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The 2009 Georgia Legislature is going to great lengths to find ways to increase their revenue (a.k.a. taxes), while remaining " Revenue Neutral ." Does this qualify for a Duh! award?

Now one does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you have to pay 4% more for your food, then you are "Wallet Deficient. " Some may be surprised that this proposal of increasing the "Wallet Deficient" status of Georgia citizens comes not from the Tax and Spend Democratic Party but the Revenue Neutral (a.k.a. Tax) and Spend Republican Party. Isn't that Special?

Face it, neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party would recognize our country's Founding Principles if they reared up and bit them on their dislocated brains. I doubt if Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry or any of our Founding Fathers except maybe Hamilton would even be welcome in either of the major parties today.

But even if you do not agree with that statement, we certainly hope that you see the relationship between Revenue Neutral (a.k.a. taxes) and Wallet Deficient. If the State of Georgia increases Revenue (a.k.a. taxes), it comes from the tax payers wallet, that is your wallet!

Aren't you glad that you made a contribution from your wallet to be sure that a majority of these elected officials had no competition on election day. Routinely, 60-70% of our Legislature has ONE CANDIDATE in general elections.

Your tax dollars are used, and if you believe in fairy tales that could be phrased "Revenue Neutral" dollars are used to eliminate competition to the Republican and Democratic Parties in Georgia to assure that you remain Wallet Deficient.

As long as the size of government continues growing and the government has a credit card in your name - YOU WILL PAY MORE IN TAXES! You will get wonderful rhetoric about Revenue Neutral (a.k.a. taxes), let tourists and illegals pay more, that the other Party did it and so on. But if you look at government spending over a few decades it soon becomes obvious that it grows at about the same rate regardless of which Party, Republican or Democratic is in power.

If you are satisfied with this direction, then rejoice and continue sending the same folks back! You will not be disappointed - you will get more of the same. If you are not satisfied then at some point you need to recognize that you need to do something different!

For a different approach to the handling of taxes:

Taxes: "We believe that the government should ask the citizens for their money, carefully explaining the purpose. We support an amendment to the State Constitution requiring that any and all tax increases be voted on by the affected citizens. Put control of government taxes back in the hands of the citizens, not special interests."

(Southern Party Platform)


If you are not satisfied then at some point you need to recognize that you need to do something different!

We would like to be your voice, but can not be successful with out your help! Please consider forwarding this to others, signing up for our free distribution list and should you decide that the Southern Party proposes a better style of government - consider helping us to just that.

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In the meantime, Revenue Neutral (a.k.a. taxes) remains a fairy tale for those who will believe anything. They wouldn't do it, if it didn't increase revenue (a.k.a. taxes).


House panel will look at renewed grocery tax Tuesday

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Monday, March 09, 2009

The House of Representatives is expected to decide Thursday on a Republican plan to bring back the state�s 4 percent sales tax on groceries.

The measure is in the House Rules Committee on Tuesday, and that panel will decide whether to put it to the full House for a vote. Statehouse officials say that�s likely to happen.

Marshall Guest, spokesman for House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram), would only say of the grocery tax bill, "It will get a fair hearing."

Thursday is technically the last day bills must pass at least one chamber or die for the 2009 session, although some measures can be resurrected as amendments to other legislation.

Some Republicans argue that the legislation would be "revenue neutral" for Georgians who file income tax returns because it would provide a credit to make up for paying grocery taxes.

The idea is to raise badly needed revenue for the state by forcing out-of-state shoppers and other people who don�t file income tax returns to pay the grocery sales tax.

Supporters say it could raise $250 million or more a year.

The proposal by House Ways & Means Vice Chairman Chuck Sims (R-Ambrose) would restore a tax that was eliminated in the mid-to-late 1990s as a pet project of then-Gov. Zell Miller. Local governments continue to levy taxes on groceries.

Sims has pushed legislation putting the state sales tax back on groceries for several years.

Under bill, which passed the House Ways and Means Committee last week, Georgia residents who file income tax returns would be able to claim either the taxes they actually paid on groceries if they keep receipts or get a credit based on the number of dependents in their family.

Several legislators questioned about the bill Monday said they hadn�t seen it and couldn�t comment.

But Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), said, "Any time you shift the tax burden from Georgia residents to non-Georgia residents, it sounds like a good idea."



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