the Southern Party:

Many ask, "Why a Southern Party �?"

About the author: Mike Crane is the 3rd vice chairman of the Southern Party of Georgia and a candidate for the Georgia State Senate. He can be reached by email at: mikecrane@tds.net

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