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Letter to Senator Chambliss, Senator Isakson and Congressman Gingrey

In today's world it is so easy to not find time to communicate with our elected officials in Washington. Of course the fact they seem to ignore us does not help any either.

But some citizens do take the time and every once in a while someone writes a very good letter. In this case the citizen is Norman Black. It is worth the time to give it a read.

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July 26, 2007

(A separate copy of this letter was addressed and mailed to US Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson and Congressman Phil Gingrey:)


Dear ___________:

I do not want to disturb the important legislative work you may be involved in for lobbyists and major contributors to PACs and campaign funds or other matters of vital interest to you.  Nevertheless, I feel you should know about a conversation I overheard, this week, in a coffee shop, here in Marietta, Georgia.

Several men, all of whom stated they were loyal Republicans, were involved in an animated discussion of a news item that appeared in the Atlanta newspaper, on July 22, 2007, about the US government trying to get thousands of illiterate, pastoral Kunama tribesmen, now in Ethiopia, to accept free relocation to the US, as refugees.  For your information, I enclose with this letter a copy of the news item.

The men noted the following: The tribesmen will get monetary support from the US to help them with initial re-settlement costs and social service support from the local government where they are deposited.   After that, the local government and state where they are deposited must support them with welfare money; medical care; child medical insurance; special public school teachers (for non-English speakers); vouchers, here in Georgia, for children with disabilities; and any incidental costs associated with police, courts, and prisons that result from the tribesmen�s improper acculturation in their new environment.

One man said, "Those lousy, self-serving lawyers and multi-millionaires in Congress, inflict on US citizens anything they think will ingratiate current, US foreign policy with countries in which US businesses want to extract profits or the US wants to impress anti-US populations with US largesse.  They should think about US citizens first, and then do the best they can to serve their clients."

"Yeah!", said the other, "Congress� members don�t care what they do to us, as long as the money keeps rolling into the accounts they want it to roll into.  The world is full of refugees and hundreds of thousands more are made yearly.  If Congress wants to give our tax money away to try to win foreign good will and distract attention from constant wars and cordial relations with dictators, they should give the UN money to support refugees in places near the refugees� original homelands and not carry any to the US."

Another said, "The refugee programs are just one more area in which Congress does disservice to US citizens.  Think about the illegal Latin American aliens coming over the Mexican border with Iraqis and Iranians now smuggled in, along with narcotics, by Mexican gangs.  The President has not built the double fence Congress authorized.  He is against it and appears determined not to have it built, and Congress has done nothing to force a showdown on this issue, amongst so many others."

Their opinion was that Congress is derelict and will not legislate to end refugee immigration nor do anything to force Pres. Bush to carry out the border-fence law or other laws he refuses to fully enforce or implement.  They cited what they regard as examples of a president gone wild, with no Congressional control of even the budget to curb him and other renegades in the executive branch.  In this connection they specifically mentioned Pres. Bush�s signing statements, stonewalling Congress about Atty. Gen. Gonzales and White House behavior associated with the removal of assistant attorneys general, and the war he got the US into in Iraq.  They were of the opinion Pres. Bush should be impeached and removed from office and that Congress lacks the guts to protect Americans from what they called a "renegade, Latin- American-style president."

Congressman Gingrey, do you think the electorate�s anger, at least about the pastoral tribesmen, would be somewhat assuaged, if each representative and senator bought a small herd of goats and grazed them on his or her lawn and then had a few families of Kunama�s settled in his garage or guest house to tend the flock?

I offer this creative and humane solution to help to reduce constituent�s anger about illiterate Kunama tribesmen and their families, but do not know what to say about the

tens of thousands of other refugees and immigrants that are continually settled in the US, as a result of laws you helped to enact.  Maybe every member of Congress could make available a room or two, in his or her house, to a family of new refugees, as a way to show you all are willing to share the extra expenses your largess costs ordinary citizens?

Congressman, if you need further useful suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My consulting fee is relatively low and can probably be included in an appropriations bill, as research.

Yours for better government,


Norman Black


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