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Platform Summary of the Southern Party

Many ask why a new political party? We believe that the answer is supplied by our platform which is listed below. We are losing our Founding Principles at an ever increasing rate. The goal of the Southern Party and the affiliated State Parties is to begin the process of restoring our founding principles.

Immigration:  "We are opposed to any amnesty program for illegal immigrants and support stronger border security. While mostly a federal issue there is much that can be done at the State level. Employers who hire illegal aliens should be heavily fined and repeat offenders should face criminal penalties and the expense of deporting their illegal employees. Employees displaced by illegal aliens should have legal recourse to restitution."

Eminent Domain: "Property Rights are a fundamental right and should not be subject to the whims of the State Legislature and the unholy influence of special interests."

Second Amendment:  "we are opposed any effort to infringe upon the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and will encourage public awareness of the principle that the best guarantee of liberty is a well-armed populace of good citizens." 

Unborn Babies:  "We believe that all babies, including the unborn, have a right to life and that government at all levels has the responsibility to protect that right. ")

Ten Commandments:  "We believe that the Ten Commandments are the moral, legal, and cultural foundations of our republic and that their public display is a States' Rights issue that does not lie within the constitutional jurisdiction of the federal government." 

Taxes: "We believe that the government should ask the citizens for their money, carefully explaining the purpose. We support an amendment to the State Constitution requiring that any and all tax increases be voted on by the affected citizens. Put control of government taxes back in the hands of the citizens, not special interests."

Limited Government: "We believe that limited government is one of our Founding Principles that has been lost. we will support a Constitutional Amendment establishing a "sunset clause" (expiration date) for all laws and regulations with force of law passed. This is the only way to begin reducing the size and intrusive nature of government. Put the size of government back in the hands of the citizens, not special interests."

Citizens Initiative: "We support legislation to provide both citizens initiative and citizens repeal of legislation. The citizens of every State should have the means of bypassing or reigning in an unresponsive Legislature and/or Governor. The primary function of government is to protect the rights of its citizens, not special interests. When government fails the citizens � they should have a direct recourse. This law should apply to county and municipal levels also."

Ballot Access: "We support legislation that will increase competition in elections. The citizens should decide who they want to vote for, not the Legislature. The two major parties (Republicans and Democrats) in many cases have established laws restricting political competition for their own benefit, not the for the benefit of the citizens they represent."

English First: "The Southern Party endorses English as the official language of the United States and that all business of government, whether state, local or federal is  to be conducted in English only.  The Southern Party will support all legislation which moves forward the pro-English agenda.  These laws should include all public school boards and their curricula, with the exception of classes for the sole purpose of teaching foreign languages to English speaking students."

[As amended in conference by the Southern Party of Georgia, Southern Party of North Carolina and the Southern Party of Mississippi in March, 2007]

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  More Information on Building A Grass Roots Effort and Why we need one.

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