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Trade Deficit: February - 2008
by Mike Crane

"No matter how big the cookie and how small the bites, eventually you run out of cookie."

The February, 2008 Trade statistics have been released and remain at a very high and unacceptable level.  Even with many saying that our economy is entering a recession, our February, 2008 trade deficit was $62,300,000,000.00 or 62.3 Billion USD.


2001 S urplus
2002 S urplus
2003 S urplus
2004 S urplus
2005 Surplus
2006 Surplus
2007 Surplus
2008 Surplus (Definit)
January (35.2) (29.6) (41.4) (43.1) (58.3) (68.5) (59.1) (58.2)
February (29.4) (32.6) (40.4) (42.1) (61.0) (65.7) (58.4) (62.3)
March (32.7) (31.5) (43.7) (46.0) (55.0) (62.0) (63.9)
April (31.5) (34.0) (42.5) (48.3) (57.0) (63.4) (58.5)
May (28.0) (34.0) (40.8) (46.0) (55.3) (63.8) (60.0)  
June (29.5) (35.4) (40.0) (55.8) (58.8) (64.8) (58.1)  
July (30.1) (34.1) (40.8) (50.1) (57.9) (68.0) (59.2)  
August (28.4) (36.2) (40.2) (53.5) (59.0) (69.9) (57.6)  
September (30.8) (36.6) (41.3) (51.6) (66.1) (64.3) (56.5)  
October (30.8) (35.0) (41.5) (55.5) (68.9) (58.9) (57.9)
November (29.7) (39.7) (40.0) (60.3) (64.2) (58.2) (63.1)  
 December (26.6) (43.2) (44.0) (56.4) (65.7) (62.1) (58.8)  

The chart at the above is taken - month by month - from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis monthly press releases. These are just the numbers reported by the government. A copy and link to the most recent BEA press release is always at the bottom of the page.

This remains a track record of failed economic policies, which apparently are continuing unabated. If you compare these monthly articles you will find that the song remains the same month by month, year by year. The mountain of debt continues to grow at rates that are going to place real hardship on your children or grandchildren, possibly yourself.

The long term impact of the mountain of debt continues to grow as does the impact on your grandchildren.

Excluding Petroleum Products


2007 Surplus
2008 Surplus
January (40.9) (32.1)
February (45.6) (37.8)
March (45.8)  
April (45.9)  
May (42.7)  
June (42.3)  
July (41.8)  
August (40.2)  
September (39.6)  
October (38.5)  
November (40.6)  
 December (34.8)  

The chart at the left shows the trade deficit excluding all petroleum products. So even without the purchase of a single drop of oil we would still have very high trade deficits.

When you hear politicians blaming our unacceptable international trade position on oil, just remember this chart. They are not being completely honest with you! Before political correctness such lack of honesty was called by more descriptive terms.

Last month we started tracking our trade with our NAFTA partners [sic].  In just January and February we have a trade deficit of just a hair under $23,000,000,000.00 or 23 Billion USD.

Note that NAFTA was passed by a very narrow margin in 1992 and supported by both Democratic President Bill Clinton, and the 1996 Republican Presidential nominee and then Senator Bob Dole. So NAFTA was brought to us by both the Republicans and Democrats.

2008 Trade with
NAFTA partners (Millions)

Month Canada Mexico NAFTA Total
January (5,865) (5,141) (11,007)
February (6,450) (5,497) (11,948)

In this years campaign Republican John McCain has been the most outspoken  supporter of not only NAFTA but has voiced strong support for increasing the number of such agreements to include other countries in this American job sweepstakes. Both of the Democratic candidates have voiced support for the so-called free trade agreements but have used some campaign rhetoric suggesting that these agreements are OK as long as we add more government regulations  for worker protection (read re-training benefits when your job is shipped to a foreign country) and environmental taxes.

It is hard to see where we benefit from a trade deficit of $23,000,000,000.00 with these two countries in just two months!

Possibly a truer statement would be that both Canada and Mexico have many thousands of families that now benefit from jobs that used to support families in our county.

So when you vote for either the Republican Presidential nominee OR the Democratic Presidential nominee this year, be sure and say a prayer for the American families that will lose their income from continuing unabated the great American jobs sweepstakes know as "Free Trade Agreements."

The now empty and vacant facilities (and the ones that will become empty) that used to produce these products in our country do not employ very many people.

  • You can sit in the parking lot of a vacant facility at shift change time and you do not see many employees leaving or coming to work

  • You can sit in the parking lot of a vacant facility and you do not see many trucks leaving to take products to market.

However in some foreign country, for NAFTA this would be Mexico or Canada,  the story is different:

  • At shift change time you will see a lot of employees both coming and leaving, and on certain days they will have paychecks, paid indirectly by you!

  • Sitting in the parking lot you will see trucks leaving - loaded with products.

  • Soon you will be able to follow these trucks as they roar through our country on the NAFTA Super Corridor (paid for by you) to an "inland port" (paid for by you) and then to your local store.

Regardless of the campaign rhetoric, the track record the last few decades speaks louder. We get rhetoric about our strong economy - but it is propped up by a growing mountain of debt! We get rhetoric about how strong the "dollar" is - as its value continues to fall against virtually every other currency in the world.

But the leading Democrats and Republicans get record levels of campaign contributions and are sent back election after election - so nothing changes.

Cumulative Debt

Now a brief look at what the impact of year after year of our failed economic policies:trade balance Take a look at the chart on the right. This is a graph, using the governments own numbers of the long term total of our Trade Deficits since 1985.

That is a debt total of over $7,000,000,000,000.00 - 7 Trillion Dollars. That is $7 Trillion dollars of wealth accumulated not by you, your family or grandchildren, but by multi-national corporations and foreigners.

Is it any surprise that special interests are willing to invest millions of dollars in the campaigns of their chosen candidates?

Is this what you vote for on election day?

Whether the answer is yes or no, it is what you have been getting for the last few decades from BOTH the Republicans and Democrats.

How much debt in your grandchildren's name are you willing to accept? If you are OK with $7 Trillion, is $10 Trillion also OK? If so you will have it in another 4 years.

Think about that last statement.

If you are concerned about this downward trend, you have already lost this year's Presidential election and probably most of the Congressional seats that will have a vote on these economic policies. Before you - the citizens - have another chance, it is very likely that you, your children and grandchildren will have not $7,000,000,000,000.00 of trade debt, but will have something closer to the $10,000,000,000,00.00 of trade debt!

How many members of your family or friends are going to sacrifice their jobs or financial stability to reach that dismal level of $10,000,000,000,000.00 of trade debt.

The various multi-national corporations will be happy, it is an ideal world for them. " Cheap labor " all the way around. Tax payer supplied transportation infrastructure. Tax payer supplied benefit for laid off employees. Slowly but surely, the wealth built up by our previous generations will be sucked into these corporations coffers.

Then when the day comes in our country to pay the piper for years of fiscal and economic failure - these corporations will just move their HQ to a foreign country and use your grandchildren for their cheap labor.

In the meantime, all they have to do is funnel a couple percentage points of their profits into campaign accounts to keep their gravy train running.

They know that our political system is broken. They know that the virtual monopoly of a very limited two party system minimizes competition. They know that with minimal competition special interest money can prevail.

And so, month after month, year after year, election after election, nothing changes. Just take a minute and look at the chart at the top. Take a look at the chart on NAFTA.

Do you believe that our country can run such large trade deficits forever?

If that concerns you, consider helping us get these subjects into today's political debate. Nothing will change until you - the citizens - decide that the time has come to make a change. Meanwhile the greedy and powerful will just continue profiteering off of your grandchildren's future.

If you are ready to begin demanding "sane" economic polices consider forwarding this page or previous months articles to other folks who you believe are also concerned. If this distribution list doubled every month, we could make a real difference in the 2010 elections and could cause a buzz in this years elections.

Or you can continue sending the same folks back and get more of the same.

This is not the Republicans' country. This is not the Democrats' country. This is not the Southern Partys' country. It is your country, it will be your childrens' and grandchildrens' country.

Your country is run by the 492,000 elected officials that YOU elect. If you want better economic policies you are going to have to elect people who will represent you and not represent special interests. Or you will just continue getting more of the same.

" Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little.
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

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U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
U.S. Department of Commerce * Washington, DC 20230

                                   February 2008

Goods and Services

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the Department of Commerce, announced today that total February exports of $151.4 billion and imports of $213.7 billion resulted in a goods and services deficit of $62.3 billion , up from $59.0 billion in January, revised.  February exports were $3.0 billion more than January exports of $148.4 billion.  February imports were $6.3 billion more than January imports of $207.3 billion.

In February, the goods deficit increased $3.5 billion from January to $72.9 billion, and the services surplus increased $0.1 billion to $10.6 billion. Exports of goods increased $2.6 billion to $107.3 billion, and imports of goods increased $6.0 billion to $180.2 billion.  Exports of services increased $0.4 billion to $44.1 billion, and imports of services increased $0.3 billion to $33.5 billion.

In February, the goods and services deficit increased $4.1 billion from February 2007. Exports were up $26.1 billion, or 20.8 percent, and imports were up $30.2 billion, or 16.4 percent.


About the author:

Mike Crane the 2nd vice chairman of the Southern Party of Georgia was a candidate for the 51st Senate District in Georgia. Despite gathering over 7,000 petition signatures in 2004 and 2006 combined - he was denied ballot access both elections.  While 70% of the Georgia State House districts and 56% of Georgia Senate districts had one candidate in November, Georgia tax dollars were used to prevent political competition.

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