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Some historical information on your taxes and a look ahead  ...
by Mike Crane

The previous article demonstrated the amazing growth in federal income tax as an example of how the government becomes addicted to your wallet. The initial income of 1913 was very minimal and had little or no effect on the average citizen. In fact a large portion of citizens were not even tax payers.

This article will also demonstrate the continued addiction of government to your wallet. Most alarming will be the fact that State & local government are now as addicted as the federal government was just 30 years ago.  Always remember that even these dismal facts do not present the true picture, it under represents the future impact of the growing national and State debt and liabilities on the life of your grandchildren.

The following chart shows government spending per taxpayer from 1960 until now, roughly 40 years. The dollar amounts shown have been adjusted to year 2000 dollars to eliminate any confusion from inflation.

Take a few minutes and look at this chart or click below for a larger version. The larger version is easier to read, but just as disturbing.

The total tax burden on Americans includes funding for state and local expenditures, and though the trends appear similar, state and local spending combined has grown faster than federal spending since 1960. Between 1960 and 2002, state and local spending per taxpayer grew by 114 percent, while federal spending per taxpayer grew by 69 percent. As a result, state and local spending increased from 49 percent to 62 percent of the value of federal spending.

In 1960 total government expenditures was about $13,000 per tax payer, today it is over $23,000. That is almost double!

Remember these dollars are already adjusted for inflation. 

Now assume that you have a grandson born this year.  If this trend continues for another 40 years, as he is approaching the age where he is getting close to becoming a grandfather what will the government be doing to him? The same trend for another 40 years would produce these figures (adjusted to year 2000 dollars):

Federal spending per tax payer: $24,881
State & local spending per tax payer: $19,461

That is over $44,000 per tax payer. Tilt! System is broken! This is a virtual recipe for chaos. I hope that you see the fallacy of that level of government spending. It is above the per capita income. 

If you do not see the fallacy of government spending at these levels then you are wasting your time reading this article. You should be reading about Our Founding Fathers and the principles upon which our country was founded. Government spending at these projected levels will mean the end of American Liberty as espoused by Our Founding Fathers.

There are only three ways for the government to finance this trend; 1) taxes, 2) deficit (borrowing against future generations) or 3) inflation (devaluation of dollar). None of these benefit your grandson and are even worse for his grandson. All three of these methods have been used by our government (federal, State & local) over the 40 years since 1960. None of the three do you or your grandkids any good.

But going back to that $44,000 per tax payer projection. This is a clear indication that the trend can not continue. This begs the question:

What is going to change the trend?

Looking at the chart you will see that the various combinations of Republican or Democratic control of the levels of government has very little impact on the overall rate of growth of government at any level.

Its your government folks. You are the only thing that can change the trend. If you plan on having grandkids then perhaps you should give this some thought and consideration.

The Southern Party of Georgia has endorsed and proposed initial steps towards changing this trend for our State and local governments, real tax reform. It is a small step (politicians will call it extreme as they are addicted to your wallets), but you have to start somewhere!

The proposed tax reform, does not decrease tax revenues for any tax district but does place future increases in the hands of the citizens paying the bill.

What a concept, placing increased taxation in the hands of the citizens. Imagine treating your money as yours - not what the government has decided to let you keep. These are steps toward returning to the principles upon which our country was founded.

Many people say we do not need another political party, to these we simply ask, then when are you going to get the Democratic or Republican party to change the trend? The chart above - does not show much promise in either of these two parties reversing the trend.

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