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Worthless Presidente Bush twisting arms to get cloture vote on amnesty. Send the worthless joker to Mexico where he belongs along with his worthless Republican stooges!

Pres. Bush's meeting with Republican Senators at noon appears to be providing just the extra push that pro-amnesty leaders have wanted.

Worthless Presidente BushThe Senate's top two Republican leaders [sic] -- McConnell (R-Ky.) and Lott (R-Miss.) -- are using this opportunity to pull 15 Republicans (of the 38 who voted against amnesty last week) back to Pres. Bush's side.

McConnell and Lott hope to get those 15 to sign off on a list of amendments they want brought up for a vote.

They hope to present that list to Democratic leader Sen. Reid (D-Nev.) by tonight!

To slow this down, please phone Republican Senators on the list below THIS MINUTE.


When you think about it, the deal that Mcconnell and Lott are offering makes little sense. They are basically saying that they want the 15 Republican Senators to agree to vote for cloture in exchange for a chance to have their favorite amendments voted down.

Many of those same Senators may vote against the final bill (when it will take 50 votes to defeat it), but their promise to Bush, McConnell and Lott will be that they will vote FOR cloture (when it would take only 39 votes to defeat it).

In other words, they will vote for the amnesty in the tally where their NO vote would have the most possibility of defeating the bill.

Please call these Republicans and urge them to refuse any deal that wins their YES vote on another cloture vote.

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