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Years of failed economic polices coming home to roost
by Mike Crane

For several years we have been pointing out the long term effect of our country's failed economic polices. That economic growth and perceived strength based upon massive accumulation of debt is a " fool's errand. "

But these are complex topics and it is very hard to extract meaningful information when both major political parties are supporting the failed economic policies. Instead of meaningful debate of the effect of these polices the major parties concentrate more on trying to blame the other party for all of the problems - ignoring the fact that they are just as guilty. They also have enacted laws that prevent political competition and ensure that their monopoly on the political system is safe and secure

Our country has gone from the world's largest creditor nation to the world's largest debtor nation in my lifetime. I am rapidly approaching 60. Younger men and women will not remember when the national political debate included the pros and cons of stimulating the economy by the infusion of debt. They will not remember it because has not occurred since both major political parties became " embedded " with special interests.

Look at the millions of dollars that fill politicians' campaign accounts these days. If you believe that these millions of dollars that come from special interests are just given to be good citizens, I have some good land in Florida for you! Just send me a signed blank check and I will fix you up!

Whether it is your desire or not, you have in effect given your elected officials a signed blank check in your, your children's and your grandchildren's name. You don't even get any swamp land in Florida in exchange! My silly and obviously stupid offer to take your blank check and get you land in Florida is a better deal than that which your elected officials have given you.

The massive mountain of debt that has been accumulated has no beneficial effects. It has to be dealt with in some manner and it will come one way or another from your pocket. The enormous trade deficit and out of control federal spending is devaluing the federal reserve note (dollar) against virtually every currency in the world. The trade policies are exporting production to foreign countries so that we are forced to import more with devalued dollars.

Below is an article on a somewhat trivial item in our economy. A Pizza. Now this is a non partisan item. Independents, Republicans and Democrats probably eat Pizza in about the same percentages. Republicans and Democrats will tell you the consumer price index (inflation) is going up at a very low rate. But the price of Pizza will tell you a different story.

My wonderful wife who does our grocery shopping laughs at the published government consumer price index statistics and wishes she could find the store where they buy their groceries.

The political system is broken. The monopoly given the two major parties has failed as our First President George Washington predicted. If you are not satisfied with the performance of our government, the only way to change it is to restore some competition. Continuing to maintain the broken system and sending the same folks back will only get you more of the same.

Meanwhile say thanks to the Republican and Democratic parties if you have to pay more for a dad burned pizza.

Pizza economics: How global trends shape price of slice

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/29/08

Let the economists wax eloquently about bad economic times. For a real-life lesson in economics and inflation, try a pizza. "Everything across the board is going sky-high," said John Rosa, who co-owns Rosa's Pizza in downtown Atlanta with his brother Tony. "This is the worst in 17 years as far as price increases." Small pizzerias like Rosa's are especially hard-hit. Major pizza chains often buy commodities months in advance, locking in lower prices. There are lots of culprits. Sink your teeth into these stats:

FLOUR: The Rosas paid $11 for a 50-pound bag of flour six weeks ago. Today, it's $32. "It's probably going to hit $50 by the summer," John Rosa said. A 50-pound bag makes between 53 and 59 pizzas.

Reason: As the country looks for alternative-fuel sources such as corn-based ethanol, many farmers have opted to grow corn instead of wheat. So wheat's in short supply. Also, China and India are buying more American wheat for their growing middle class, taking advantage of the weak U.S. dollar.

PRODUCE: Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and other toppings have gone up about 10 percent across the board.

Reason: Producing the toppings � especially fresh vegetables � costs more.

NAPKINS: The Rosas paid $50 for a 6,000-count box of napkins two months ago. Today, it's $56.

Reason: Again, higher production costs.

BOXES: Two months ago, the Rosas were paying $21.50 for 200 10-inch pizza boxes. Now they cost $26.50.

Reason: Higher energy costs.

CHEESE: The Rosas typically use 400 to 500 pounds of mozzarella cheese a week � and they're paying substantially more for it.

Reason: Like everyone else, dairy farmers are having to shell out more money to feed their herds. Corn, a big staple in a cow's diet, now costs more.

DELIVERY FEE: In the past month, Rosa's has seen suppliers tack on surcharges of $5 to $8 an order.

Reason: Higher diesel fuel has forced food suppliers to increase delivery charges. Nationally, diesel fuel has risen to about $4 a gallon � up from an average of $2.58 a year ago.



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