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Henry County Georgia Votes To Display Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments were adopted by the Henry County Board of Commissioners to be publicly displayed in the county courthouse -- a gift from the HC League of the South.

This was the second Atlanta area county in recent weeks to do so; and, apparently, it is the one that the media has chosen to cover. Henry County is the fourth fastest-growing county in America and one of the larger counties by population in Georgia. The people of Henry County are abuzz about this in their excitement of the Board's unanimous decision... all the more reason that we should take this issue to EVERY county in Georgia immediately.

Even the one commissioner who did not raise his hand when the vote was taken, and even tried to postpone a vote, made a point to have the official record changed to include him in favour of the vote... because he knew what the result would be if he stood AGAINST the Ten Commandments! He even called the president of one of the local papers who alleged that he voted against the decision and threatened legal action, because he said it was going to result in his defeat!

This one issue, folks, will still rally the common people and it will force the enemies among us to either get in line or show their true colours... we MUST take this issue to every county in Georgia immediately while the tide of battle is in our favour; and turn it into a rout of the enemy... thus making it extremely difficult for the enemy to remove the Commandments in single locales. It will also bring many politicians to our side in our overall cultural campaign of "Downtown Atlanta vs. Georgia" if we connect the two for them


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