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Bush Economic Policies - Once again - bragging about trade deficit failure ...
by Mike Crane

Today the Commerce Department released the March 2005 Trade statistics and this time the pundits are surprised, the deficit for March was not another record. The trade deficit for March 2005 was only several billion dollars worse than the deficit for March 2004! So many of the pundits will be happy for a month and talk about how things are getting better.


2001 S urplus
2002 S urplus
2003 S urplus
2004 S urplus
2005 Surplus
January (35.2) (29.6) (41.4) (43.1) (58.3)
February (29.4) (32.6) (40.4) (42.1) (61.0)
March (32.7) (31.5) (43.7) (46.0) (55.0)
April (31.5) (34.0) (42.5) (48.3)  
May (28.0) (34.0) (40.8) (46.0)  
June (29.5) (35.4) (40.0) (55.8)  
July (30.1) (34.1) (40.8) (50.1)  
August (28.4) (36.2) (40.2) (53.5)  
September (30.8) (36.6) (41.3) (51.6)  
October (30.8) (35.0) (41.5) (55.5)  
November (29.7) (39.7) (40.0) (60.3)  
 December (26.6) (43.2) (44.0) (56.4)  

The truth is that the economic policies of the Bush Administration are failing - failing badly and no amount of wishful thinking is going to change the results. Take a look at the Trade Deficit summary chart on the right.

The international trade position of our country continues to deteriorate at a steady rate.

Even if this months "good news" is maintained for the rest of the year the annual trade deficit would be in excess of $660,000,000,000.00. This would be another record breaking year in the wrong direction.

So the trade statistics for March are hardly "good news."

The chart shows steady deterioration and the current trade statistics for March only continue the trend. From the government's own press release:

In March, the goods and services deficit was up $7.9 billion from March 2004. Exports were up $6.8 billion, or 7.1 percent, and imports were up $14.7 billion, or 10.3 percent.

To repeat the basics:

Trade in Goods

Factories are moving to foreign countries. Empty factories do not produce goods to be exported, even if President Bush tells us this is good for us, empty factories just do not produce much! When Americans need the products those factories used to produce they have to buy imports. As long as more factories move to foreign countries than move to our country, we will export less and import more!

bush trade deficitTrade in Services

Every time an American company outsources jobs to a foreign country, those services are no longer available to sell to foreign companies and are now imports. While we still have a trade surplus in services it is shrinking and at the current trend will be a deficit around the end of this year.


Agriculture has been producing a positive trade balance for decades. But even this mainstay of American Trade is sliding toward a negative balance. American companies are shunning agriculture products grown in our country under high standards to import food stuffs grown with much lower standards. trade deficit in manufacturing jobs

In conclusion every component of international trade is on a downward trend. There is one category that shows the extent to which President  Bush's economic policies are destroying our international trade position - advanced technology. Now most would believe that our country leads the world in advanced technology, which at one time we did. But no longer:

Advanced technology products (ATP) exports were $14.9 billion in February and imports were $18.3 billion, resulting in a deficit of $3.4 billion (See: Bush Economic Polices - Screen doors on submarine - same concept).

Advanced technology products (ATP) exports were $19.5 billion in March and imports were $21.0 billion, resulting in a deficit of $1.5 billion.

Even in advanced technology products  - empty factories and development centers do not generate much! And the trend continues. Just this month Sun Microsystems announced that it was consolidating research and development in India, China (read Communist China), Russia and the Czech Republic (See: Failed Bush policy  - over-invested in high-cost geographies like the U.S ).

Where do you think Sun Microsystems will build the products they develop in India, China, Russia and the Czech Republic?

A couple months ago it was Honeywell Aerospace (See: More American jobs going to foreign countries, this time Honeywell Aerospace jobs ).

Now this is a lot of facts and figures to digest. As long as you are gainfully employed and everything seems to be going well it is so easy to just say "Ho hum" and turn on the football game. But the odds are increasing that you are going to face the music some day. trade deficit grows

American jo bs that are sent to another country have something in common with empty factories, call centers and development centers. A lot of Americans who used to think every thing was going well  - used to work there.

Today they do not!

Even if you are still gainfully employed you may be feeling the impact and if you are waiting for the Republican and Democratic leadership to tell you - you have a long wait coming.

Example of continuing Trade Deficit impact on your wallet

The following is one aspect that affects all Americans and is not even covered on Fox news between Michael Jackson updates.

One of the impacts of the failing Bush economic policies is the decline of the dollar versus other currencies. "Ho hum" say most people. The complexities of international currency exchange rates is not very exciting. But if you so inclined to just "Ho hum" the subject you ought to be grabbing your wallet at the same time.

Lets give an example: To pick a round number lets use 30% as the amount that the dollar has declined against major currencies such as the Euro and Yen. It is actually higher but 30% will do for this example. Every time you pull in to a gas station and fill up your tank you are paying a price for the failed Bush economic policies.bush economic policies

The dollar is worth 30% less (the percentage used for this example) and when this decline started oil was selling at $33.00 per barrel. So a drop of 30% in the value of the dollar means that the value of a barrel of oil is now $42.90. So the first $9.90 of the increase in a barrel of oil does not have anything to do with being ripped off by Arabs, it is a hidden charge compliments of the failed Bush economic policies.

But he would rather let you blame the Arabs!

Of course this applies to virtually all imports, as the dollar declines imports will become more expensive, this comes directly from your wallet.

As factories, development centers, call centers, etc. continue to move to foreign countries an increasing number of products and services have to be imported, they are no longer made or produced here in our country. As the dollar continues to drop against international currencies you will be forced to pay more or do without if possible.

The continuing downward trend of our Trade Deficit is a formula for disaster.

A couple months ago the new age rocket scientist, Alan Greenspan stated that we had a problem, that ever increasing Trade deficits can not continue forever. Now Warren Buffet is echoing our claim that the Bush policies are destroying your grandchildren's future (Source: below):

Instead of moving toward an "ownership society," Buffett suggested, with admitted hyperbole, that the economic burden ahead is more likely to result in a "sharecropper's society" dependent on foreign landlords.

Meanwhile the Bush Economic Polices continue their march into the country's history. Seemingly oblivious to the long term effects of these economic policies the Bush Administration continues to feed the public one crisis after another while using the power of the government to build "political capitol" (see: Bush Trade Policy - a look behind the scenes of a failed economic policy - its ugly! ).

We no longer have the capacity to produce enough goods to balance the Trade deficit. This was recently confirmed in a report in a Chicago paper (

But what pundits have failed to notice is that the U.S. lacks adequate manufacturing capacity to eliminate the external deficit.

U.S. manufacturers currently produce about $1.5 trillion a year in goods, and have a capacity utilization rate of nearly 79 percent. The current account deficit is equal to 40 percent of American manufacturing output.

Until the failed policies are changed - there is nothing to stop the downward trend!

Lets repeat that statement, it is very important:

Until the failed policies are changed - there is nothing to stop the downward trend!

There should be little question about the effects of the current economic policies. The trends are so obvious that you do not even need to be a rocket scientist to figure out where they are headed. Do not be misled by small month by month fluctuations. Our international trade position is steadily deteriorating.

It is up to you the American citizen to decide how long - you - are going to let it continue. In fact in the next few months unless you do something it is going to get worse. The Bush Administration is lobbying very hard for an expansion of his defunct trade policy - the CAFTA treaty. The Central American Free Trade Agreement will only accelerate the free trade benefits to another whole set of foreign countries. Perhaps you should consider urging (or better - demanding) that your US Senators and Congressman vote against CAFTA.

The Southern Party has released a position statement that would change the failed free trade to one of FAIR Trade (See: A Southern Party of Georgia Position on solving our country�s Trade Deficit ). If you are concerned about the information presented above we hope you will take a few minutes to read this position statement. We also appreciate any help in passing this information on to others.

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U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
U.S. Department of Commerce � Washington, D.C. 20230

 8:30 A.M. EST WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2005

FT-900 (05-03)

For information on goods contact:
U.S. Census Bureau:
Nick Orsini     (301) 763-6959
Vanessa Ware    (301) 763-2311

For information on services contact:
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis:
Technical: Christopher Bach   (202) 606-9545
Media:     Ralph Stewart      (202) 606-9690

                              March 2005

Goods and Services

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the
Department of Commerce, announced today that total March exports of $102.2 billion
and imports of $157.2 billion resulted in a goods and services deficit of $55.0
billion, $5.6 billion less than the $60.6 billion in February, revised.  March
exports were $1.5 billion more than February exports of $100.7 billion.  March
imports were $4.1 billion less than February imports of $161.2 billion.

In March, the goods deficit decreased $5.2 billion from February to $59.4 billion,
and the services surplus increased $0.4 billion to $4.4 billion.  Exports of goods
increased $1.0 billion to $72.1 billion, and imports of goods decreased $4.2 billion
to $131.5 billion.  Exports of services increased $0.5 billion to $30.1 billion, and
imports of services increased $0.1 billion to $25.7 billion.

In March, the goods and services deficit was up $7.9 billion from March 2004.
Exports were up $6.8 billion, or 7.1 percent, and imports were up $14.7 billion,
or 10.3 percent.



Excellent Reference site:

The Grandfather Economic Reports -

Several of the charts and graphs that are used on the Southern party web site are from this excellent web site. We recommend that you visit it frequently and spend some time reading the variety of economic reports available.

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