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"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."

- Thomas Jefferson

Video News Briefs

America In Crisis:
A Southern Solution

America in Crisis: A Southern Solution

Georgia SCV -
TV ads for History Channel

Sesquincentennial Celebration

Georgia SCV -
TV ad  - Morrill Tariff

Morrill Tariff

Georgia SCV -
Economic Reasons for Wa

Economic Reasons for War

Georgia Secession Re-enactment

Georgia Secession Re-enactment video

Georgia SCV - Political Differences

Georgia SCV video on Political Differences

Georgia SCV - Regional Differences

Regional Differences as a factor in the War for Southern Independence

What's New! 15 Latest Additions 
April 7 MYTH: Easter is derived from false pagan goddess
January 8 What Is A Christian Nation
December 29 Biblical References in Give Me Liberty Speech by Patrick Henry
December 8 HISTORICAL RECORD: Winter Months Grazing for Sheep in Bethlehem area
December 26 Fox News December 24, 2013: Too cold for shepherds in December
December 21 The Real Lincoln - Despot
December 20 Is the Constitution Really Inimical To States Rights? - Part Fourteen
December 7 MYTH: Too cold for shepherds to Tend Flocks in December - Part 2
December 7 Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday
December 6 74th Anniversary of 'Gone with the Wind' premiere
December 5 The First Thanksgiving Day - flyer
December 4 The Death of Jefferson Davis - December 6 1889
December 3 Marietta Daily Journal - on The First Thanksgiving
December 2 Demonstration against Lindsey Graham & Southern demographic displacement
November 29 MYTH: Too Cold For Shepherds in December

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