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December 2 Runoff - Living proof the System is Broken

From our perspective the elections this year have been dismal. The Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates chosen by the Primary system, couldn't have been worse. Someday they ought to read the Constitution! At the State Legislature level, a majority of the races only had one candidate (oops - worse record than the Republic of Congo election).

After thinking it couldn't get any worse, we were quickly proven wrong with the upcoming December 2 Georgia US Senate Runoff.

If anyone ever needed proof that the System is Broken, this race should provide it. I have never received so many slick and expensive pieces of mail, nor received so many phone calls as I have for this race. And never before has the information and literature been so distorted and misleading.

Put these candidates literature side by side and it hard to believe that they are running for the same office - or that they are running for office in our country. This stuff belongs in "banana republics" - except they have more open elections than Georgia.

If you read George Washington's Farewell Address you will quickly find that we were warned about partisan excesses over 200 years ago!

The last barrage of phone calls, literature in mail and internet emails has just been over the edge on an issue - and that is illegal immigration. Before proceeding let it be clear that I did not vote for Mr. Martin on November 4. Nor is this an encouragement for anyone to vote for Mr. Martin.

But the Campaign Rhetoric in support of the campaign of Mr. Chambliss borders on " fantasy land fables! " References are in box at bottom of page.

  • Mr. Chambliss is not tough on immigration! Just a couple years ago he was one of the buddies of Senator "Blonde In Every Pond" Kennedy on the Amnesty bill. I still remember the picture of our two Georgia Senators laughing it up with Senator Kennedy as they proposed the "BIG SELLOUT!" If you support Amnesty then yes you should vote for Mr. Chambliss.
  • Mr. Chambliss has been a leading proponent of H-1B visas, in fact spoke in favor of a bill that would have sold ANY American job to a foreign H-1B visa for $500.00! He openly stated on the floor of the Senate that it was for a multi-national beverage company (Coke) and airline (Delta) in Georgia. If you support unlimited H-1B visas then yes you should vote for Mr. Chambliss!
  • Mr. Chambliss has been a leading proponent of the Agriculture Workers Program, which would create an unlimited number of " blue " cards. If you support millions of "blue" cards issued under vague language then yes you should vote for Mr. Chambliss!

If you are also getting the same literature, phone calls and eMails that I am - I hope that you make a note of those that are playing Party over Principle! It is fine for anyone or any organization to endorse and support Mr. Chambliss. But it is not fine to make false claims, just for the sake of gaining an edge in an election!

At best that is hypocrisy - at worst it is what is called a Bold Faced Lie!

Perhaps you have also seen the requests to vote for Senator Chambliss to prevent a filibuster proof US Senate. It has just been three years since the Republican Party was threatening to eliminate "filibusters" in the US Senate (See reference in box below). Perhaps you remember the "threatened nuclear" option?

Lets see - in 2005 - the filibuster - was a threat to American and you were asked to support the Republicans to Save America. Now in 2008 - the loss of the filibuster - is a threat to America and you are asked to support Republicans to Save America!

At best that is hypocrisy - at worst it is what is called a Bold Faced Lie!

The political system is broken. It will not be fixed until you the citizens demand true competition and end the monopoly of the two wings of the Special Interest Party. As for the December 2 runoff - we have already lost the election, regardless of who wins.

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ALERT - Georgia Republican US Senators support Ted "Blonde in Every Pond" Kennedy Amnesty!
For months both of these Republican Senators have been talking the tough talk on illegal immigration. But when the chips are down, you see where they stand - by the side of Ted "Blonde in Every Pond" Kennedy, supporting their corporate benefactors, ignoring you - the citizens.

Senator Chambliss proposed selling American jobs, via increased H-1B visas for $500.00 in 2006 (See: Georgia US Senator Chambliss PROPOSES selling 30,000 American jobs for $500.00 each - Support of Coke and Delta implied ... ). His statement at the time:

But I chaired the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship in the Senate Judiciary Committee during the 108th Congress. During that time, I worked very closely with my friends and colleagues, Senator Kennedy and Senator Grassley , to enact H -1B reform legislation

Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss proposes increased immigration amendment
Georgians should be interested to see what their Republican US Senators are doing. The following amendment was sponsored by Georgia US Senator Saxby Chambliss to basically grant an unlimited number of H-2A visas. Apparently the thought process is - if illegal immigration is too high - reduce it by making it legal!

Both Republican Georgia Senators vote to sell American jobs to foreigners for $500.00 ...
Well the Bush Administration has won another victory for globalist corporations and at least 150,000 Americans will pay for it with their jobs. The H-1B visas program has been expanded by least 30,000 American jobs a year for 5 years at a license fee of $500.00 per American job given to a foreigner.

Georgia's Republican US Senators vote against effort to remove amnesty
If there was any question in the minds of Georgians about their two Senators support for amnesty, the vote on Amendment 1157 should be conclusive. Amendment 1157 would have removed the amnesty provisions from S. 1348.

Ending Filibuster is not a good idea ...
Our Founding Fathers knew that the greatest threat to liberty in the long run would be our own government. For this reason they erected "checks and balances" in an effort to prevent our government following the path of virtually all governments in the history of mankind - from liberty to corruption to tyranny.


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