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Taxes and government spending: Are you tired of Lip Service? Are you ready for a Real Choice?

In the Declaration of Independence, written primarily by Thomas Jefferson - one of the issues raised was the King's handling of "taxes." Quoting Mr. Jefferson's words as ratified by the Continental Congress:

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."
 Thomas Jefferson -
Declaration of Independence

It does not require either a rocket scientist nor a PhD new age economist to see our government (at all levels) drifting back into this same "bad habit" exhibited by King George III.

We have three levels of government - federal, State and local - that have all established their claim on your wallet, and further they will decide for you, how much of your money you should keep for yourself.

Across our land, government - elected officials, appointed officials and hired citizens - create laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, court decrees and restrictions virtually non stop. In fact there is probably not a single person in the entire country that has a copy, much less understand, all of these government edicts.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices

Across our land, government has become by far the largest employer and virtually millions of elected officials, appointed officials and hired citizens and illegals are charged with carrying out the edicts of these laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, court decrees and restrictions.

and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people

Every one of these laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, court decrees and restrictions and every one of the elected officials, appointed officials and hired citizens has an associated cost and it is paid by you - or the government creates debt in your name.

and eat out their substance."

The focus of political debate today is not about the problems that Thomas Jefferson addressed and which we face again. The debate is about whether the multitude of New Offices , the swarms of Officers and our substance will be consumed with a "R" or a "D." The "R's" claim that the "D's" are irresponsible and the "D's" claim that the "R's" are irresponsible. Well they are both partly right, both the "R's" and "D's" have been irresponsible with our government's finances.

It is time to face the Truth. Our lack of choice by a political system restricted to two parties has resulted in both becoming addicted to your wallet and the credit card they have issued in your name (See: Some historical information on your taxes and a look ahead  ... ). Both the Republican and Democratic parties have become so embedded with special interests that you - the citizens are losing your representation, but still have to foot the bill.

But in every campaign, you will get a lot of Lip Service about how they are going to be good stewards of your money. But look at the chart, they are not good stewards of your money and show no signs of changing. The rise in government spending continues unabated, regardless of the various combinations of Republican/Democratic control of government. Thomas Jefferson would be an outcast and rejected by both major parties.

Starting with our State and local governments we need to get the horse back in front of the cart.

This can be done without disruptive change and if started in Georgia can be the example that can start similar efforts across our land. Or we can sit back and let the trend continue. After all we are passing a lot of the burden on to our children and grandchildren, so it is free? Well it is free only if this is the first generation in the history of our country that does not care about our grandchildren!

We propose two basic modifications:

  1. Require all new tax increases to be agreed to by a majority of the voters in the district to which the increase will be applied - local or Statewide. This includes property tax digest increases, "user fees," court fines and all sources of taking the citizens' money.
  2. Place a sunset clause (built-in expiration date) on every new law and/or regulation with force of law that is passed. If not renewed prior to that date the law or regulation will expire.

Suddenly with these two simple modifications, your money is once again your money and it is up to you how much more will be given to the government and how fast government will grow. The endless growth of laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, court decrees and restrictions and the multitudes of government agents will be curtailed and more selective.

These two items are very consistent with our Founding Principles and do not in themselves reduce the budget of a single government agency. They simply change the future back to one of making government responsible to the people whom all government is sworn to represent.

As long as our government, at all levels, constantly adds new laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, court decrees and restrictions which accumulate forever and the number of elected officials, appointed officials and hired citizens and illegals grows endlessly your taxes and/or debt in your name will grow endlessly. Further special interests will use your money to buy increased influence. It is time to put the people back in charge. Put the horse back in front of the cart!

Below we have listed the platform statement of one of our candidates on this issue, if you agree-  help us offer Georgia a Real Choice in future elections. If you agree we would also appreciate helping by passing this on to others.

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Taxation and Government Spending

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."
 Thomas Jefferson - Declaration of Independence

Taxation and government spending continues to be a battle that we must fight together and must fight continuously. When our grandfathers were born, there was no such thing as income tax because it was illegal.  In those days sales taxes, excise and tariffs were the means for raising money.  Since the time of our grandparents we've seen taxation and government explode into the behemoth it has become today.  As your State Senator, I pledge I will pursue fiscally conservative representation for the citizens of north Georgia and a return to our founding principles.  I will work to enact legislation that will give Georgians the opportunity to take away the government's credit card by a statewide referendum.

  • No tax increases.

I have signed the American�s For Tax Reform Pledge that I will not vote for any tax increases. To demonstrate my commitment, my signature was witnessed by my pastor and family deacon.

  • Citizen�s Money is the citizen�s money.

I will sponsor legislation that would require ANY tax increase OR new tax to be approved by the voters of the district upon which the tax increase would be levied. Government should ASK for your money stating clearly why it is needed, IF given permission by a majority of voters then, and only then, collect the increase and spend your money wisely and justly for the purpose stated. Government at all levels is addicted to the citizen�s wallet and taxes can not increase forever.

  • Property Tax.

Creeping and mushrooming property tax assessments present a never ending threat to home owners, especially in rural areas with increasing development. A neighbor or developer builds new higher value structures on neighboring property thus raising a home owners "assessed value." The resulting higher taxation is forced on the home owner, not for his actions, but for the actions of his neighbor or some developer. This is not just and is not fair. I have and will continue to support index of homestead exemption to effectively "freeze" assessed value for residents.

  • Limited Government.

Our country was founded on the principle of limited government. Both the major political parties have abandoned this principle. Every year, federal, state and local governments enact volumes of laws, appointed agencies enact countless regulations and policies that have the force of law. It is doubtful that anyone even knows how many laws, regulations and policies that they violate every day. I will sponsor legislation that would place a sunset (expiration date) on every law and regulation enacted or currently existing in Georgia. Let us begin the return to limited government. Reduce the cost (thus your taxes) and get the government off your back.

  • State Disbursements.

Disbursements of Georgia funds should be applied in a fair and just way, instead of being concentrated in areas such as Atlanta . The Congressional Districts provide a population equal geographic division in Georgia and State funds should be as equally divided among each of the Congressional Districts as possible. This applies to State employment, services and expenditures.  The current trend of continuing to concentrate State disbursements provides unequal opportunity for bypassed areas and is in effect an undesirable subsidy.

These proposals all have two underlying themes:

1)    Provide the opportunity for the citizens of Georgia to place control of their money and government back in their hands, if they so choose. If we truly believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people then your elected representatives should TRUST the people and listen to them.

2)    Limited Government. The endless accumulation of laws and more importantly the endless accumulation of regulations with the force of law are creating a bloated and intrusive government. By placing a sunset clause on all laws and regulations, we will have a streamlined government and a less intrusive government. Let un-needed laws and regulations expire. Desirable ones can be renewed.

Combined these proposals represent a major step toward returning to the founding principles of our country.  If you too want to see a return to our founding principles, I urge you to consider helping me be your voice in the State Senate. You will not be disappointed. Click here to help .

Presented by the Committee To Elect Mike Crane:
A Real Choice for the 51st Senate District


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