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Georgia Legislature dips into your wallet again!

Here we go again. The Legislature increases government revenue - a.k.a MORE TAXES - and tried to tell you that you are getting a bargain! So the folks pay more, so the out of touch elected officials can spend more.

Once again, many will be surprised that this new form of making Georgians Wallet Deficient comes not from the Tax and Spend Democrats but the Revenue Neutral (a.k.a Tax) and Spend Republicans.

Rice said the title fee will raise more than the current system

That Ladies and Gentlemen - is a TAX INCREASE!

As government at all levels continues to grow, it will require more from your wallets, thus the new concept espoused by both Republicans and Democrats - Wallet Deficient. Got money? Well they know how to spend it better than you do. Since they have a credit card in your name, they will just keep coming back to increase the Wallet Deficient status of Georgians.

There is only one way to change this trend - take away their credit card and make then ask you - the people paying the bill if you want to pay the tax. That will not happen until you - the citizens make a change in the political landscape. Until you do - you will just get more of the same.

If you are satisfied with this direction, then rejoice and continue sending the same folks back! You will not be disappointed - you will get more of the same. If you are not satisfied then at some point you need to recognize that you need to do something different!

For a different approach to the handling of taxes:

Taxes: "We believe that the government should ask the citizens for their money, carefully explaining the purpose. We support an amendment to the State Constitution requiring that any and all tax increases be voted on by the affected citizens. Put control of government taxes back in the hands of the citizens, not special interests."

(Southern Party Platform)


If you are not satisfied then at some point you need to recognize that you need to do something different!

We would like to be your voice, but can not be successful with out your help! Please consider forwarding this to others, signing up for our free distribution list and should you decide that the Southern Party proposes a better style of government - consider helping us to just that.

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House votes to axe the birthday tax

The House overwhelmingly backed legislation Thursday to phase out property taxes on cars, known as the Birthday Tax because it�s due on the owner�s birthday.

However, some Democrats argued that the bill, which passed 133-39, would amount to a tax increase on average Georgians who don�t use dealers to buy cars.

Under the legislation that still needs Senate approval, people who buy vehicles starting next year won�t pay property taxes on those cars. They also wouldn�t pay a sales tax they�d normally pay if they bought from a dealer. To replace those taxes, all buyers will have to pay a fee of 7 percent, up to a maximum of $2,000, when they title their vehicles.

Georgians who keep their present cars will still have to pay the annual property taxes until they buy another one.

Currently, there is no sales tax on person-to-person, or "casual" sales of cars, so the title fee will capture money from those buyers.

House Motor Vehicles Chairman Tom Rice (R-Norcross) said there are 900,000 person-to-person or "casual sales" of cars and trucks each year in Georgia.

"This is going to be fair to every one of us who buys a car," Rice said.

Some Democrats agreed.

"This is more fair to more people," said Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur)

Rice said the title fee will raise more than the current system, providing extra money for local governments and $100 million to $150 million for a new state trauma care system.

 House Minority Leader DuBose Porter (D-Dublin) said that extra money would come from "average Georgians" who buy cars from individuals, not dealers.

"How much money is this going to generate? A whole lot," Porter said. "Where is it going to come from? Regular folks. 

"This is a great deal if you�re going to buy a $150,000 Mercedes because all you�re going to do is pay the $2,000 (fee)," he said. "If old granddaddy wants to give his son a pickup truck, he�s going to pay a tax.

"We�re creating a brand-new tax that�s going to generate a heck of a lot of new money off of working folks in this state."

House Majority Leader Jerry Keen (R-St. Simons Island) responded, "It is a tax increase for people who have been doing their transactions under the table."


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