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Trade Deficit: summary for November reports
by Mike Crane

"No matter how big the cookie and how small the bites, eventually you run out of cookie."

The November 2007 Trade statistics were released on January 11 and remain at a very high and unacceptable level. 

A look at the monthly statistics released by the BEA (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis) show little change.


2001 S urplus
2002 S urplus
2003 S urplus
2004 S urplus
2005 Surplus
2006 Surplus
2007 Surplus
January (35.2) (29.6) (41.4) (43.1) (58.3) (68.5) (59.1)
February (29.4) (32.6) (40.4) (42.1) (61.0) (65.7) (58.4)
March (32.7) (31.5) (43.7) (46.0) (55.0) (62.0) (63.9)
April (31.5) (34.0) (42.5) (48.3) (57.0) (63.4) (58.5)
May (28.0) (34.0) (40.8) (46.0) (55.3) (63.8) (60.0)
June (29.5) (35.4) (40.0) (55.8) (58.8) (64.8) (58.1)
July (30.1) (34.1) (40.8) (50.1) (57.9) (68.0) (59.2)
August (28.4) (36.2) (40.2) (53.5) (59.0) (69.9) (57.6)
September (30.8) (36.6) (41.3) (51.6) (66.1) (64.3) (56.5)
October (30.8) (35.0) (41.5) (55.5) (68.9) (58.9) (57.9)
November (29.7) (39.7) (40.0) (60.3) (64.2) (58.2) (63.1)
 December (26.6) (43.2) (44.0) (56.4) (65.7) (62.1)  

The chart at the right is taken - month by month - from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis monthly press releases. These are just the numbers reported by the government. A copy and link to the most recent BEA press release is always at the bottom of the page.

This remains a track record of failed economic policies, which apparently are continuing unabated.

Excluding Petroleum Products


2007 Surplus
April (45.9)
May (42.7)
June (42.3)
July (41.8)
August (40.2)
September (39.6)
October (38.5)
November (40.6)

Since many of our new age rocket scientists called - economists - blame our Trade Deficit on petroleum products, I have started the chart on the left. This shows the month by month trade position excluding all petroleum products.

Even if we did not import a single barrel of oil, our trade deficit would be roughly $500,000,0000,000.00 dollars a year!

The song remains the same, month after month. Your elected officials try to spin the problem to make you believe that the problem is primarily due to oil. Or the trade deficit drops from $800,000,000,000.00 per year to ONLY $700,000,000,000.00 per year and they jump with joy.

The reason for the spin should be obvious - it is easier to blame the lunatic in Venezuela and Arabs than to admit that the problem is our failed economic policies. Or to pretend that the problem is going away.

This month the focus will be on specific category of "goods" - Advanced Technology. Most Americans believe that our country is head and shoulders above the rest of the world in technology. This is still true, but there are storm clouds on the horizon rapidly approaching!

Advanced Technology

Lets start by asking a simple question.

Does our country sell more advanced technology products to other countries than our country buys from other countries?

Most Americans would answer - "YES - of course we sell more than we buy. Our country is the technology leader of the world!"

If that was your answer then I hope you are sitting down while you read the rest of this month's commentary.

The FACTS (those things that your elected officials seem to ignore) are dismal. Once again using the governments own figures, publicly published every month (link below) the story is one of failed economic policies. (Source: Exhibit 16)

Year to date
Balance Exports Imports
2006 -35,916 229,739 265,655
2007 -50,720 248,635 299,354

The table above was copied directly from the BEA public press release, the only change I made was to add the Year column to make it more readable. It is in millions of dollars.

So from these figures it is obvious that our country is now buying more advanced technology products from other countries than they are buying from us. From January, 2007 through November, 2007 over 50 Billion dollars more!

More than any other statistic, in my opinion, this demonstrates the extent to which our economic policies have strayed from sanity. In our technology based society where people stand in line to get the latest widget we are becoming dependant on foreign sources.

No that is an understatement, we are dependent on foreign sources and becoming more so every year.

Just as it is virtually impossible to find a Television made in our country today, if this trend continues the same will be true for product after product.

The now empty and vacant facilities that used to produce these products in our country do not employ very many people.

  • You can sit in the parking lot of a vacant facility at shift change time and you do not see many employees leaving or coming to work

  • You can sit in the parking lot of a vacant facility and you do not see many trucks leaving to take products to market.

However in some foreign country, the story is different:

  • At shift change time you will see a lot of employees both coming and leaving, and on certain days they will have paychecks, paid indirectly by you!

  • Sitting in the parking lot you will see trucks leaving - loaded with products.

  • Soon you will be able to follow these trucks to a port where they will be loaded on a ship to a Mexican port and then transferred to a Mexican truck which will roar through our country on the NAFTA Super Corridor (paid for by you) to an "inland port" (paid for by you) and then to your local store.

The various multi-national corporations will be happy, it is an ideal world for them. "Cheap labor" all the way around. Tax payer supplied transportation infrastructure. Slowly but surely, the wealth built up by our previous generations will be sucked into these corporations coffers. Then when the day comes in our country to pay the piper for years of fiscal and economic failure - they will just move their HQ to a foreign country and use your grandchildren for their cheap labor.

In the meantime, all they have to do is funnel a couple percentage points of their profits into campaign accounts to keep their gravy train running.

They know that our political system is broken. They know that the virtual monopoly of a very limited two party system minimizes competition. They know that with minimal competition special interest money can prevail.

An so, month after month, year after year, election after election, nothing changes. Just take a minute and look at the chart at the top.

Do you believe that our country can run such large trade deficits forever?

If that concerns you, consider helping us get these subjects into today's political debate. Nothing will change until you - the citizens - decide that the time has come to make a change. Meanwhile the greedy and powerful will just continue profiteering off of your grandchildren's future.

If you are ready to begin demanding "sane" economic polices consider forwarding this page or previous months articles to other folks who you believe are also concerned. If this distribution list doubled every month, we could make a real difference in the 2010 elections and could cause a buzz in this years elections.

Or you can continue sending the same folks back and get more of the same.

This is not the Republicans' country. This is not the Democrats' country. This is not the Southern Partys' country. It is your country, it will be your childrens' and grandchildrens' country.

Your country is run by the 492,000 elected officials that YOU elect. If you want better economic policies you are going to have to elect people who will represent you and not represent special interests.

" Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little.
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

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U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
U.S. Department of Commerce � Washington, D.C. 20230

FT-900 (07-10)

For information on goods contact:
U.S. Census Bureau:
Nick Orsini   301-763-6959
Maria Iseman  301-763-2311

For information on services contact:
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis:
Technical: Christopher Bach  202-606-9545
Media:     Ralph Stewart     202-606-2649

                             November 2007

Goods and Services

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the
Department of Commerce, announced today that total November exports of $142.3 billion and imports of $205.4 billion resulted in a goods and services deficit of $63.1 billion , up from $57.8 billion in October, revised.  November exports were $0.6 billion more than October exports of $141.7 billion.  November imports were $6.0 billion more than October imports of $199.4 billion.  In November, the goods deficit increased $5.8 billion from October to $72.7 billion, and the services surplus increased $0.4 billion to $9.6 billion.  Exports of goods increased $0.1 billion to $101.0 billion, and imports of goods increased $5.9 billion to $173.7 billion.  Exports of services increased $0.5 billion to $41.4 billion, and imports of services increased $0.1 billion to $31.8 billion.  In November, the goods and services deficit was up $4.7 billion from November 2006. Exports were up $16.4 billion, or 13.0 percent, and imports were up $21.1 billion, or 11.4 percent.

In September, the goods deficit decreased $0.3 billion from August to $65.7 billion, and the services surplus was virtually unchanged at $9.3 billion. Exports of goods increased $1.2 billion to $100.2 billion, and imports of goods increased $0.9 billion to $166.0 billion.  Exports of services increased $0.3 billion to $39.9 billion, and imports of services increased $0.2 billion to $30.6 billion.

In September, the goods and services deficit was down $7.7 billion from September 2006. Exports were up $16.8 billion, or 13.6 percent, and imports were up $9.1 billion, or 4.9 percent.


About the author:

Mike Crane the 2nd vice chairman of the Southern Party of Georgia was a candidate for the 51st Senate District in Georgia. Despite gathering over 7,000 petition signatures in 2004 and 2006 combined - he was denied ballot access both elections.  While 70% of the Georgia State House districts and 56% of Georgia Senate districts had one candidate in November, Georgia tax dollars were used to prevent political competition.

Has the time has come to end Banana Republic style elections in Georgia? Has the time come to have some real political competition? If you think so, consider helping us.

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