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Failed Economic policies getting closer to home ...

For several years the Southern Party has been pointing out the long term effects of our country's failed economic polices. These are of course complex issues and require some digging to understand how the Republican and Democratic leadership and parties are both failing to solve the problems.

Instead of political debate about the established economic policies, the Republican and Democratic parties are more concerned with campaign contributions from special interests and using scare tactics to convenience you to vote for them to " ... Save America."

Meanwhile our mountain of debt grows unabated, jobs, factories and facilities continue to move to foreign countries and the economic burden of illegal aliens (read cheap labor) continues to mount.

We have seen nothing in the current elections this coming November that indicate much will change on these issues.

The article below is just an indication that the effects of the failed policies are coming closer to home ...

Today's political system is broken. Instead of political competition we have two factions of the Special Interest party and you - the citizens - are going to continue to pay the piper.

If you are concerned about this issue, take a minute and watch our first TV commercial. We could use your help to keep this on the air.

If you are willing to help, any amount will be appreciated.

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Meanwhile American families will continue to suffer. Lets just give one example of rhetoric from this years campaign - NAFTA. The Republican candidate says it has been great for our country. The Democratic candidate only wants more job training for our citizens who lose their job. In other words, ... nothing will change as long as our political system is limited to just the Republican and Democratic factions of the Special Interest Party.

Here is how much our country - that is you the citizens - have benefited from NAFTA - THIS YEAR!

2008 Trade with
NAFTA partners (Millions)

Month Canada Mexico NAFTA Total
January (5,865) (5,141) (11,007)
February (6,450) (5,497) (11,948)
March (6,483) (5,974) (12,457)
April (7,320) (6,826) (14,146)
May (5,385) (6,575) (11,960)
June (7,163) (5,689) (12,852)
Our trade deficit with Mexico and Canada (the two countries in NAFTA) has been negative to the tune of  $74,370,000,000.00 or 74.3 Billion USD through June.

It is hard to see where we benefit from a trade deficit of $74,370,000,000.00 with these two countries in just six months!

Possibly a truer statement would be that both Canada and Mexico have many thousands of families that now benefit from jobs that used to support families in our county.

So when you vote for either the Republican Presidential nominee OR the Democratic Presidential nominee this year, be sure and say a prayer for the American families that will lose their income from continuing unabated the great American jobs sweepstakes known as "Free Trade Agreements."

The now empty and vacant facilities (and the ones that will become empty) that used to produce these products in our country do not employ very many people.

  • You can sit in the parking lot of a vacant facility at shift change time and you do not see many employees leaving or coming to work

  • You can sit in the parking lot of a vacant facility and you do not see many trucks leaving to take products to market.

However in some foreign country, for NAFTA this would be Mexico or Canada,  the story is different:

  • At shift change time you will see a lot of employees both coming and leaving, and on certain days they will have paychecks, many paid by you!

  • Sitting in the parking lot you will see trucks leaving - loaded with products.

  • Soon you will be able to follow these trucks as they roar through our country on the NAFTA Super Corridor (paid for by you) to an "inland port" (paid for by you) and then to your local store.

So as you read the article below, just remember that the failed economic policy known as "NAFTA" is just one, just one example. This one example is on track to add $150,000,000,000.00 (150 Billion USD) of debt this year. Thousands of the citizens of Mexico and Canada will use our money to pay their bills, while a growing number of our citizens can not pay theirs.

When will your turn come?

We hope you will consider helping us continue to make an effort to get the political debate back on the issues.

Metro Atlanta counties swamped by garnishment filings

Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb and Gwinnett struggle to process claims

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Monday, September 01, 2008

As if anyone needed another sign of the slumping economy: creditors are filing so many garnishments in Georgia�s largest counties that payouts are being delayed.

By far the biggest problems are found in Fulton County, which is on pace for a record of nearly 30,000 cases filed this year. Filings have been rising about 15 percent for each of the past five years.

Similar increases are being reported in Cobb, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties.

"It�s just so sad," said Tom Lawler, clerk for Gwinnett. "People who are normally able to pay their bills are not doing so. This is one of the things we don�t like doing."

Mark Harper, Fulton state court clerk, said the county has fallen so far behind on processing claims that payouts required by state law to be made within 16 days are now routinely handed out in eight weeks or more. Cases with complications can wait up to a year before they are resolved and payments begin, he said.

"The bottom line is we have a record number of garnishments," Harper said. "We struggled along trying to keep up as the numbers increased. But we crossed the threshold in 2007. We�ve been falling behind since then."

In Cobb County, State Court Clerk Diane Webb is projecting more than 9,200 cases in 2008, up about 20 percent over last year. The county is about four days behind on making payments.

"We are not perfect, but we are close to getting things paid out on time," she said.

Charlotte Bailey, chief deputy State Court Clerk in DeKalb, said she expects her county�s garnishment caseload to jump about 16 percent this year to 8,500 cases. Still, she said DeKalb is making its payouts on a timely basis.

"When that 16th day comes along, we issue the check," Bailey said.

Lawler said the numbers in Gwinnett have also been rising rapidly. He created a special team of 11 staffers just to deal with the rising number of garnishments. Still, Gwinnett is running as many as 10 days late making payments, he said.

Fulton County records show the number of garnishments filed have been increasing annually by about 15 percent each of the past five years. Fulton�s on course for a record number again at year�s end.

At the same time, Fulton�s already posted record numbers in June and July with about 2,700 filings each month.

Lawyers who work in the field say staff are overwhelmed and delays in processing cases have become intolerable. Several lawyers approached Fulton commissioners earlier this month, urging the county to hire more clerks to process cases.

David Kleber, a Decatur-based debt-collection lawyer, said delays processing garnishments hurt both creditors and debtors.

The creditors, Kleber said, aren�t getting their money in a timely basis. And debtors are not getting credit for the payments they�ve made. Meanwhile, interest is accruing on the original debt until it�s paid.

Kleber said while many counties are struggling to keep up "Fulton is by far the worst."

"I don�t think it�s for lack of trying," Kleber said. "There�s just more work than the people are able to do."

Kleber said his firm represents banks, car dealers, credit card companies and retailers. The amount of work, he said, typically tracks the economy.

Several lawyers said all the counties should expect more work over the next year or so because garnishments often appear 18 months or more behind when the debt was incurred.

"Folks are getting squeezed to where they can�t pay their bills," Kleber said.

The problems in Fulton run the gamut from processing the claims to depositing the cash from debtors� employers to disbursing the money to creditors. Any interest that accrues while cash sits in the county account flows to the Fulton Indigent Defense Fund.

"We are looking for ways to avoid using Fulton County," said Atlanta lawyer John Swann. "If we can file it somewhere else, we are doing it."

Harper had requested five new full-time staffers at a cost of $250,000. Other clerks said they�ve made similar requests.

There may soon be some improvement at least in Fulton.

Fulton County Manager Zachary Williams said he instead will allow Harper to hire three temporary, full-time staffers by using salary savings from other positions inside the office.

"I�m not disputing the need," Williams said. "I would not be proposing anything if I didn�t think this was a legitimate need. I�d just like to see what we can get done with 40 hours a week without paying benefits."

Harper said he wasn�t sure how much the temporary help will cost yet or if they will be able to help Fulton catch up and comply with state law.

"I certainly think it will help," Harper said. "We�ll have to see if it is enough."




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